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Nightclub Payment Processing

Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Adult Entertainment, and more!

Nationwide Payment Systems offers a comprehensive point-of-sale solution that caters to your business’s fast-paced, ever-changing demands in the market. Our user-friendly and intuitive systems ensure both new employees and seasoned veterans can efficiently manage full-service restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. We continuously update our software to provide cutting-edge features, keeping you ahead of the competition. With reliability engineered into every aspect, our system guarantees uninterrupted availability, allowing you to focus on operations.

Leveraging our industry expertise, we deliver turn-key solutions for bars and nightclubs, adapting standard solutions to meet your specific needs at an affordable cost. We offer complete POS packages with our Hardware and Software as a service model. We also provide cost-effective migration paths for existing sites, minimizing your hardware investment and providing equipment replacement if anything breaks, along with 24-7 Support.

key Features:

Nightclub Payment Processing
Nightclub POS Solutions

Customized for your business

  • 0% Dual Pricing
  • Runs Independent of the Internet (Hybrid System)
  • Monitor your operations from an APP
  • Multiple Cash Drawers on a station
  • Fast Credit Card Authorizations
  • Pre Auth Bar Tabs
  • Automatic Happy Hour Pricing
  • Changes menus automatically by time
  • Timing for Pool Tables, Dances, Vip Rooms
  • Customers can open a tab at any station and pay at any station

Hardware and Software as a service

  • Drink Recipe lookup
  • Re-order last round
  • Transfer and Combine Tabs
  • Split Checks
  • Security Camera interface
  • Doubles and Rocks Drink Pricing
  • Automatic Up-charge pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing for Special Events
  • Scheduling App for Employees
  • Loyalty Program
  • Fraud Prevention tools

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Ring in Drinks and Open Tabs at Lighting Speed

We offer a streamlined bar tab management system that ensures quick and efficient service. Starting a tab takes just one touch, and pre-authorizations provide real-time approval while maintaining full PCI compliance. Tabs can be graphically displayed based on the customer’s location or alphabetically by the tab name. Shared Tabs enable multiple bartenders to serve guests from different terminals behind the bar, with each bartender accessing and managing each other’s tabs. The system provides accountability for transactions, and end-of-shift cash management is simplified with clear checkout reports. Additionally, the Abandoned Items feature prevents unauthorized access to tabs and enhances security by locking items on the bartender’s screen after inactivity, preventing unintended deletion of checks.

Liquor Liability Reduction

With our program, you can sell mixed drinks combining liquor and non-alcoholic beverages, which has the potential to reduce your liquor sales and lower insurance costs. Suppose your alcohol sales are 10% or more of total sales. The potential discount calculation, with 10% or more attributed to non-alcoholic components and an insurance cost of $10 per $1,000 in sales, can lead to significant savings. By utilizing our program, you can maintain profitability, lower bar sales, and ensure insurance expenses remain manageable, making it an excellent solution for your business.

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