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Reliable Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing for Your Business

Whether you’re operating a small coffee shop or multi-location restaurant, Nationwide Payment Systems has a customized credit card processing solution to fit your business. Accept all major credit/debit cards to mobile wallets and contactless payments securely. Accept payments the way your customers want to pay.

Nationwide Payment Systems: Your Partner for NCR Counterpoint Solutions

At Nationwide Payment Systems, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of innovative point-of-sale solutions. Our partnership with NCR Corporation enables us to offer the cutting-edge NCR Counterpoint system to businesses of all sizes across the nation.

Top Business Types for NCR Counterpoint:

  • Lawn and Garden Retailers/Wholesalers
  • Sporting Goods, Retail, Golf, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Gun Shops
  • Minor League Sports Venues
  • Pet Stores
  • Independent Grocery Stores with scales
  • Liquor Stores, Package Stores, Multi-Location
  • Attractions, Zoos, Aquariums, Museums
  • Apparel and Shoe Stores
  • *E-Commerce Integration
  • *Ticketing Integration
  • *API Integration

Grow your business with NCR Counterpoint POS:

NCR Counter Point POS

Enhanced Efficiency

NCR Counterpoint streamlines operations by integrating inventory management, customer relationship management, and point-of-sale functionality into one comprehensive system. This integration eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

With NCR Counterpoint, businesses access robust reporting tools that provide valuable insights into sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behavior. These insights empower decision-makers to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.


Whether you’re a small boutique or a large chain retailer, NCR Counterpoint can scale to meet your business needs. Its flexible architecture allows for seamless expansion as your business grows, ensuring the system efficiently supports your operations.

NCR Counter Point POS

Inventory Management

NCR Counterpoint’s advanced inventory management capabilities enable businesses to track stock levels in real time, automate reordering processes, and optimize inventory turnover. With features such as serial number tracking and multi-location support, companies can effectively manage even the most complex inventory scenarios.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NCR Counterpoint includes robust CRM functionality that allows businesses to build and maintain strong customer relationships. From capturing customer information at the point of sale to targeted marketing campaigns, NCR Counterpoint helps companies deliver personalized experiences that keep customers returning.

One-Stop Solution for Your Business

Understanding the diverse needs of a modern retail operation, we provide an all-encompassing package. Our offering includes hardware, software, supplies, installation, training, ongoing support, custom development, and consulting services from our experts. We also facilitate merchant services, supporting traditional and dual pricing 0% programs, to ensure your business thrives without financial strain. When your system is installed, our team is at your location in person for 2-3 business days, setting up, testing and training you, your managers and staff.

NCR Counter Point POS

Key Features


  • Use Existing Hardware? – Yes
  • NCR Counterpoint Stations with customer-facing screens
  • Kiosks
  • Self-Checkout
  • Mobile POS
  • Scales
  • Label Printers
  • Scanners
  • and more!
NCR Counter Point POS

Point-of-Sale (POS) Functionality

With an intuitive POS interface, NCR Counterpoint makes transactions fast and seamless. From accepting multiple payment types to managing discounts and promotions, businesses can efficiently process transactions while delivering exceptional customer service.

Key Features:

  • No SKU Limits, Supports unlimited number of SKU’s
  • Easily manage inventory across multiple locations
  • Best-in-class in-house support
  • Fully Customizable
  • Open API, allowing for various integrations.
  • Loyalty Program
  • House Accounts
  • Discounts
  • Custom E-mail Marketing
  • And more

Nationwide Payment Systems and NCR Counterpoint: Your Trusted Retail Partner

As a certified partner of NCR Corporation, Nationwide Payment Systems is uniquely positioned to help businesses implement and optimize NCR Counterpoint solutions. Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive support, from initial system setup to ongoing maintenance and training.

With its unparalleled features and Nationwide Payment Systems’ expertise, NCR Counterpoint is the ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline operations, drive growth, and enhance customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how NCR Counterpoint can transform your business and set up a demo to get a quote.

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