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Yo, what’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from B2B Vault, the Payment Technology Podcast sponsored by Nationwide Payment Systems, hosted by this guy Allen Kopelman, and we’ll be providing you educational information about small. FinTech payment processing and the technology businesses are using in the world today.

And in today’s podcast, it’s the, uh, typically we do the monthly wrap up, but it’s entrepreneurship month, so it’s entrepreneur entrepreneurship. She month wrap up. Geez, that’s a big, long word. Say that three times fast. Hashtag entrepreneurship. Month. Month. wrap up. Yeah. So, uh, you know, we talked about entrepreneurship, uh, for the most part all month.

Um, and we also snuck in an episode, Alan was out of town for a little bit, so we had the financial, uh, brand forum. Episode, which did really well. You guys really liked that episode. I don’t, I don’t, we didn’t do anything different. Um, the only thing that was was very popular. Yeah. The only thing that was in the title that’s different or whatever was Las Vegas.

But yeah. So, uh, shout out to the listeners, um, for listening to that episode. We really appreciate you. Uh, hopefully you got some good content, um, out of it. Yeah. So we’re gonna be talking about a few things. Um, let’s talk about Thanksgiving. Of course, of course. What do you have? What you want me to go first?

My venue. I’ll go first and then you can go. Okay. Um, First, I would like to say I’m very grateful for everyone at Nationwide Payment Systems. Thank you, Alan. Thank you Dave. Thank you Anna. Thank you Samantha, and all the other people out there that make stuff possible. Oh yeah. Rocky to Mascot. Can’t forget about you, you big jerk.

Uh, this is the Griest old dog on the planet. Um, yeah. Um, but yo, I’m super grateful for my father, my mother, my children. Um, for life in general, being alive and breathing at 42 years old, um, asked me this a long time ago, you know, never would’ve even thought that I’d be here. So, um, super cool, uh, stuff in my life.

But yes man, I am very grateful. Thanksgiving, when I was a kid was a very big spectacle, right? And, uh, As an adult, it is what it is. Um, anyway, we wanna talk about what we ate. Man, I cooked my butt off. Um, I cooked the big old Turkey like a 20 pounder. Um, did you do anything special with it? Not nothing that I don’t know, and marinated it overnight, you know?

Yeah. One of my friends told me he made a smoke Turkey, and it took like the whole, he started it like the day before. My kids don’t like all that. And then another friend of mine got one of those deep fryers, deep fried Turkey and deep fried, and then somebody else sent a video and they got some new Coleman thing where it’s a deep fryer, but no.

It’s like a air fryer. Yeah. But it was like a, it looked like a deep fryer. Interesting. There was no oil inside it. I thought that was pretty interesting. Yeah. So we need, uh, I mean homemade mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese dressing. I made some, um, collar greens. Um, I forgot the cornbread. Uh, I was salty and I was very upset that I forgot to buy cornbread.

I went to Whole Foods. . I’m not, I, I don’t know. I know how to make homemade cornbread. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not a chef like that, sir. . Uh, and then we had, uh, some green beans. My wife makes these like fresh green beans. I, it’s almost tastes cheesy, but there’s no cheese, so it’s like, I don’t know what the hell she does on those things, but they’re amazing.

Of course, we had, uh, my father wanted green bean casserole. That’s gross. I’m, so, I remember that when I was a kid. It’s like the, like, I don’t know, in the southern, southern houses, like to bake macaroni and cheese is to, in the white households is the green bean casserole, like mushroom, like if you, you mess up the green bean casserole soup in, in, in, in.

Caucasian Thanksgiving feasting you, you getting kicked out. You know what I mean? I remember when I was a. And we would’ve like the Thanksgiving buffet at the hotel, right? Mm-hmm. , you would, we would make that the green bean casserole and you know, I would not make it with like canned soup. Oh my God. So I would make mushroom soup.

Oh, yeah. You know, and then put it in there and then put the, make real onions. Not buy those onions. And you’d make fried onions, fried onions, and put it on top. People used to go nuts for that. They loved that. I, I never. It and it never looked good to me. I never liked it. I wasn’t a fan. And then my wife makes it and I’ll eat hers.

Yeah. I’m just not a big fan of that. Yeah. And then she made me, uh, some homemade cranberry sauce cuz she knows I don’t eat the jelly shit. Sorry. When I was a kid, my dad used to like the gel. That’s what I’m talking. I can’t do that. That one the can. Yeah. And then it comes out and it just comes out and it still shaped the can color.

And then my dad would slice that like that. It’s so cool. Yeah, no, that I’m traumatized from that. Did your dad used to eat that? My dad? No. My grandmother, my dad used to eat that. It was so nasty. My grandma and my grandpa. Yeah, my grandma and my grandpa. They would tear that up. And when I became an adult, it was like mandatory that someone was to prepare homemade cranberry sauce because it is like the super easiest thing to do.

It’s sugar. Yeah. Cran cranberry sauce is in water. . Yeah. Water, cranberries and sugar. Yeah, that’s it. I mean, I don’t know if you wanna be, I’ve seen some cinnamon sticks inside of it, some star on and some orange peels and all this other crap. I’m. Man, put me some sugar, some water and some cranberries. Make sure it’s not too tart.

I do wanna have a little sweetness to it, you know, cuz the dressing is very hery. So that’s why I put the dress, the, the cranberry on top of the dressing cuz. What is dressing anyway? It’s just bread. Yeah, bread, onions, and celery. Yeah. Like when I was in the, when I lived in the Atlanta and in Texas, you know, they wanted southern style in the hotel, so we’d make it half with bread, half with cornbread.

Then you would chop up garlic, onions, carrots, uh, celery, saute, all that with sage. That’s why I was upset. I forgot the cornbread, sir. The sage. So my stuff, my dressing wasn’t, Dress dressing. It was just stuffing. Okay. That’s all I’m gonna call it. It was stuffing. I, it was good though. It did taste good, you know, but whatever.

And then we had, uh, the sage is southern style. Oh yeah. Gotta have sage in it. Yeah. And then pumpkin pie, we had some apple pie and then I don’t eat any meat, so, uh, we tried the garden holiday loaf. How was that? Give it a one to 10.

I’ll give it a six. A six, okay. So there was this one, I don’t know if it was The Guardian or whatever, and I know it wasn’t Toferi, cuz I’ve never really been a fan of Toferi besides back in the day, like my, when they first came out, you know, that was the veggie burger that you, I mean, whatever it was that they had.

The Turkey burger, right? Yeah, the tofu. Yeah. That was good. That’s still good, I guess, but I, you know, like I, I try to stay away from the process. You know, I saw it in Publix now that at some Publix they have some kind of, Sub meat substitute for Turkey sandwich that you can get on the sub now, but I don’t know what it is.

They’re, they’re selling those deli slices? Yeah. Oh, I don’t know why. I just don’t like the way they smell. I, I haven’t seen it yet. I asked them at the Publix. They, so they don’t have it yet. They have the, there’s this one I’ve had the, like, the Turkey style of it before, which you’re talking. I can’t do, I can’t do meat substitutes.

Cold in general. Yeah. Well you could get it heated up. I guess they heat up some sandwiches. I don’t know. So I had that, you know, of course I had a lot of food. Well, it’s five of us. Okay. You know that, that Turkey, my dad’s gonna make, uh, Turkey, Popeye. And then we were gonna make Turkey soup. We were gonna make Turkey soup, but I fell asleep and my wife decided to.

You have to crab about the carcass. Uh, So no Turkey soup this year, ladies and gentlemen. And she was like, what do you mean you can’t? I was like, that’s where all the flavor comes from. Yeah. The bones you got, you can’t, there’s no stock. I’m, you can’t make Turkey soup without the carcass, so yeah. Sorry.

Yeah. When you’re done, you take the carcass, put it all in the pot, put the vegetable in there, goey stuff, all, all that. Yeah, everything. Pour it, all, everyth, boil it up. Then you, after, then you strain it after like three, four hours. Then you put it in the fridge and then. Stuff. Nasty stuff comes up to the top.

Yep. In the fridge. You take it off and then you have your soup. That’s yu I mean, I’m not, I don’t eat meat and I’ll tell you what, I would have a very small bowl of, of the Turkey soup almost every time. I, well, we had like the UN Thanksgiving at my ass. Oh, nice. My son decided, he’s like, like, oh, let’s not make Turkey.

Let’s, so you did it this year, like how? My house usually, normally does. So we had, so we decided at filet magon. Nice. So he got some nice filets at the butcher made that made mushrooms you like, you like flaming you better than your Timo. Uh, he does. Jacob’s not big on the fatty, on the, yeah, he’s not big on like cutting the steak.

You know, he wants to, you know, he’s not big on the New York strip. Now I prefer said already. Now, I like, like the New York strip. I like the tomahawk, you know, rib, I mean there’s nothing ribeye. Let me tell you something. I get a tomahawk. Ribeye, right? That can feed two people. Plus, plus. Rocky has a field day with that bone

That bone’s gonna be, you know, he’s gonna tear that thing up. And, uh, we had filet, we gave Rocky some filet. He was chilling. He passed out after he had all his thanks. You know, he had a whole full day of Thanksgiving and I made out cheese. I looked at my watch. It was 7 48, so I, I made, we were watching football.

I made mac and cheese with like four kinds of cheese, truffle seasoning, salt, black pepper. Then I made. I’ll put a little, my seed group for the, the macaroni and cheese is, I like to use occasion seasoning. Yeah. Oh, that’s probably good. Yeah. So it gives it a little kick, but I don’t put too much of it in, so it’s like you’re, I don’t know.

You know, it could be a little spicy. Yeah. And then, and then I made, um, so I decided, then I made, um, spaghetti squash, casser. And then I made, I got eggplant peeled it, spaghetti squash casserole. It was delicious. Yeah. Take the spaghetti squash and then I saute up some garlic basil, and then I put, uh, tomato sauce just a little bit, and then I mix the spaghetti squash in with that, and then bake that off in the oven.

Oh, nice. Yeah. I have a spaghetti s glass waiting to be cooked on the top of my refrigerator. It’s very like that. And then, yeah, first I, you can either cut it in half and put it in the. Which takes like an hour or you can just nuke it in the microwave for till it gets soft. I’m putting it so it get out.

Huh? I don’t, I’m not a microwave. I, no, I put it in the oven. I just cut it in half. Took, I’m not even go la I. I wish we, there was a better way of heating food up. Oh, that’s for sure. You know, like in, well you can get those, now you can buy one of those like ninja air, air fryer, cove oven thing. That’s, that’s, and you can put anything inside of it too.

Right? Like a paper plate, even. Like, I dunno, about a paper. No, no, no. Not a paper plate, but like the, you know, you could put any food in there. Well, a lot of people just put those foil pans in there. Right. And then you could get like a silicone thing on the bottom so you can reuse the, the pan. The pan, right, right, right.

Put a silicone in there. But then I made, uh, this eggplant dish that came out awesome. So I sliced up some peeled to eggplant, sliced it up long ways, and I cut it in little square pieces. And then I put that salted it, let that soak for like an hour. Then I patted it all down with paper towel, baked that off in the oven, soak.

A little just salt, salted it. That way you get the water out so it’s not water. Okay. I was gonna say like, yeah, cause I’m like the eggplant’s so watery. Yeah. You soak it . No, put, put it with water. Then I took the paper towel water. Okay, I gotcha. Then I put it in the oven on like two 50 until it gets pliable soft.

Then I put in the pan, I put tomato sauce, eggplant, some more tomato sauce. Then I made a mixture with fresh spinach, portobello, mushrooms, regular mushrooms, garlic, put that on there, a layer of that. And then I put a little bit of mozzarella cheese and a little bit of Harman and. Another layer of the eggplant, then the sauce, then a little bit of cheese, and then bake that off in the oven.

Came out really good, was very, very, where’d you find that recipe? I just made it up. Sounds good. I don’t know. Eggplant lasagna. Yeah, that’s what it was. And uh, well you had, I made that spaghetti squash lasagna that one time where I made, when you just said that lasagna. When, when you said eggplant lasagna.

What? I was thinking that you, you. Pasta. Yeah. Thinly. No pasta. No. Thinly sliced The eggplant. Yeah. That’s what I did. I thinly sliced it. Like this big. Yeah, like the whole length. Yeah. So that was the noodle? Yeah, that was the noodle. Excellent. Was really good. Yeah. And I have one of those. Uh, did you fry the eggplant first?

No, because I want to have it, like, I don’t want to bread it and fry it because I want, cause then it would’ve just been eggplant armada. Right. But I want it to be local. You know, so it’s low calorie, it’s, I call it skinny egg bland. This is gonna be more like a skinny, this is turn into a cookie today, , 15 minutes in and we’re talking about food

And then, and then we had, uh, and then what else did I make? Uh, I think that was it. That was pretty. Oh. And I made, uh, sweet potatoes cuz Jacob wanted sweet potatoes. So I peeled the sweet potatoes. Boiled the sweet potatoes, mashed the sweet potatoes, added butter, added sugar, added cinnamon. I don’t use sugar, I use truvia cinnamon in there.

Then I put it in the, in the pan. Mm-hmm. . And he wanted, then I put the baby marshmallows on top and bake that off. Ooh, that was so delicious. I used to love that. Uh, Jacob, the way my teeth are set up one year, you know what I did, which was really cool. I had a lot of people at my house, so I took, I got small sweet potatoes and you made personal sweet potato pies.

Yeah, so I, I, I’ve seen this before. So, so I, so I, I just cut, you know, I just cut a slit in them, then I baked them off in the oven the night before. Scooped them all out. Then made the mash right. I had a couple extra sweet potatoes, so it would look good. Then I stuffed the marshmallows in there, right? And then when every, when you know, when it was time to eat, I baked them all off.

Then everybody got their own little sweet potato. I’ve seen. That was really good. . That sounds like a, people were blown away by that. I’ve gotten That’s a lot of work. I mean, I used to cook sometimes for 20, 30 people at my ass. Back in the day, I would make a Turkey. I would make a roast beef or a brisket or a, a big pot roast, you know, I would throw down on some serious food.

Yeah. So, Anyway, so that was the, so that was the whole menu. Yeah, man, I’m super grateful that was, uh, and I’m very grateful for my staff in the office. Everybody. Anna, Justin, Samantha, I’m glad that I’m the boss so I can bring Rocky to work so he doesn’t have to stay home alone and he gets to come here and sleep and terrorize us

And although he. You know the UPS guy loves Rocky and the people at the bank, everyone loves Rocky. It’s just. Grumpy. Old jerk. He can be grumpy sometimes. He barks when people come here, bites you. He likes the Amazon man invites you . He’s bitten everyone in the office. . We should all go get a 10 shot. No, on Allen.

Okay. . I think they’re, I think they’re free at, no. Hey, we’re gonna go in a line like what happened, , our mascot. So let’s talk about what was on, what did we go over on the podcast? So we talked about cash versus cashless. So we talked about that cash is still out there and very popular. People are still getting cash outta ATMs Real quick.

Yeah, cash is still king cuz Stallone said. Oh, is that on his new TV show? Yes. pulled out a lot of money. Yeah. And he was like, we, he was trying to pay for his coffee and first he was super upset that the coffee came in a paper cup. Then he couldn’t pay for the coffee because he didn’t have a card. A card.

Oh yeah. He’s caused that. Oh wait, no, he couldn’t ship his package. Oh. Cuz he didn’t have his card. Okay. So yeah, that’s a pretty good show. Anyway. Tulsa King or whatever, so there’s, yeah. It’s on Paramount, paramount Plus. Oh, we’re plugging this more, plugging our food and plugging everything else. So, you know, there’s been a lot of articles about ATM machines and what banks need to do with ATMs and.

Putting, um, ATMs, um, inside the bank with like virtual tellers in there and all kinds of stuff with ATM machines and ATM machines, you know, like becoming a financial hub. There’s a lot going on with the ATMs and you know, of course we provide managed ATM services. So businesses don’t have to worry about getting cash to put in the ATM and the security around that.

We put an ATM in the business and then the, uh, armored car comes and loads the money. Mm-hmm. . So making it safe for everybody and profitable. And let’s see. We talked about supporting local businesses and charities, so we have our charity project going on right now. Did you support any business on small business Saturday?

Yeah, I went to small businesses over the weekend. There you go. Yeah, I went, when I went out to eat, I ate at a local sushi place. I got, uh, I bought some stuff at a local store. Yep. I, I ordered, uh, a couple, two t-shirts and a hoodie from Bohemi Cheek. It’s a crystal shop type of thing. My wife is really in, you know, I’ve got crystals too, man.

You know, keep the good energies on me and the bad vibes away from me. Uh, yeah. No small business Saturday and then, yeah, small business Saturday. Oh, I definitely wouldn’t see my brothers cell role. Unlimited. Thank you. You check. Always take care of you. Yeah. So we we’re talking about entrepreneurs Small business Saturday.

Black Friday. Cyber Monday was the big month for holidays, for everything. Today is Cyber Monday. Yeah. I mean, my wife’s birthday is on the 21st, so have, I mean, happy birthday, but it’s already passed anyway, you know. So like this whole month is just kind of crazy. And my grandson was born on 18th in November and we had Thanksgiving this month, big holiday month.

And we talked about, um, financial technology trends, like what’s going on with, you know, how money’s gonna be transferred in the future, back and forth, you know, with Yep. The Fed now and maybe pay by bank coming. I just don’t think it’s gonna catch on in the US as fast as everybody thinks it is, because everyone’s so afraid of putting every, like their banking account information and things like that.

Well just, just like be paying by bank man. I think people are upset with the whole Zelle situation. You know, but today there’s a story out mul, I think like 20 something people posted it on LinkedIn this morning cuz uh, Wells Fargo and Chase who have been like, and I don’t even know what other banks have not been very compliant with, um, Elizabeth Warren coming after them.

Um, you know, the government going, you know, calling them in for hearings about the, the fraud and the scams and the this and the that, and the security behind Elle, so they were saying, Don’t be mad at ze use Zelle. That’s what the article, right, that’s what the banks were saying. And they’re saying they’re going to, they’re looking into giving some more money back.

So that’s, well, I mean, you gotta be careful. At the end of the day. Do you, can you really blame Zelle or can you blame the bank? The financial institution? Well, I think that people have to take some responsibility and be educated. We talk about this all the time. Well, that. Financial literacy and people need to be updated on cyber security and not falling for stupid text.

If I, I probably get five to 10 text messages a week. Oh, your bank account is on hold. You’re a good one. This morning on hold almost got me to click. I’m like, what was it? Um, it just something about insurance. Oh. And my health, not, uh, My car insurance. I was like, yeah, and, but whatever they guess, oh, your TVD Bank account is for, I don’t bank at td.

Stop sending me TD Bank and I’m bank at Bank of America. But you get these texts and then people, oh, log into your Zelle. And then the per the person puts in their credentials, the scammer on the other end gets, it, goes onto your bank, logs in transfers himself, 500. Buy 500 bucks. So, but I think that Zelle needs to come up with better security and they’re given a bad, and, you know, and other apps too have problems too with transferring money, PayPal, Venmo, and they’re all being called up in front of Congress right now, you know?

So that’s a big, a big hoo-ha. We’ll get more into some other stuff about that. We talked about you. How to do How? How to create more income for your agency by starting a side hustle with Nationwide Payment Systems. Hello everyone. We’d like to take this time to thank our sponsors Nationwide Payment Systems and NPS Printer.

We’d also like to shout out the listeners and everyone that subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to reach Allen or. Head over to B2B vault.info where you’ll find two forms, one to contact us and another if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor. If you’d like to sign up for a merchant account, click the Apply Now button located at the top of the page of B2B vault.info where you’ll answer a few questions and you’ll be on your way to processing payments in.

The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other popular streaming networks. Thanks again for listening. Yep. And actually we got two referrals for that that came in over the holidays. Two agencies that are, want to talk to us about, um, signing up and, and getting set up. So, Create an extra revenue stream.

And we talked about starting a business from home. What does that take and how it’s more acceptable now than it ever was, you know? Oh yeah, man. I remember when I first started my business and you know, everyone, Hey you, you know, where’s your office? Uh, I don’t have an office, but we can meet at your neighborhood coffee shop.

Right. You know, so that turned away a lot of people back in the day, but people got more accustomed and that’s more acceptable. You even see like these businesses opening up where it’s a small office, maybe somebody has a thousand, 2000, 3000 square foot. and they get permission from the city to have several hundred business licenses.

Mm-hmm. through their address and they set up, you know, mailbox service inside copy machines inside. Maybe they have a graphic designer on staff that you can rent out and different. Things like that. Maybe they have meeting rooms you can use. Yeah, they have the coworker spaces have have that. You see a lot of small ones popping up now.

What? The coworkers pop. Yeah. Small coworking spaces. That’s becoming very popular. We talked about also like the gig economy. What’s going on with the gig economy today? Somebody told me something I’d never heard of before, that their business use. Uh, square for payments. And then Square has an app for the employees.

So you can do your payroll through Square, and then the employees can borrow money off their paycheck before they get paid. So you’re running short. You get up to 200 bucks if before you get paid, and then it’s deducted outta your pay. But then I saw that they charge 1% for. To get the mon, they charge the employee 1%.

So you took a hundred bucks, a hundred, oh. Then there’s a fee, a $3, a two or $3 fee also. So if you took 200 bucks, it cost you $2 plus. So it cost you four bucks to get 200 bucks before you get paid. I’m not a big fan of advancing people. Money off their paycheck cuz if you have a lot of employees doing that, hobbies of the business.

Square’s gonna, maybe they’re holding part of their deposits. They got it. So I don’t know how that works for the business. So it was interesting. I was like, wow. But the gig economy, you know, there are companies, I’ve seen these, these FinTech payroll companies and you know, some of them, I, you know, I’m sure like Square, um, has taken the taxes out and all that.

Mm. , but I saw other ones where they were taking taxes out. Yeah. And I was like, , that’s a little dangerous. I’m not getting involved in that. We also talked about the subscription economy and how that’s continues to grow, and businesses come up with creative ways to have a subscription for their business.

Even creators, you know, have, you know, $3, $4, $5 a month, so you can get, uh, you know, exclusive content. Or you have access to exclusive videos or maybe you’re a, um, you know, a pool cleaning company instead of each time that you go trying to collect the money from the customer. Right. They might not be home.

So instead of that, putting people on automated billing. Yeah. And speaking of like the, the side hustle for the agency. Yeah. I, you know, and this goes into the subscription economy. Uh, this, a friend of mine, Stephanie, she’s, she and a couple other people started a, a agency where you set up, you know, you pay your subscription per month, per level, and you basically are paying, you’re paying for, you know, website updates, right?

So like if, um, you know, like whatever Allen says, Justin, you’re. You can hire a WP Focus , and they can do my job Right from anywhere. Right. For a fee of course. Right, right. And then you just pay that subscription, like however, uh, you know, say, yeah, we saw that one. For graphic designers, you could pay like a hundred bucks a month, 200 a month.

You got a certain amount of same, same, same exact kind. You got a certain amount of hours of graphic design. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know, you know, how popular it is because, you know, You know, the whole, getting people to do maintenance on their website is really hard anyway, but you know, but I hope she does well.

Let’s certain there’s a business for everything. Speaking of that, before, I know we talked on one other thing too that’s very important during the holidays that’s coming up is making sure that your website is secure and up to date, all of your thresholds are set up properly. All your plugins are updated.

Even check your gateway. Make sure your gateway settings are updated. You never know. They who knows. You know what I mean? Check everything. Check, check your bank account. Make sure that your, you know, your stuff is up to date. Renew your domains. Make sure your, uh, hosting is, you know, good and, you know, ready for, for the remainder of the year.

Just update your site real quick, you know, just, just try to get a little ahead of the game. You, you got a couple weeks left before Christmas. Yeah. So, I mean, all is not lost, you know, just because you didn’t make your billion over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you could have a big opportunity to make more money.

Yeah. There’s still gonna be sales. Yeah. So just take care of your website. Um, also, you know, this goes out to your family and friends. It doesn’t cost. To promote your business to, so, you know, tell your friends. Yeah. Review part of Entrepreneur Month. Review a local business. Yes. Go and review someone’s business.

That, that is crazy how much it helps small businesses. You know, if next time you’re in a restaurant you really love the burritos, you know what I mean? Like talk about it on Facebook, cuz you’re on Facebook probably taking a picture of the food. Yeah. Tag the business. Make sure the business is tagged.

Leave a review under their business profile and you know, that’s a lot. That helps a lot and it doesn’t cost you anything but some time. Right? Take five minutes, do that. We talked about consumer financing and how there’s gonna be new advances and consumer financing. It’s gonna speed it up. That’s gonna be pretty cool by now.

Pay later is all over the news again, as we well by now, pay later, the government is going after them because we talked about it on the podcast that they’re saying they’re lending money and they’re not, uh, providing. The, what they’re supposed to as far as under the truth in lending laws. Mm-hmm. . And let me tell you, consumer Reports had like a 20 page article about it.

So I got, so I know we’ve talked about that Cute a few times. I was, I was just curious because I, my wife wanted a new hoodie, right? Right. And with Cyber Monday, I didn’t see anything I liked the other day on Black Friday. So I, this morning I’m like, all right, and it’s only $24. How is, how is why you should not be able to bust that down in four payments?

Well, we talked about that. What about the guy who did buy now pay later on a burrito? That’s what I’m saying. I mean, it’s just messed up. I don’t know the, obviously these businesses, one. I’m so like, no, it’s a, I’m under the impression that they’re not setting that up on the backend. They’re enabling by now, pay later, but they’re not setting threshold.

Yeah. There’s no options. There’s no, like, they’re not going through the like, well, those companies might not have options that you could say, oh, to get buy now, pay later. The transaction needs to be a hundred. Or 50 bucks. Or 150 bucks. Right. They’re literally like you guys, I don’t know, man. I mean, we saw that the guy paid for a burrito.

Yeah. I mean, you’re helping a lot of people out with that, you know, I guess, but. I don’t see how you guys can be making money on those. And the other thing I didn’t like is, like I said, like that Afterpay company is issuing credit cards. Yeah. And then people are using the credit card in the grocery store to buy their groceries and put in groceries on buy now, pay later.

You know, this is just random. I mean, it’s just cause a problem. I had to put a, a fraud alert on my name. Yeah. And I, dude, that sucks because now I, I can’t get approved for nothing. Right. Unless you give them the code or it’s so messed up. I, how do I get, where do I get my code from? Oh, you gotta, what you gotta do is you gotta go to like Experian.

And TransUnion and, um, what’s the other one beside, uh, Equifax. Mm-hmm. . And what you gotta do is put a block on your credit. It is. Right. And then they give you, then when you wanna open up your credit, someone says, oh, we need to check. Oh, that’s why I gotta open up my credit. That’s right. Or you give them a code, one or the other.

So they, that’s how you do that. Okay. I can now remember. So I forgot about, so they’re, By now, pay later are not providing truth in lending laws. That’s a big problem. The other thing is his banks are getting into it. So I read an article about Chase, another bank, apple Pay, and a couple of other banks, and they were saying that after you make a charge, You’d be able to go into your, you know, onto your charge card portal.

Mm-hmm. , and then mark which ones you want as buy now. Pay later, and set up the buy now. Pay later through your bank, through your regular credit card. Credit cards are gonna start offering it. Start offering buy now. Pay later on your regular credit card. You’ll be able to go in and select which ones you want and they’ll give.

Lower, like a long term, longer term to pay on, but not pay like 70% interest pay, like the lower interest. Okay. It’s a little weird. I don’t know. You know. Then we talked about, we talked about, you know, the financial brand forum and you know how that now fintechs. Competing with banks for people’s business, for their business, for credit cards, for depositing everything, for everything.

I mean, they’re these FinTech companies. Invoicing. We saw something where there was like 70% of FinTech companies are either offering banking as a service or are adding banking as a service. I would say if you’re a small business or if you’re a person looking to start a small business, so the stay away from your.

No, but so So that’s what you, would you say that too? Well, I would say that if you want, it depends what your level of service is that you need. So you might find a better level of service saying someone has just started. Right. That’s what I’m saying. Like if you need low, if you need help, low money, no, but you need help.

Banks ain’t giving you the help. Well, you could go to a credit union or a community bank and probably get a lot more service. You’ll get a lot of love at one of those banks, depending on which, you know, the, the, the credit union. Right. That’s what I’m saying. You’re gonna get more service from those banks.

But in general, would you say in general, what would I say? , I would say that we, people in my age group, you learned, oh, you gotta use the bank. Go to the bank. Go to the bank. Everything was, go to the bank. Now, I would say like, I would be, so I’m leery of some of these FinTech companies, of course, because sometimes I go and I look and I go, oh, oh, buy this, uh, gold, right?

And we’ll pay you 4% interest on your money. So then I. because it sounds good. 4% interest, right? That sounds good. Mm-hmm. attractive. The bank’s paying nothing and you know, maybe I’m not put so much, you know, watching what’s going on with the stock market. Right. Gold’s going up like crazy, right? So they have this, they have some of these things where you can invest in gold, but then I look, oh, is that F D I C insured?

If it’s not FDI C insured, you don’t wanna put your money on that FinTech. A lot of these FinTech companies, your money is not FDI C insured. No. So you need to read what you’re doing because you, you don’t want your money, your cash. Right. And a bank or FinTech company that’s not FDI insured, he jerked. So you gotta make sure it’s F d C insured.

But you know, after going into the financial brand conference, I really saw. Um, cause I’m gonna, guys are struggling. Banks are really struggling to get merchants to sign up through that. Banks are struggling, but the credit unions I think, have an advantage right now. They’re flourishing. They could really flourish if they would increase their business banking.

Bring in more businesses. Yeah. You would think that that would be like super important to them because just imagine all the, the entrepreneurs and small business. Right. That’s what I’m saying. That already banked there. Like I’ve been banking with Navy Federal and I’ve never received like a small business for small businesses.

You know what I mean? So, no, that’s, I understand. No, that’s, that’s a, I think they. They do. Right. But, so it’s not, I don’t wanna talk about Navy Federal, because that’s one of those little, uh, whatever, it’s like a hidden gym. Thank you for anything that you do. No, but what I’m saying is, is that that, um, like recently the ATM company that we work with, right.

They just did a partnership with s a a, which is also Yeah. A bank. And it’s like a, it’s similar to, it’s like a, it’s a credit union and it’s for people that were in the service. Yes. Similar to, but if there’s no physical branches. But now they’re enabled the USA s a a network on all the ATMs that qualify.

So those are the ones that are in like convenience stores and liquor stores and, and in, you know, general places like at, like the one in Wawa. Right. So we just enabled all, so I think there was about five or six machines, like ones that are in nightclub, no, like nightclub, stuff like that, that wasn’t enabled.

But there was about, I don’t know, a dozen machines that we have, like a gas stations or Walgreens. Yeah. They were enabled to, uh, take the s a a card. And the way it works is it’s surcharge free, right? And then s a a actually pays us a dollar. Every time someone uses it. Yeah, that’s cool. Cause they, they pay, cuz they get the interchange.

They do. Right. U S A A does and then they give it back to the eight to the company. That’s good. But I think there’s a big opportunity for credit unions to step up because there’s something going on with banks now. These big banks. There’s nobody in the bank working, there’s no people sitting at the desk.

Oh. And. And they’re, and, and these banks don’t, these big banks don’t know where they’re going. You know what I mean? Yeah. They, I think that every time you walk into a big bank, it’s like a ghost town. No, no. But I think that smaller banks can re, like, just like me, I’m a small company, right? So we can’t react, oh, we want to do this project.

Boom. We just do it. We pivot quick. Boom, boom, and we pivot. Right? So, you know, like we made a new website cuz we said, oh, we wanna offer a new type of merchant service. Right now we’re working on, we built the website, now we’re doing the marketing, right? We’re starting the marketing. So the, so you know, the same thing, credit unions could really step up, say, oh, we have better service than the big bank.

Now for me, You know, one part of my business that banks don’t love, they don’t like ATM business, right? So you gotta make sure whatever bank you deal with, if you have a ATM or you have some, or you have a lot of cash, but also we talked about that cash handling, how now there’s companies coming out, they’re trying to figure out how to market it, where you’re gonna be able to put your cash in a special, safe.

They call ’em cash recyclers, your money gets deposited to your bank account. Now we just gotta work out how that, what’s that gonna cost for businesses, you know? Very cool. And, you know, so, so we went over all this stuff. You know, today we went over everything that we talked about this month for entrepreneur month.

Support a small business or charity. You’re gonna see soon our charity project for B2B Vault. The nationwide payment systems. Talked about Black Friday, cyber Monday. Yeah. My son, you know he works for a clothing store. Mm-hmm. that, that he, it was, he told me is he broke like the all time record in the clothing store.

Cause he is a big sales guy. So Nice. He worked very hard. Good for him was very busy. He said all weekend, the mall was packed. I did not go. I did not go near a mall. I don’t do this sale thing. I mean, I went to Whole Foods . Publix wasn’t that busy when I went there the other day. Publix was closed on Thanksgiving, which was surprising to me.

I think they were open. Part of the. Not the one by my house. Oh, that Maybe select ones. Yeah. I don’t know. I know. Cause then I, then I’m like, I remember I knew that Whole Foods was open until three. Oh, okay. And when I say that, that was the only grocery store open in Fort Lauderdale, probably. It was probably packed.

I was almost ready to just walk out with the stuff. . Cause I’m like, yo, one, you’re not gonna stop me. Two, this is chaos. I’m sure some people walked out. And the, and the maybe with stuff, you know the elevator that puts your cart up? Yeah. That was broken uhoh. So everyone either was carrying their groceries or waiting to get on an elevator and I was just like, man, thank you.

All I needed was pie. We let our pie out, man. Overnight. And within that little bit of time, there was mold growing over the top. That’s no good. It wasn’t probably freshed, the pies weren’t no good in the first place. Yeah, that’s what I mean. No, I would’ve returned that. I tried to just, you and my wife is very, she’s like, I don’t wanna deal with, she’ll throw the pie at someone’s face.

Uhoh, . So, uh, yeah. So that’s it. And then, uh, next. We talked. I don’t even remember. So next month, I think we’re gonna have a little theme too. Next month. What’s next month? I don’t know, but we’re gonna have a, well, I don’t know. We talked about some, whether or not there was gonna be a theme for December. So December is that, you know?

Yeah, we talked about cyber security, identity theft. I can tell you there’s a lot going on with that. You need to. You know, I was, well next month gonna be giving month you. It’s like, right. Isn’t that a whole end of the year giving, you know, people giving, at the end of the year, people do their end of the year campaign for their charity.

Yeah. So we’re gonna talk about different things that have to do with the end of the year filing taxes. Some people are gonna have some big surprises and we’re gonna talk about that in the coming. December. So visit our website nationwide payment systems.com or go to B2B vault.info. Hit apply. You’ll end up at Nationwide Payment Systems.

You can check out the solution finder, find the solution for your business, answer 10 questions and then. Check out and you’ll have your merchant account in about five minutes or less. So that’s our new theme. 10 questions Get approved in less than five minutes. Want to find out more? Text the word book to 9 5 4 8 2 7 9 8 1 8.

Yep. You can have a meeting with me, Justin. Rocky, we’ll show you if, if you do a video meeting, you can see Rocky, you’ll hear him for sure. , he barks sometimes his ears right now he’s. He’s sleeping. His ears popped up. He’s, he’s just chilling. He’s chilling like a villain. Yes, sir. So that was entrepreneurship month.

We hope everybody got some really good entrepreneurial tips during the month. I have one last thing I would like to say for entrepreneurs, like everyone who’s thinking about, so I always thought about it, right, like that there’s this one thing that is you love tremendously, right? Whatever that is. Figure out how to make money from that and go and do that for the rest of your life.

That’s what I, that’s my advice to you. If you have one thing that you love, whatever it is that is whatever you love doing, figure out how to make money from that and hit the ground running, bro. Well, look at the show. Shark Tank. It’s inspiring, right? Yeah, no, I’m just saying like as far as like, like if you love to.

What is it? Pottery, right? Yeah. If you love creating that, if, if that’s something that you start a side hustle, just learn, figure out how to get paid from it. That’s all I’m saying. So I wish I would’ve did that a long time ago. A lot of businesses, that’s how they start. The person starts a little side hustle, builds it up, and then turns it into a business.

Cause not every business, especially if you stick to like service type businesses. Yeah. You don’t have to have inventory. Then you can, like, let’s say you like to wash dogs. You’re the dog whisperer. Mm-hmm. , every dog loves you. You can wash dog. If I told you the amount of vans I see driving around that has increased since covid.

These vans driving around and they go wash your dog at your house. For sure. Yeah. It’s a business. I’m sure the person’s making a decent living. , you know, they set their own hours, they drive around in a van, they get more and more customers. Yeah. And I think that we’re gonna see a lot of services like for things in your home.

It’s gonna continue. Like one thing that I’m surprised as a business I haven’t seen really pop up is somebody. You see it in the grocery store, like a big package of, you know, lasagna, you know, like made fresh, you know, like at Publix or Whole Foods that have prepared, take it, bake. Yeah. Take it home and then make it.

But I’m surprised that nobody has come up with like a concept of a store. Right. They used to call ’em appetizer stores when I was a kid. Mm-hmm. , that’s what they called it, an appetizer store. You would go there, they have the rotisserie chickens really. You don’t see, you don’t, you don’t really see, I, I’ve never seen that.

Oh, they, yeah, they, then they disappeared. Like they disappeared for a long time. Wouldn’t you call it fast food though? No. They just sold like rotisserie chicken and then they had trays or they had like salads and foods and your, you could just go there and say, oh, wanted to go. Right. I don’t wanna make dinner tonight.

So you go there. Oh, gimme two chickens. You’re. Family, right? Give a couple of chickens, oh, I want some green beans, right? So it was all cold and they put it, oh, what size package did you want? They fill your package up with green beans, fill it up with, uh, mashed potatoes. That’s not like a great idea. Right.

Isn’t a Boston Market kinda like that though? Sort of. But you can eat there. Not true. So it’s not, they have some, they, I think. Yeah, but I’m just saying what you’re saying though, because I guess there is some, some grocery stores have that option, but, A whole menu, you know? Right. That’s what I mean. Like that they would’ve a whole thing.

They would’ve, they would’ve fish, they would’ve all kinds of stuff. And people would go there and get like their, you know, oh, I just need dinner for two. Oh, I’ll get this, I’ll get that. Do you see it in like some, like some of the kosher, uh, markets have prepared foods? Mm-hmm. , you know, and you could buy.

You can buy it, but I’m surprised that we haven’t seen it on like a much bigger level. Like Whole Foods has a lot of prepared foods. You know. Yeah, but not like what you’re saying. Yeah. Right. That’s what I’m trying to say. That’s a really small, if they, there’s only two freezers. I remember we had, I had a client when I first started in this business.

Well, they do have the whole wall actually, and I’m thinking about it. They have that whole deli case with all that stuff. Foods does have a lot of prepared foods actually. Right. But I had this client when I first started in this business and they had a store in a neighborhood and they made the rotisserie chickens and they had other chicken dishes and other dishes, and that had all.

Put in packages and people would just go in there and buy that. That’s like, there’s this other restaurant in Boca that I went to called Lazy Dog, I think it’s called, and they sell frozen TV dinners. Nice. It’s interesting. I bet. And they sell a lot of ’em. I talk to the manager, I said, you sell a lot of those.

He goes, oh yeah. So they make up dinners and they have ’em in a special prepared package and take them home and take them home. Put it in the freezer. Maybe it’s good for your kids. I like it. Let’s say you’re two people. Need something quick after work one day. I just told my dad, I said, I wish I was a billionaire.

I would have, I’m sick of cooking, like I’m just sick of thinking of things to cook. I’m think I’m sick. That’s why I come up with stuff. I just look what’s in the fridge and make it, I’m not, I guess I’m not sick of actually cooking, but the prep work of it, like going to the grocery store, cleaning the vegetables, cutting the vegetables, That part of it, man, I’m a little bored of all the whole thing.

I don’t know. Sometimes I get bored with it and then I just eat something quick like a salad, stir some chicken on it or whatever. That’s what we had last night. We had Caesar salads. It’s all good. Veggie, chicken’s, veggies. There’s the food. Don’t forget. Yeah, go to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, B2B Vault like subscribe.

To the channel, YouTube channel. Please follow the podcast on whatever podcast, network. Network. You listen to Spotify. We’re on every DSP man. Everything We’re everywhere. Pod Chaser. I’m just seeing one this morning over. I didn’t even know what it was. I’m like, what is this? It’s looks, it’s gotta be from some other country, but another place that our podcast is made.

Oh yeah. I get, I get stuff on Twitter all the time. Oh, your, it’s your podcast. Is your podcast on our network? Yes, it is. Yes, it’s . Yeah, so thank you. Thank you everybody. Thank you for listening. This month we had a record month with a lot of listens on the podcast. This month it was a record month, so the podcast is growing.

We really appreciate our listeners, our customers, and. Everybody for, um, participating in the podcast. Don’t forget, we have FinTech Fridays on Friday. We didn’t have a live one last week. Three pmm, but this week it’ll be live. So watch for the notification on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Come in and ask a question or send us a question before the podcast and your question could be featured.

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