Entrepreneurship Month Part One

What’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from B2B Vault, the Payment Technology Podcast sponsored by Nationwide Payment Systems, hosted by this guy Allen Kopelman! And we’ll be providing you with educational information regarding small business, FinTech, payment processing, and the technology businesses are using in the world today. And it’s entrepreneurship month, all month of November.

So, most of the podcasts, all the podcasts are always pretty much focused on small business entrepreneurship, but it’s entrepreneurship month. So, we’re going to throw a little more entrepreneurial spirit into the mix, as you would say. Lots of stuff to cover when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Different angles, different ways, different businesses, just the slot when it comes to entrepreneurial. Go get your hustle on. Never quit, keep going. Stay in the fight. You know what I mean? But yeah, man. But also, there’s a new program that we’re offering to all the hustlers and entrepreneurial-minded people out there, or small businesses that are already operating in the digital space or web design, digital marketing, SEO, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, or you could be a SaaS company! Or a sassy person? Yeah., a SaaS company or something like that. An independent software developer! Yep. So, with that being said, let’s hop into the new program that you got, man. All right!

We’re celebrating entrepreneurs. So, one of the things that you know, I’ve always tried to do is network with other business owners and to find out about how they do business. It’s always interesting to me when I do networking or when I sign somebody up for credit card processing.

One of the things is to find out how they do business. Why did they start their business? And get all the info to find out exactly, what’s going on with their business and how they get paid and what’s the flow of all that and how, and then what can we do to help them with their business.

So, one of the things that we’ve done is we have our brand new website, nationwidepaymentsystems.com, where you can, a business owner can answer 10 questions and in five minutes or less, you’re approved! Binging bong. If all the business information checks out by the artificial intelligence that’s checking everything, right?

Yeah, you need the real stuff. Like you need it, this is a real thing. So, you need to be a real business. You can’t use fake social security numbers and fake EIN numbers. Right! So, then you know the information, they ask for first name, last name, and the address of the business. The last four of your social, your federal tax id, and what kind of business it is.

You don’t need the EIN, but. No, most people should have an EIN if they have any kind of business. Even if you’re doing a sole proprietorship! It’s free to get one. Yeah, you should get an EIN number because all it is, is one form on your personal tax return. Let’s say you’re a small business, you can get a file, a DBA, which is cheap in the state of Florida.

It’s 35 or $50 depending on which package you get at Sunbiz, and you have that. Then that way you know you can fill in the one-page tax return attached to your personal tax return, which basically lets you deduct your business expenses, from the actual money that you took in. So, let’s say you took in a hundred grand.

You don’t want to pay tax on a hundred grand because you didn’t make a hundred grand profit. I’ve explained this to people before and they’re like, what do you mean? I’m like, Yeah, did you pay somebody? Did you pay yourself? Did you have expenses for your business? You treat your business even if it’s a side hustle and it’s something small!

You can save a ton of money. Yeah, man. By having an EIN number and filing your taxes correctly. So, what we’re doing is we’re bringing this solution to people, like Justin said, in the agency businesses, you’re selling, you’re talking to the business owners that you’re working with. Maybe you’re selling them SEO, maybe you’re selling them digital marketing. Maybe you’re making a website for them, and they have eCommerce.

And most of the time we talked about it on the podcast, Justin said he looked up how many websites were WordPress. 43%! Well, that’s a pretty big number. And we have, our program works with other types of websites too. Just it’s not the 10 questions to get a merchant account, but we can work with anybody, any companies you know that want to ha refer business.

Because like I call up, let’s just say Justin is an agency owner and I ask him, hey Justin, so after you build me my e-commerce website, what do I do for a merchant account? Nine times out of the 10 they’re going to be like, sign up for PayPal or go to Stripe. And then as an owner of a website company, do those PayPal and Stripe give you any money?

No! So, we’re offering the customer, you can send the customer to us and we’re offering to give you a revenue share of the profits that are made every month. So, if you’re making 2, 3, or 4 websites a month. Maybe you have a bigger company, you’re making 10 or more websites a month.

You can create a good bit of monthly residual income. We provide you with reporting! Right, because so before you get into what you all get. Right! No matter what, like I’ve said on this podcast and numerous times, of all the money that I feel like I’ve left on the table after knowing what I know now because again, most of the time we set up the website that business has to get paid. Like they’re, that business isn’t coming to us for a website just to throw a website up there. Right, they’re not doing it to not make money! They want to make money. And they got to get paid. Being able to say, hey, what are you guys going to do to get paid?

You already have the relationship going. You built the website, you’re doing the marketing or the maintenance or the SEO or the reporting, or blah, blah, blah. You, whatever you’re doing. Yeah, you’re engaged with the company, you’re engaged with the business owner! Exactly, and so they trust you, there’s a level of trust already established.

And the payment thing is a lot to deal with, there’s, it’s a lot of personal information involved, so I could see why it was easier for us not to deal with it. Because we didn’t want to deal with all the sensitive information.

Because back in the day you had to actually do paperwork. Yeah, like when I first got into this business, we actually had to fill out paperwork. Now we don’t have to do any paperwork! I just send you my referral link, you click the link, I don’t get any of your information or the agency that you’re working with wouldn’t get any more information than they already have.

And then, you would fill it all out on your own. And so, the relationship that you still have with that agency, or the developer wouldn’t change at all. They would just incorporate the back end of GoDaddy into the website. And so, I think it’s a win-win for the developer and the business because one, it’s less to manage if everything is housed all in one place, right?

That’s one thing that I always tried to do and convince people to do, right? But what’s also good is just like PayPal and Stripe, we gives people a free plugin. Right? Yeah. We’re given a free WordPress plugin. Right. For the gateway. Yeah. So, we’re given away, we’re doing the same. We provide the same services. What Allen trying to say is. What Allen’s trying to say is, that GoDaddy has a Woo Commerce plugin ready to go.

There’s nothing, there are no fees involved. So, you install Woo Commerce and then after that, you install the Woo Commerce payment extension, and you can make, you’re starting to make sales, just like that! Right, once they fill out the paperwork with us. The online application, they get access, they go live, they get access in the dashboard.

They just give you the API key, and you’re ready to go. Plus turn the thing on and go live, they could be live in five minutes. We’re actually faster than Stripe and PayPal! I wouldn’t doubt it. We’re actually faster than them because they sometimes send back and forth all these emails. That doesn’t necessarily happen with us all the time, but you’re going to have the free. So, we’re, our service is comparable!

We’re comparatively priced. We’re probably priced a little bit less than they are. We, you get the free plugin just like that, because now let’s say I have to give, let’s say Justin comes to me. Oh, I have a merchant. They need a thing, they need a merchant account. Now we got to get all their information, get an application, and send it in.

Then once they get approved, they got to get an authorized.net account or an NMI. They’re spending 20 bucks a month plus another 10 cents a transaction that’s all eliminated! So, there are no additional gateway fees! And they might not even need all that. They don’t need all that with us if you have a side merchant. If you get a regular merchant account, that’s what we have to do.

So, they get approved fast. No, oh, I’m just saying like in general, like if a small business. It’s overkill for that! They think it. Yeah, they don’t want to spend any more money. Plus, then they got to buy the authorized.net plugin from the WordPress store, that’s 99 bucks. A year! Oh, it’s yearly? Oh, yeah. Oh, okay so we’re eliminating all of those fees. So, we’re making it very, we’re making it very what was the word I was using? Seamless to deal with us. It’s very seamless! They come in, answer the 10 questions, and get approved. Boom. The developer goes and puts in the WordPress, gets the WordPress plug-in from the store, and gets the key from the merchant.

Bam, you’re done! Your website’s up and running. Because that’s been the resistance that we’ve gotten from agencies before. Oh, you got to do paperwork and negotiate and then there’s a gateway fee. They can just go to PayPal. There’s no gateway. We’re giving you the same exact program PayPal and Stripe have, except there’s a bonus.

Let’s say the merchant has a problem. If you go to PayPal and Square, What? Just an email, right? Oh, man. Customer support, good luck! So, we have live chat in the dashboard. I will say PayPal is getting better. Okay. But I’m not giving them any like super. No, but we have live chat in the dashboard. Plus, if you need to call, you call our office.

And we can help you too. And then we have dedicated representatives on the other end. If we need some technical support, we can get in touch with them and get you the technical support that you need. Nice. So, it makes it for, and GoDaddy is a multi-billion dollar company, same as those companies.

Like whatever, PayPal is a big company. Strip’s a big company. Now it’s just. We’re co-branded with GoDaddy and we did that to bring this program forward, to merchants. And I think that it’s a tremendous opportunity because not only are we giving you the website let’s say Justin brings, let’s say he makes a website, and the person has a clothing store.

Okay, they can all, they can basically also get a credit card machine from us too, and then all their payments are in one place. They don’t have to have a separate merchant account in the store and a separate merchant account for the website. They can have it all together. That’s why I was getting at it earlier when I was saying, it’s all in one, right?

So, you have your web developer plugged in, in the same place. They know everything that they’re, it is you use the word seamless, man. It’s very seamless. Yeah, seamless and frictionless! The integration is very seamless. No, I’m just kidding! No, it’s very simple to get done and I think that it’s a brainer for agencies to hop on board because the number one thing is you’re going to get paid every time, not every time the client gets paid, but you’ll get paid for all those transactions that the client’s making. There’s a way. Instead of you setting it and forgetting it, and you’re never making a dime from that person ever again, now you’re back. There’s a continued relationship.

There are ways to make money, so. And we also bring in additional services beyond what GoDaddy’s merchant account is offering. So, we have other additional services we can bring. Bring it into the fold. So, let’s say you have a merchant, who wants to addon crypto acceptance to their website.

Let’s say they want, let’s say they happen to have a product that has consumer financing, and they want to add that to their website. Let’s say they want to have them sell something and they want to do international transactions with Japan and China, and they need Alipay. We can get them linked up with that solution.

So, there are all sorts of solutions that we bring beyond what’s offered, in the basic account that GoDaddy has. We can also offer these specialized types of things. And then we also deal with all the different risk levels of merchants, whereas GoDaddy won’t approve certain things. We can get those approved by other processors.

It is a really good relationship where we’re able, don’t be frustrated, oh, some guy’s asking me to make him a CBD website. Now, where does he get processing? We have a solution for that. It’s not the GoDaddy 10-question solution. That’s for more of the everyday vanilla, some chocolate sauce, and a little whipped cream.

But not, crazy stuff. Not the crazy stuff, but we can get almost just about any type of account approved and that’s important and approved quickly and get them up and running quickly. That’s good. So that’s the main thing. The person’s not waiting 2, 3, 4 days to get their merchant account approved and then get a VAR sheet and then get set up on the gateway, and then they get the gateway credentials, and then finally they’re Live!

So, this is a quicker way for you to get to your client, your clients don’t have to negotiate. They just go to the link and fill out the application. The pricing is very transparent. Our pricing is similar to PayPal, Square, and Strike, so we’re giving you, but we’re giving you much better service! Because you actually have a person to call on the phone and can call our office.

There’s live chat. Once you’re logged into the dashboard. Goes a long way. Right! So, you have a question, and everything is in the dashboard. We have this dashboard that’s amazing! You can put a little app on your phone and access your business information, have it on your laptop, and see all your business information.

And this only works for agencies, right? So, we’re talking to agencies and so if you’re an agency, what types of businesses will use this? It’s every business, literally. So, if you’re setting up an e-commerce shop, or a barber shop, you could set them up through there. If they’re a services company and they need invoicing, there’s, you could set them up through, you can get them going through the GoDaddy.

In the same way, we’re what we’re talking about the merchant program. So, businesses, yeah. Just limited to e-commerce. No. And you know what’s the funny thing? I was reading the article the other day from, I don’t want to say who, because it’s a company I don’t like to promote. Okay. So, I don’t want to use that company.

But now should we be using the words like eCommerce and retail commerce and Omni channel and Omni commerce? You know what it is today? Everything is commerce. It’s just commerce, period. Business is commerce. Business needs payments, that’s it. Commerce and payments! So, every business needs to get paid.

Yeah. And we’re bringing that to the, we’re bringing that to businesses. We’re bringing all types of services into businesses that they need. And if you’re, no matter what kind of business you have, whether you’re an agency or you’re a software developer or you have, maybe whatever it is, maybe you have some kind of app.

Yeah, don’t be discouraged by the agency word either. That goes for the freelance guys too are out there hustling, building websites for small businesses. It’s actually perfect for you, because. Then first you set up your merchant account, right? You get your merchant account.

Now you’re able to send invoices through GoDaddy. You connect your business bank account or your regular checking account. Whatever you got going, you connect it through there. So now you’re getting paid. Soon as you’re finished with the project, you invoice through the dashboard of our program platform.

You send that invoice, they get the invoice, and you get paid immediately. No waiting. There are no fees, there’s no. Yeah, next-day funding! You even have the opportunity within the dashboard, you could add a 1%, or 2% fee to absorb some of the credit card processing too in there. And you send a detailed invoice.

And what’s great about that is nothing’s going to get held up by an underwriter. Do you know what they get off the invoice? What do you mean by what they get? What’s the percentage of it off? Invoicing 2.9. Off every invoice you send. Yeah, yeah. 2.9%! But it’s great because you’re sending them a payment link.

You can put in all the details of everything that you sold to the customer. Right! And what’s good is let’s say it’s a big ticket for 3, 4, 5 grand. Okay. And you send out that through PayPal or Stripe? They just don’t send details, they just send the payment amount, most of the time. We want you to put the details in there so the underwriting department sees, oh yeah, Justin sold this guy a 25-page website, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

And the total’s $3,287. Okay, good. And the transaction is going to flow through the system. You’re not going to get an email, oh, we need to see the details of the transaction, and blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s never happened to me, so I don’t know what that is. That can happen when you do a large transaction, and you don’t put the details into the payment request.

PayPal, I don’t know. I’ve gotten payment requests from people who used PayPal that say, “Oh, pay me.” That’s because they didn’t fill it out. That’s what I’m saying. But we want you to fill it, we give the merchants, we give them a heads up Oh, if you do this, you’re going to, and also, we have this communication tool.

So, let’s say I sent Justin an invoice. He gets the invoice, then he pays it. When he pays it, I can go to the messaging tab and the dashboard and I can go, oh, thank you for paying the bill. Hey, can you gimme a review on Google? Put the link in there and send it to Justin. That’s really interesting, that’s important. So, it’s a two-way communication tool also.

It’s not just, oh, one-sided. I sent it, they clicked and paid! Now you can have another conversation with your client and go, oh, can you write me a Google reviewer here? Go on Facebook and gimme a reviewer. Whatever that is. That’s key, that’s crucial! Or let’s say you want to sell them something else down the road.

Now you can send them a message. Messaging system as you already messaged them before. And it sends them an email and they already know who you are. So, they’re getting a message from the system. I like it. Oh, do you want to, oh, we have a special this month. Boom. Or you can get everybody’s, And then the same thing.

You can set up recurring billing there. So, you can set up recurring invoices. So, the payments you get paid every month. Oh, Justin’s package is 399 a month. He’s automatically billed the 399. There’s a lot of. That’s cool, man. I wish like I said, I wish there was this, I’m sure there was some sort of way of doing this back in the day, but not as easy as it is to sign up.

I signed up, it took me two minutes. Yeah, and we have other tools in there. So, we have those payment links that are in there also, where let’s say, you want to help your client and you say, hey, let me show you. “You could do some social selling.” And then they can go in there and create a special payment link just for one item.

They could take it and put it all over their social media. The person doesn’t have to go to the website, the person doesn’t have to visit their website, don’t have to leave the page they’re on! They could just click this link, “oh, I want to buy this widget for 29.99.” Boom. And they’re making a payment! So there are all sorts of cool things in there.

Even for non-profits, you could put, oh, need, oh, we’re doing a drive. The playground got messed up by the hurricane or a storm and we need to raise $5,000. How much do you want to give? And they could put in there, oh, 25, 50, a hundred, $500, four choices. The person can just click it, boom, make and go! You don’t have to create a whole webpage and all this stuff, do that. Yeah, that’s nice!

So, there are a lot of different tools in there that you can use as a business owner and a marketer to help your merchants make more sales. Cause it’s very popular too, that way, and makes money cuz that otherwise what are they going to do? Your customers going to go on Facebook and make a Facebook Post, with it and get paid from Facebook.

This way all their payments are in one place. And Facebook’s taking it, their piece too so! Yeah. So, you can help your merchants do, help the businesses that you’re dealing with. Do all of that. Like even I saw one of the things on, we have a client that has axe throwing, right?

So, what did they do? They got their website, then they went on GoDaddy and added to their website this appointment scheduler so people can make reserve it. Scheduler yeah. Reserve their lane, Yeah, the lane at the axe-throwing place. That makes sense. And then they just put the, then they just plugged in the WordPress plug in there.

Put in the API key. Boom. Now they’re getting paid in for the axe throwing. When people go online, they make their reservations and pay for the lane. And then when they get there, then they can order things like the food and the extras and the, whatever they want to get T-shirts. Nice. So there, we’re doing everything at that, axe-throwing place.

They got the appointment thing, which is already part of some WordPress plug-in from go that GoDaddy has. Yeah, they have an appointment setting. Yes. Yeah. Where you can pay for an appointment. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to take a look! Yeah, so they use that, and then they just plugged in the merchant account.

Now they have everything in one place, plus they have their e-commerce store where they saw t-shirts. It’s different stuff online. Very cool. That you can buy your fake axe. They don’t want to give somebody a real axe, your fake axe. But they sell stuff like, when you get to the place, they sell food there.

Sometimes they have food trucks. Outside? Yeah, outside. And, they partner with the food truck. People buy the food through them, then they just go outside with the receipt and go, yeah, they go, that makes sense. Pay the food truck guy, I think it’s their food truck, but they made like a whole business over there.

So, you can do a lot with this merchant account. We have another company, we’re doing business with that was referred to us. And they have a festival, right? So, they have a store and we already put the equipment in the store and then we made their website. We have a website that they have, and then they have another website and we’re.

Doing that website too for payments! Okay. Where they’re having their web designer create for people who buy stuff from them in bulk. “Wholesalers”! And so, they’re organizing that, and they’re using the invoicing. They use everything we have. Nice! And then they have this festival, and they need to get 10 mobile machines.

So, when people come to the entrance, that doesn’t buy tickets online, come to the entrance. Most said like 50% of the people just pay when they get there. So, when they get there, we’re renting them. The machines like 10 machines for the mobile with the 4G cards when people come up to the front and then they sell other stuff inside and they’re getting another 10 machines for that.

And when they’re done with the machines, the festivals for five days, they just put them back, clean them up, put them back in the box, and ship them back to us! Nice. So, it’s like, a short-term rental. So, we have, we can do a lot of different stuff, and that was referred by the website guy referred to the client to us.

Nice. We ended up meeting with them, talking to them, and taking care of the whole business. And they were amazed because they were like, oh, before we would have to go do this and then do that, and then we’d have to go get a bunch of tablets and go get those little square things.

Yeah. Now we’re taking care of all of that for them. Like they did a thing on the weekend. Now they’re actually keeping a couple of the wireless machines, because every couple of weeks they go to a local not it’s not like a flea market, like a farmer’s market craft fair place. And they sell all their t-shirts and stuff there.

So now they have a couple of machines and they’re doing a lot more sales because now they’re not just limited to cash. Of course, yeah! Yeah. And then everything’s in one place. So, they can go look in their dashboard, which is really cool. Breaks it down by terminal, so they can see oh, these sales came from the website, and this came from the flea market.

This came from the store. They could get all sorts of reporting, but all the money goes at one time! One place too. Yeah, all the money’s in one place, and all the sales are in one place. But if they want to see, oh, how many sales did Justin make at the craft fair, and then I was at another craft fair. They know which machine they gave Justin, they know which machine they gave me.

They can see all the sales. That’s good, very good! Yeah, so you can do a lot with our system, and then you know, the person who referred us to that client, they got a client’s been with us for a couple of months, so they got their first residual check, and the guy was like, Wow. He goes, I didn’t, I said, now you got to get us like 20, 30 more customers like that.

Your car is paid for, your mortgage is paid for, and it’s just recurring, it’s mailbox money, that’s what my account calls it. That’s mailbox money. That’s, it’s easy. The client trusted them, and now the client trusts us, and they see how organized their business is.

That’s good, man. And they like it. That’s how it works. So, if you’re interested, you go to our website, nationwidepaymentsystems.com. We have a partner page where you can read about the partner program and click the signup button. Someone will call you on the phone. We’ll answer any questions you have.

We’ll send you the paperwork, get you signed up, and get you the link. We’ll get your logo from you. Whatever we need, we’ll get you set up to be a referral partner on our program, we’ll help you, help your merchants. And we make it seamless, and easy. Just like you give them the link to go to Stripe, you give them our link.

They’re going to have the same experience, and then if they need help, there’s somebody to call. They have a question, there’s somebody to call. There’s an online chat in the dashboard. The difference is instead of you giving the link to PayPal, you actually get something in return when you give them our link!

Right, yeah, instead of just giving a link and then not getting anything, you have the benefit of a partner, partnering with us. Yeah. We partner with another company and they’re making websites for corn hole. Corn hole, the corn hole people. yeah, they already gave us like five websites. Nice. Yeah. For people. And then there, the guy’s amazed at how fast it was.

He’s I can’t believe it. He wants to switch his other clients over too. That he gets because he is not getting any money from it. So, it’s important, we’re in a, especially in today’s, I don’t want to say bad stuff about the economy, but it doesn’t matter what the economy, if the economy’s good or the economy’s bad.

You want to create as much as many income streams in your business as you can. So that’s what’s important is being able to say the same thing, like if you make websites, you create a second income stream. Oh, I’m going to do SEO now. Oh, now I’m going to go into digital marketing.

Those are extra revenue streams. So same thing, this is just another revenue stream to bring into your business. So, when you’re re, so if you’re working with business owners, and they need to process payments. They need to commerce for their business, right? They need to get paid. You need to get paid.

It’s time to partner with Nationwide Payment Systems. You can also set up a meeting with me and Justin. If you go to the B2Bvault.info. There’s an Apply Now button on the top right, or there’s also a forum at the bottom if you are interested to talk to me or Allen. All right, so that’s the podcast today, Carpe diem, Seizes the day.

The hustle never stops. Get your side hustle going, you know if you have a side hustle, or you got a regular hustle. Create an additional income stream with Nationwide Payment Systems. Peace out.

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