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Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from NAC 2022 with your host, Allen Kopelman. And we’re gonna be talking about the stuff that we see in the convention. There’s a lot of new technology regarding ATMs and Allen has a few guests that we’re gonna be interviewing for the show for the first time, so that’s cool.

First time on the road with the podcast, so that’s really awesome. Had to set up, take the stuff on the road, get everything turned out pretty easily. No no big hiccups at all. Took a quick tour around the convention center. Yeah. Some interesting stuff that we saw on the floor.

We’re gonna go shoot a little bit of some little video out there. Yes sir. Yes sir. And we have three guests coming up. We have the CEO of Pocketbook, which is this really cool app that can interface with kiosks and ATMs, and you’ll learn about that. We’ll also talk to. Platinum sponsor Heung, which makes my favorite ATM machines,

They’re gonna talk about the new technology they have and new services that are coming to the atm. And then we also spoke with Brian Haynes, the VP of PAI Payment Alliance International. And we talked about atns and how they can help businesses and how technology can level the playing field. And that’s the theme of today is how.

Plus, how consumers can benefit from these technologies and how businesses can benefit from all these new technologies that are coming out. And in the next, five to 10 years, we’re gonna see a really transformation of what the ATM can do. You already seen it, right? I I’m sure people who are listening, you go to the, your book that your local bodega or your corner store, All of a sudden you can buy Bitcoin, right?

Yeah. So along the way these big the ATMs have definitely changed. Especially, we seen some stuff here soon you’re gonna be able to pay bills. You’re gonna be able to cash a check from the atm send money to someone, get money out from your apps that you use on your phone.

QR code yeah. So like the technology. Is evolving and it’s been really interesting to, to learn about over the, Yeah. Walking around. And yeah, man. So look forward to hearing some more interesting things from the people that we’re gonna interview. So there you go, man.

All right. Enjoy the show.

That’s perfect. Hey everybody. Alan Copeman here with B2B Vault, and today we’re at the NAC 2022 in Hollywood, Florida. And today my guest on the show is Brian Crumpler with a company called Pocketbook. So the theme of the show is we want to hear like half pocketbook helps consumers, and now pocketbook helps businesses.

Because. Our podcast is educational for businesses so they know hey, this is a great product. For a business. Yeah, absolutely. Let’s hear pocketbook. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for thank you for having me on. Pretty cool concept you guys have, being a FinTech guy for a while, so it’s nice to see some FinTech nerds talking about some cool things.

Yeah. So pocketbook is the OnRamp and offramp for digital wallets and, into and out of the cash. So what does that mean? We as a society of Payments consumer society have gotten used to this thing called ACH transfers, right? And people nowadays don’t want to wait for ACHs and they don’t necessarily wanna pay for a wire.

And so what you have is a lot of people interacting with what we’re calling digital wallets, but it’s much bigger than just to pay a thousand of Venmos in the cash apps. It’s any website, any service that holds your. Online. And so once I think about it as a wall almost. So what kind of other companies besides exactly.

Yeah. So we’ve identified eight to 10 verticals. You have rebate sites where you aggregate dollars by shopping online and they start crediting your account. You have government subsidy benefits, like the stimulus checks that went out for covid. You have crypto wallets, you. The draft Kings and the fan duals of fantasy that you have, Sports skill, gaming, all, there’s all of these websites.

Even like something like Robin Hood could be, Yeah, that’s obviously a crypto or an. But it’s a situation where you put money over this wall that I think about and it’s stuck there. A lot of, Unless you have an ACH back out, like a lot of companies like Robin Hood and even Coinbase and like Betterment, Acorns, right?

You can have money over there just cash, right? On those accounts. That’s right. But then when you want to get it back out you’re forced to go back the antiquated way where it takes one to three days, or you have to pay really. So what pocketbook is a non visa, non MasterCard new proprietary network where we are allowing for the facilitation of the extraction or the addition of funds to these digital wallets in real time.

So what does that mean? We have a network where you can literally request money to be dispersed from your digital wallet provider and OTP is issued, or a one time password. The participant comes up, enters the one time password on that terminal, and the money comes. Same thing with money in. If you want to fund a wallet a crypto wallet necessarily to buy crypto on your app later you put money in the slot for a kiosk, it credits that money to your wallet immediately.

And that’s the other thing is it’s immediately available to the consumer and then they can take money out on an atm money out once it spoke up to pocketbook. Correct. So pocketbook is the cardless transac. Cardless transactions in real time. We settle on the back end, but the consumer gets the access to the capital or access to their funding, to their funds immediately.

Whether it’s cashing or cash. I think we’re gonna see a lot more of these wallets come into play even at the point of sale in retail Absolutely. Down the road. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. We feel like first getting the ecosystem really strong. On the ATMs, obviously being at NAC at the show, we wanna talk about the ATMs and the kiosks network.

We feel like it was a chicken and the egg conundrum. Where do we go after all the wallets first? Or do we get a really large, extensive network of terminals? And I made the decision like, look, the chicken came first, and that’s the coverage, right? Because when we go to these wallet companies and they say this is a cool idea.

I probably saved us money on the card issuance and things like that. But how many places can I actually. So the chicken came first and that is this massive NA nationwide coverage network of kios and its, yeah, it’s awesome. I love the product. I appreciate it. Yeah, we’re excited. Got a VD call here in a minute to try and close the deal with the first crypto wallet, so we’re excited.

Awesome. Yeah. Thank you for coming on the show. We’ll have you on again. I’d love to talk more FinTech Friday. Yeah, I would really be interested to having you guys on that would be awesome. Tech Friday I would. Yeah, we can do a FinTech Friday. We do it live. Good. It’s pretty cool. Very good. Goes out over Facebook, Twitter.

Oh, nice. YouTube. YouTube all live very, We make it like an announcement before, I’d love to get the invitation, you guys. All right. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thanks. Yeah. See you guys. Yep.

Hey everybody. We have our next guest on our podcast at NAC 2022 in Hollywood, Florida, and we have Brad Nolan, the Chief marketing Officer song. I found out, I’m saying the name wrong T song, and today we’re gonna learn about what’s the future of atm. Yeah thanks for having me here.

Look, one of our major messages here at the conference is there’s a lot of change underway in the retail ATM space. Huong back in 1998, virtually invented the cash expense business here in the US with a small form factor cost efficient device. It was easy to service, it really enabled a lot of the operators to deploy these things at scale.

Our mission now is to help the industry reinvent the retail ATM business. So what exactly does that mean? There’s a lot going on right now as you look at the payments and the banking space and everything else. We all know that the banks have been aggressive about closing branches, reducing costs trying to push their customers to lower cost channels away from the teller line to digital, to mobile, to ATMs and so forth.

So you’ve got a lot of that going on and they’d love to push their customers to use retail atm. So that they can still be convenient to their customers. But in order to push ’em there that the ATMs need to do more. Exactly. And so now you look at the other side of the equation.

Historically, independent operators haven’t deployed full function cash in cash out devices. Why is that? A traditionally they were designed for banks, so they were two gosh darn big. And retailers won’t let you in with a big machine. Oh, they math, they’re massive machines. You got it.

You got it in and out, and then it, they were cost prohibit. And at the end of the day, if you plug one, if you bought one and you plugged it in, you really couldn’t do anything with it other than continue to spit out withdrawals and balance inquiries. And that’s because as we heard from Visa earlier today that there is no open deposit network here in the US right?

So any of us can go to an ATM and use it for withdrawal, but you can only use your own banks ATMs for a cash deposit. Yeah. Open banking, which is something we’ve talked about on the podcast before, you know it’s growing and it’s gonna come to the us. No, absolutely. So again, what we’re trying to do is en enable a few things.

First of all we finally got the equipment down to a point where it’s actually no bigger than a traditional cash expense atm, but with it, you get cash in and cash out. The price point is not much more than deployers have traditionally paid for legacy cash dispensers. And we even give them an upgrade path, meaning if you already have one of our cash expenses out there in the field, instead of replacing that whole device, we’ll just give you a cash inside card to attach to it.

Yeah, we saw that in the show. Yes. Great. The new product Tango, with all the different things people can do at the ATM is what’s really needed. And we heard the speech from the. John Rose is the House of Representatives. Yep. Talking about how, the ATM deployers and businesses who have ATMs are sometimes the bank in local communities because there are no banks there as banks are disappearing.

You got it everywhere. I’m glad you, you brought up Tango, because that’s another core piece of bringing this together. Step one was what we need upgrade paths from a hardware perspective. We need smaller form factor cash in, cash out device. But again, now, once we plug it in, we need to be able to do something with it.

So with our new software platform and with the Tango Net network, that’s how we’re enabling Deployers to do more so think about it this way, right? If you pick up your cell phone today, you can go to your Android app store, your Apple app store and download an any number of apps on your phone.

You don’t have to say, Oh I would love to have an Amazon app. Let me go establish a relationship with Amazon. And then build it bespoke. So what we’re doing is we’re building out this app store of services. To make it easy for the deployers to pick and choose which services they want to expose on their ATMs, and we’ve already done all the heavy lifting in terms of the contracts and building the pipes and plumbing back to these money written maintenance providers and bill pay providers and so forth.

Bill pay is definitely something that’s needed when you go into the, disadvantaged communities or communities where there’s no banks or people are unbanked. They’re cashing the check right part. No, absolutely. So we’re talking to a few parties about that capability. One of the things that we’re pushing for is more of a, leveraging the mobile app to capture the image and transmit that, and then allowing the a, the connection to the ATM to do the withdrawal of the.

Reason being is, look, the vast number of retail ATMs out there run a CE platform, right? And so they don’t have enough horsepower to transmit the imagery of the checks and that type of stuff. Makes sense. So why not use the phone that’s already in the consumer’s pocket? Yeah. The phone is like the most powerful thing.

You think about it, computers used to be like the side of this whole room, and now the power of your phone is more. These computers that were around years and years ago. Yep. And the phone is very popular way to move money, with apps and things like that. So it’s only natural to hook them up to the ATM machine.

And I think, more and more the ATM is just gonna be an extension of that mobile phone. And customers are gonna tee up what they want to. Via the mobile app. And then really it’s a matter of, okay, I need to drop off cash. I walk up, I scan my barcode, the door opens up, I put the cash in and I’m away.

Or I’m picking up cash that you sent me. I generate a mobile code on my a QR code on my phone. Walk up, scan the code, spit out the cash. Making it just super quick, super easy. It’s an extension to get a pickup and a dropoff point for that physical to digital. And there’s probably some opportunity out there for the ATM companies to partner with the local banks, to get to, for them to maybe sponsor some of these machines and local communities where they want to be.

And you talked before about, . Who and how is this benefiting? I think everybody wins across the board, right? Because most importantly the consumers benefit because we as an industry continue to provide critical infrastructure and convenient cash access points even as some of those bank branches start to disappear and whatnot.

Obviously the banks benefit because they’re able to serve their customers through a lower cost channel than even inside of their own branche. The retailers benefit cuz now that’s added foot traffic in their stores and new transaction revenues. And then obviously the operators benefit because the more transactions you put through that device the more revenues you can put in your pocket.

Yeah. And it’s great for the retail because, we’re trying to educate retailers on how you can, put devices into your business and use technology to grow your business. And what we talk about all the time on the podcast, me and Justin talk about it all the time, had. Technology can level the playing field.

Absolutely. So you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re seven 11, you could be Allen’s grocery store in the corner. You could level the playing field by having this great device in there that can service your community. Absolutely. All right. Thank you for coming on the show today. Absolutely. It was great.

Glad to have you guys here down at nac. It’s been a fantastic event so far and looking forward to the rest of it. All right. Thank you very much for being on the show and piece out everybody. One more guest coming up. Okay. We’re back and we have our next guest, Brian Haynes, who I know for years from Payment Alliance International.

and we’re gonna talk a little bit about what Payment Alliance does to help businesses and consumers in today’s world and how the ATM business is changing for in the future. Absolutely, and thank you so much for happening. I’m excited to be here. Like I said, a, my name’s Brian Hayes. I work for a company named Payment Alliance International or pai.

And we are in short ATM processors, but like we were just talking about there’s so much more that can be tied into that. And so I’m happy to be able to talk to you about that today. All right, so let’s hear about the new things that are happening. Yeah, absolutely. So I would imagine if if you’re listening to the podcast or have a store or have a business where you support ATMs that’s valuable space inside of a store and what’s the most that you can do to maximize the income that space is building for you?

And I think you’ve seen probably over the last few years processors. And ISOs like my company Pai come to the table with new software, new programs, things that enable your customers to actually do more of the atm. Good example one that’s real easy to understand is Bitcoin sales, right?

Different providers do actually sell Bitcoin right at the atm. What that does is re it really can impact your business in more than one way. Not only are you selling. Now, but you also have this new group of customers that’s come to your store. So many of these Bitcoin sales companies that are using our terminals, they’ll have what’s called a locator file.

So their customers are able to push a button on their app, see where the store is, say, Hey, I’m gonna go to this shop. I’m gonna go buy my Bitcoin there. And, hey, nine times outta 10, if you’ve got ’em in your store. Yeah, they’re gonna, they’re gonna buy something else. The whole traffic of that in the atm and so people can get money and there’s all kinds of great services on the atm.

Exactly. That businesses can use. MasterCard, money pickup, all point where people did, that bank at certain pace and they can drive traffic into those locations and accept those different types of payments. A hundred percent. And there’s more than just that. There are a bunch of different services that can increase the number of transactions you may have.

A balance inquiry software that allows your customers to using your machine to actually check all of their accounts at once. And something that really a lot of those folks like it increases your transaction volume and makes you more money making your customers a little happier. Just a couple of examples of some easy to install value added software.

The Coolest thing about that really is that this is constantly evolving. There are more and more programs every single year in companies like pai. We employ a team of people to come up with those things. So it’s important for both people in the financial industry, financial services industry, as well as merchants to know they always ought to be looking and asking that question, what makes my location.

The most tech, is this is the level field Yeah. Flat for seven 11 and all these other big stores that you can have the same technology they have, like you were saying earlier. Yeah, like different, in PAI being. Independent, you’re not taught like EO song right? Is coming out with a new sidecar.

Sure. Putting a bunch of different financial services on their bill. Pay depositing money to your bank account. That will get bigger as open banking becomes a thing. In the United States, we interviewed also pocketbook earlier where people can get money out of their different financial services by using their wallet and then getting.

Cash out of the atm. Technology is moving at a really fast rate. Me and Justin talk about this on the podcast all the time now. Innovation Sure. Is basically outpacing regulation when it comes to really is, government regulation. Innovation is moving really fast and we always talk about it how technology can level the playing field for any business if you accept it.

Like the business owner has to be willing. Sure. To change with the times. Absolutely. And a lot of times what, you know, I, we see I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. And so the pushback that you get from the business owner when it comes to technology mm-hmm. and it’s even more of a pushback when the age group is different, right? 100%. Yeah. You hit the nail in the head and I, I would say, change is hard. Change is hard for everybody. We are operating in a financial services industry where we’re really regulated. And so change is necessary.

If you really. , if you really want to increase revenue, which I think probably anybody listening here would be interested. Increasing revenue. It’s absolutely, it’s important to embrace technology. Yeah. And push along the ATM is gonna become more of than just the thing that dispenses cash.

Absolutely. It’s gonna do a lot more. Even PAI has some really cool technology. We work with pai, and then one of the favorite technologies that we like is the rms. Remote monitoring on the atm. And that way, cuts down on service calls to the atm. Yeah. You can see what’s going on your atm.

So can real quick for the listeners explain what RMS is? Yeah. So RMS is remote monitoring software. Yep. Yeah. So you can monitor what’s going on. It’s. . We get a customer that calls us up and says, Hey, this guy’s trying to get money out of the atm. It’s not working. We go and look, Yeah, it’s working.

Somebody’s not putting in their pin number. Or this guy just tried an Nord script card. . You know what they should call it though, is remote management. Yeah. Because it, it’s more than just monitoring. You can also actually interact with the machine. So you know, if you have a machine in your store or you manage a.

You have the ability while you’re not actually physically in front of the store to power cycle that machine, that means to turn it off, turn it back on, which would clear Bill Jam, for example. Pretty amazing technology. I’m sure some people could relate if they’ve got, or they loaded the machine and they forgot that they put the wrong amount in.

You don’t have to run to the machine. Maybe you’ve left. Absolutely. You can change that. You can do tons of different, a graphics advertisements. Yeah. Different things like that. Yeah. I There’s a whole bunch you can do without actually being right there. For the machine. Pretty cool stuff.

Yeah. I think from a technology standpoint, I think ATMs and also the kiosks. That are gonna go next to the ATM or even replace the atm. Being an ATM and a kiosk together. I think like in the next. Five to 10 years, this is gonna be a huge upside for many businesses, in disadvantaged communities where there’s not a lot of banks.

And it’s gonna help people get the financial services that they need in their businesses. And what are we really seeing when it comes to banks and bank branches? They’re not expanding out into the community. They’re no track, right? Yeah. They’re getting a lot smaller. So having these machines in your locations is just becoming more and more important.

It’s. In atm plus all the services is as expected in a place like a convenience store as a freezer full Yeah, and it’s hard a lot of times for the, for a convenience store to get to do check cashing. The banks don’t want them to do that. And being able to do those kind of things in bill pay and then that’s also another difficult service for businesses to provide now and being that it’ll be on a ATM is gonna be much easier for them to provide those services at an affordable cost and help the people in their community.

Absolutely. Yeah, it’s a big game changer. And new things are coming to the world of ATMs. Yeah. Technology and your business technology can level the playing field. You can make your small business look like a big business. What’s the technology do, having lifting for you? Absolutely. So I wanna thank Brian Haynes longtime friend.

Thanks guys for helping on the podcast. Sure. Appreciate it. And everybody have a great day. We’re enjoying NA 2022 in Hollywood, Florida. And a shout out to Bruce from Knack for letting us come out here and shoot a podcast episode for B2B Vault piece out from Alan and Justin.

Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Justin and Allen back at the B2B Vault headquarters. Just got back from the National ATM Council 2022 from Seminar Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Hollywood, Florida powered by the platinum sponsor, Haung. Yeah. So I want to have say a big thank you to Bruce. Bernard and his wife Susan, who are the heads of na, National ATM Council.

Shout out to Dale who helped us get this, the interviews and everything arranged so we could do the podcast at the convention. And thank you to the people who were interviewed on the podcast. Brian Crumpler from Pocketbook, a really cool FinTech company. Shout out. Brian Haynes from Payment Alliance International.

Who? Mr. Haynes? Yeah. Who I’ve known for years. And also Brad Nolan from Hio Song. We thank you guys for all Brad and mad. We thank you guys for all coming on the podcast. We really enjoyed it. And everybody piece out you want to follow B2B vault, B2B vault.info, and at B2B vault on all social platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and we’re on every podcast network. So wherever you listen to podcasts, whether it’s on YouTube or on a podcast app, just look up B2B Vault, the Payment Technology podcast and check us out. Thank you.

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