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Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from B2B Vault, the Payment Technology Podcast sponsored by Nationwide Payment Systems, hosted by this guy Allen Kopelman! And we’ll be providing you with educational information about small business, FinTech, payment processing, and the technology businesses are using in the world today.

And in today’s podcast, we’re going to be giving you some merchant account secrets presented by the Merchant Account Wizard, Allen Kopelman himself. Yeah, it’s also entrepreneur month. So, we thought we’d double back, dumb it down a little bit, and answer some questions about merchant account services that you might not know.

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to setting up a merchant account and you have lots of different places you could go. A lot of different services, and different things that you may or may not need that you don’t know about your SIC code. Yeah, I don’t know, there’s just a lot! So, we thought we’d cover it on the podcast, so take it over. Yeah, it’s the day before Thanksgiving! Oh, and it is also the day before Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your feast! Indeed. And when you’re and think about something you’re thankful for, okay! Yes. So, merchant accounts one thing everybody should, the few basic, this is basic as you can get. You want to open up a merchant account, so you need to have a legal entity.

So, whether that’s a corporation, an LLC, single member LLC, you need a federal tax ID number. You need a bank account, for your business. Do not co-mingle your funds and your personal bank account because you’ll have problems with Uncle Sam down the road for commingling funds. Those are the basic things that you need to be ready to get your merchant account going.

Then you need to figure out, what you do and what type of business you have. Is it a retail business, a restaurant, or a service business? Maybe you need electronic invoicing. Maybe you need a way to send text payment, text payment request, or email payment request, which is also part of invoicing, where you have a website and it’s e-commerce and you need to get set up with your e-commerce stuff! Right.

Then, you can drill down into all types of different specific business types, non-for-profit, B2B, or maybe you’re taking a ton of commercial cards or government cards. You really need to understand what your business type is, and then understand who’s your customer. Right.

And then are you like a low-risk business or, in the middle somewhere, or high-risk? What most people don’t understand is they’ll come to me, and they’ll say, oh, I don’t understand why my account was turned down. Or why am I having trouble with, a particular bank?

And a lot of that has to do with not really telling them, what your average ticket is and monthly volume, but mostly it has to do with the average sale. Cause the average sale is only 50 bucks. Okay. Across everything! Do you mean everywhere? Yeah, across the whole Visa, MasterCard, and American Express network, the average sale is $50.

That sounds about right. Yeah! So might be a little higher, but around 50 bucks. And so, let’s say you have a bit, I’ll tell a recent story. So, we had a customer come to me, they went to a company, and they got set up. Now their average sale is to give some lessons. I don’t want to talk. Say who?

They give lessons. Okay. And the cost of the lessons is 650 bucks. Now, let’s say you have two people getting lessons. Now it’s $1,300. Let’s say it’s three people getting lessons. Now you’re at $1,950. The person who they were dealing with didn’t really explain that to the processor!

Okay. All the charges were key-entered because of the way they do business. They’re signing people up over the phone. And then people come in person for the lesson, usually within five to seven business days. So, they were having all sorts of problems with the credit card processor!

That sucks. And they came to me and there said, we heard you know what you’re doing and why did this happen? So, I explained to them that they didn’t have a copy of their paperwork. So, I was like, what did you tell them? And it just wasn’t, just didn’t go smooth.

But now we’re getting the business, we picked up that client! Nice. And picked up that client and they’re referring us to all the people who are also selling their same service. So, it’s very important that you understand, like when you’re giving that information out, what is the average sale?

Or they come back to you because even that can happen. A lot of people go to PayPal, Square, and Stripe and they don’t realize oh, my average sale is a thousand dollars. Or, then all of a sudden, the transaction goes through, they don’t get money in their bank account, then there’s nobody to call.

Then they send an email. That’s terrible! And they don’t, they’re like, oh, I sell websites. Yeah! So, the person paid me a thousand, $2,000. So, you have, if you don’t have somebody to talk to, it could cause then you could be emailing back and forth, and if you’re a novice in having a merchant account. Yeah.

You don’t know exactly what to tell them. What questions to ask? What question, yeah! Because they’re not communicating. So, we decided that so many people go to those services, PayPal, Stripe, and Square, and then they don’t have a, necessarily have a great experience. So that’s why we created the new website that we put up Nationwide.

Those three companies don’t care what your business is. They just want you to use you for their processes. But when there’s a problem, they don’t really want to deal with it. That’s what I’m saying they don’t care. They don’t care, they have millions of customers!

We talked about this before. So, we set up a company, set up a system. People can answer 10 questions, get approved for their merchant account, and then if there are issues going on with a high ticket and all that. We’ve been in the business for 20 years. We can help, we get the doc, we tell the customer, hey, here’s, we need this documentation or whatever, and we get it over to the underwriting, the risk department.

We get everything cleared up and then, then the processor knows what your business is about, and you don’t have those problems. We did that because that’s the other thing about getting a merchant account.

Which direction do you go in? Do you go to your bank? And then your bank’s going to have you call on the phone to a company and then you’re going to start negotiating with them. And you don’t understand like all these different, what the fees are. So, then what do people do that are new to business or don’t want to deal with that phone call?

They’re going to PayPal, Stripe, and Square. But now you have a new alternative. Nationwide Payment System! Right so, you have a new alternative and a way to get your merchant account, but people should understand that you still need the basic things that you need to get a merchant account are the same everywhere!

Get your EIN, you don’t have to have an LLC, to get your EIN. Right, you can file with the state, like we’re in Florida, so it’s easy. Yeah. You go to I don’t know how you keep saying it’s easy, you did this like 20 years ago! No, I’m saying if you need to get a fictitious name. It’s not easy!

Is it not easy? No. What’s not easy? We went through this already. You and I had a whole conversation about this on the podcast. I did it for my wife. It’s not easy and it’s not cheap and it’s not free. On Sunbiz, it’s 35 or 50 bucks. No? Not anymore, buddy. All right! It’s not easy, it’s easy enough. Right.

Like we’re not trying to discourage you from doing it, you need to do it! So, it’s not just a click of a button, you got to do some. You got to do your research and make sure the name is available, and all that! Then you can. Just have all your stuff ready. Yeah, you have everything ready because you got to fill out all the documents, you got to fill everything out online.

But if you have, if you’re organized, you can get it done! You can. People need to, you got to understand, you got to have the basics ready. Many times, I get people that call me on the phone, and oh, I don’t have a federal tax id, I don’t have a business bank account.

You got to have that because you’re going to end up with, tax problems later. We’ve talked about people that were accepting Justin made a post on social media recently about Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and all that. Everybody’s going to be up for a big surprise. Comes January this year when all those companies start sending, they did it last year.

They sent out 1099s and they’re going to do it again this year. And people who didn’t switch up are going to have a rude awakening because they’re going to get a tax bill from Uncle Sam because all that’s going to get reported. And they’ve raised their rates significantly. Those companies from where they used to be because they have to know. “That’s crazy”.

They have to do government reporting, so they raise their fees because that costs them money to do that. Yeah, it’s going to be for everyone who’s just like using Cash App like it’s a, I don’t know. No one’s looking, watching it, or something. Like you’re tripping. And basically, what they did now is they’re just going to force that onto your taxes. Yeah, they’re just going to send you a 1099 K it’s called! And you’re going to have to pay taxes on every penny that you had put inside of Cash App. Just doesn’t, there’s no way around it anymore. You got to, they’re going to automatically put that towards your gross income.

And if you don’t have, your LLC or your business set up properly. Yeah, you’re going to be taxed. There are going to be some issues. And that’s what people don’t understand. They take in all that money. Then they don’t have a proper business entity set up or go into a separate bank account. Now you can’t deduct your business expenses.

It’s not like the end of the world. What you’re saying. That is a big thing though, right? That’s the benefit of having an LLC. For a podcast, right? Some whatever, two guys in a whatever, and a dog podcast. Yeah. And you decide to start an LLC and then you know, now you can write off the microphone.

You can write off the lights. You can write off your vi. “Webcam”. Your webcam, your laptop. Oh, you bought a monitor. You got an office space. You had to pay for a backdrop, and for every one of those items I just listed, you could deduct from your taxes. Oh, you flew to Vegas to promote the podcast and you bought an outfit while you were out there, and you bought someone dinner.

All of those things can come off you know you can write those off of your taxes if you have an LLC set up. You know so yeah, those are the benefits. Yeah. Or if you have a fictitious name filing and you have a separate bank account and you’re tracking, let’s say even, you’re like a small, you’re a one man and you rent a chair in a barbershop.

Yep. The same thing. Exactly. You have your rent that you’re paying the barbershop, you have the clippers, the scissors, the combs, the brushes. “Business cards”. The product! Right. Flyers. Your flyers. You paid somebody to do some social media for you. You drive back and forth to the office. You have a website.

I don’t know if they will let you do that. Do they let you, no? Not letting you drive anymore? Maybe if you’re driving to go to appointments. Yeah. And you’re driving. You know you’re going to an appointment. Could you still do that? Let’s say you’re going to, yeah, that’s right. They let you, a certain amount of mileage, they don’t, it’s not crazy anymore.

But let’s say you go cut hair at somebody’s house and things like that. You drop that off. You keep track of everything, and you deduct all your mileage. But also at the same time, you’re, and it doesn’t matter what kind of business. I had a friend of mine, who had a business where he was buying typewriters.

Yeah, you talk about him a lot. Then fixed and then fixing them. And I was like, what are you doing? You’re getting all this income and you’re paying tax on a hundred percent of it! So, he listened to what I had to say, and he talked to his account. He had one of them H&R Block and they explained to him what to do.

Nice. He filed the DBA, and he saved thousands of dollars. Absolutely. Because he was selling quite a bit of typewriter. Especially during the pandemic. For some reason, people were interested in typewriters. I don’t know. You start talking about typewriters. I get excited. I like to type, I like writing. Yeah. So, if you’re writing and somebody, maybe somebody’s writing a book, and they want to do it the old-fashioned way. Yeah!

And it’s on a piece of paper and everything. That’s the way I learned. I remember taking that class in high school. Yeah. We talk about this all the time, what kind of skills, like when we went to high school, it was important.

Learning how to type is an important skill now. Now it’s still an important skill, right? I don’t think they teach it! No, they don’t teach touch typing. Touch typing. But that’s what I’m saying, there’s a keyboard though, and even on a laptop, it’s the same. Right. It’s the same, nothing’s changed as far as that goes.

No, it’s touch typing. So, you can just type without doing the hunt and peck. Yes. That’s a skill. That’s something that no one taught me how to do, I just got good at it. Yeah. You get it, you’ll learn how to do it. Especially when I’m angry oh I can type. With very little mistakes as well. “Oh, that’s pretty cool”. Now it’s easy, “Cause it’s just like my brain is just connected”. Like obviously it is, but it’s just like flowing through my fingers.

No, I get like that too. You get in the zone, like when you’re writing a blog article or something, you get in that zone, boom. No. So, you must understand what you will do with that. And then what type of payments do you need to accept? Credit cards, debit cards, with pin debit, who’s your customer? You want to put in a pin debit? Yeah, you need to have a tip line, right? Do you want to do the cash discount? Dual pricing, a surcharge method where you’re passing the fee of the customer, which I see lots and lots of businesses doing, all the time. Did you check the link out I sent you about the pay-with-cash online thing?

The pay-by-bank? Yeah, pay-by-bank. Yeah, that’s something that’s coming out, there are companies that are doing it. I looked at that one company and I don’t know if it’s a hundred percent. I think it’s in beta. Oh, I don’t know. Yeah! But their pay-by-bank is definitely going to become an option, I think in the next year.

That’s not the first website I have seen it on though. No, but it’s like. I think it’s really new, and that’s why you got to call it beta, right? It’s not like it’s, yeah, they’ve definitely tested it, and it works fine. It’s the websites that are incorporating it, can call it what they want.

Right, it’s pay-by-bank! Basically, you go to the shopping cart, and it says $50 you hit, you want to pay-by-bank or whatever the name of that app is. Yeah. And you’re going to click that button. It’s going to actually take you to a page. You’re going to choose your bank, and then log into your bank account and navigate that.

And then it’s going to take the money out of your bank account and send it to the merchant, the business bank account. As opposed to, because like the big thing is Buy Now Pay Later. So, like obviously the banks are, were like, how can we combat this? So, the incentive is instead of you Buy Now Pay Later, you pay for everything upfront.

They give you one place that likes $25 in-store credit. I don’t understand how that can be. Yeah, I don’t know how that. Cause the product that I was going to buy was only 35 bucks, so they were going to give me $25 of in-store credit to pay for the 30 whatever, I was, I didn’t want anything else.

I didn’t see anything else I wanted on, it was something for my wife. But so, I don’t know how that’s really going to work. I didn’t understand that business model when I saw it. But, also the other thing with pay-by-bank is some of the companies, they’re depositing the money in one transaction at a time.

Yeah. We’re talking to a company that has pay-by-bank and they can deposit everything in a batch. So, it’s going to be pretty interesting to see what these products are. I saw when I was at the Financial Brand show, there was a company there called Jack Henry. It’s one of the largest companies that do ACH.

And they’re coming out with a pay-by-bank product to try to rival Zelle because Zelle is getting beat up by congress. And beat up over fraud issues and all kinds of stuff. And some of its limited to, I think. Zelle should have stayed peer-to-peer. It wasn’t that it stayed in peer-to-peer.

It was like they got, people got scammed by text messages saying, log into your Zelle. No, what I’m saying is like when Zelle got bigger than it was, then when you were able to check out with Zelle. That’s when I’m saying stuff got sketchy. Yeah, they got, Yeah, I think they stopped some of that now check out with Zelle.

It was great when I could send money to my kids without having to use it because it’s connected to my bank account. So, it’s better that way for me. I’d never liked putting money in the Cash app and sending it there and thereto. Yeah, I think Zelle works pretty good. There were just a lot of scams with, getting a text message, and it said, oh, log into your Zelle account, there’s fraud.

And then people were going to those links, logging in, and then the person was going on to their, logging into their bank account on, stealing their credentials, logging in, and then sending themself a few hundred dollars. And now when you add somebody on Zelle, it sends you a message saying, oh, you added somebody. If you didn’t add somebody, call the bank right now.

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Although I think they should have clicked this button right now and zap, whatever, close that down so the transaction doesn’t go through, because once that transaction leaves. “Yeah, I don’t know why you can’t just do that.”

Yeah, I think, no, they got to improve their software, that’s for sure. Even the pay-by-bank, I want I’m waiting to see a demo of exactly how it works, to see what the security level is. That’s too much of a pain in the neck for me. No. Every time you go to, so then every time you’re going to pay-by-bank, so then you’re going to have to go in there, and then you’re going to have to. Yeah, log into your bank account. I don’t know,

I’m never going to use that. And then send the money. I don’t know how it’s going to, I don’t know if it’s going to catch on. Even catching yeah, I’m just saying for me personally, as I would. “It’s a new payment product, so we don’t know if it’s going to catch on”. The biggest thing that caught on during the last year is paying with your phone, tap and pay! “Contactless”. Taking your credit card out of your wallet, tapping it on the machines. I couldn’t tell you how many merchants called us and said, oh, we need a new credit card machine. Our machine doesn’t do this tap-and-pay. Yeah, man, every machine does it like you just never used it before.

Your machine is equipped with it, every machine. And if it wasn’t working, we were like, call the help desk and they’ll turn it on for you. But every machine that we put out in the last, probably since 2015, had the NFC Near Field Communication. Yeah. For this tap and pay the Apple Pay wallet, and Google Pay wallet.

And now when I see receipts come in when I see receipts for like customers and I look through their like reporting, you see a lot of contactless, Apple pay, Google Pay! Oh, I imagine contactless. Everybody’s doing contactless!

That’s how my wife uses it. Yeah, they just tapped the card. One day I was telling Justin I left the office. I ended up, I needed gas. Yeah. So, I go to the gas station, and I’m like, oh man, I left my wallet at the office by accident. I had my phone, walked up to the thing, opened my Apple pay poop, and it worked.

I’m starting to see, do you get, I don’t know, forget it. That’s a different question. Okay. So, you know, people have choices when it comes to getting your merchant account. You can either go the easy route. Press the easy button, which I think is going to be a growing trend, okay! With the pay bank thing? No. Getting a merchant account by going to our website.

Answer 10 questions. I think I’m probably the first company to maybe try to do it on a self-service platform, and I think we’re going to see more and more of that as time goes on! Absolutely. To get people set up, QuickBooks does it. You want to apply for a merchant account inside your QuickBooks.

You can do it. You just click a few buttons, fill everything out, and then you can get it set up with merchant services. So, we’re bringing that same flavor and combining it with customer service. Live chat 24/7 for merchants. You just got to figure out what kind of technology you want to use in your business.

If you’re a web designer, you’re not going to buy or at least a point-of-sale system, you’re just going to use the invoicing software. Right, you’re going to use invoicing software. You might need to make sure you’re set up with an e-commerce plugin.

If you have a WordPress site, we offer that for free. And then you also want to make sure, like your SIC code. Right! What’s your SIC code that they’re going to use in your business? So, you want to make sure that even if you use a service, PayPal, Square, Stripe, etcetera, or even us with Nationwide Payment Systems, we want to make sure we’re giving you the correct SIC code. Because why?

Oh, so that you get the correct functionality from the machine. So, if you’re a restaurant, you want to make sure you’re set up with 5 8 1 2 so that the tips work. So, there are different SIC codes for every different type of business. Right! You’re a barber shop, and you want to have a SIC code so you can put tips in and you’re not going to be penalized for that, and the same thing we’ve talked about, like the tip, the 20% tip! Right. Now you got to make sure like adding the tip at the time of the sale if you have a business and you’re taking tips. Because people tend to overtip. Here, we’re coming into the holidays, right? And this is a big problem.

Let’s say you, let’s say you’re a barber shop and you go to the same barber every month, right? And the haircut’s 20, 30 bucks, right? And then comes Christmas time. So usually maybe you leave the guy a $5 tip, right? Sometimes maybe you give them cash, right? I always pay my barber with cash. Right!

I get what you saying. So then let’s say now you say, oh, I want to give the barber a big tip. The haircut was 20, I want to give 20. If they’re not doing a tip at the time of the sale, that guy might not get the $20 tip. Because why? You get charged back because it’s over the 20% threshold. That’s what your bank sets up? Right, Visa and MasterCard.

Visa, and MasterCard. Yeah, and then your credit card could charge it back and say, oh, that was an over-the-tip. So, if you’re using TIP at the time of the sale. Then it’s going to be a lot easier to deal with from that kind of standpoint of doing that. Let’s talk.

And you also have to remember, every type of business is a little bit different, so you have to understand like when you have different business types you just want to make sure you’re dealing with I was dealing with another merchant, and they were on Stripe, and they were having like a lot of problems.

And it wasn’t exactly something we could help him with. Because they were having some difficulty, we told them, they needed to get in touch with Stripe and that they needed to talk to them. And you needed to explain to them what your whole business model is. They were holding money? Huh? They were holding their money?

Yeah, they were holding money and seeing if they were going to go along with it and all that. It took them a couple of weeks, and they kept emailing, and then finally, they were able to get somebody on the phone over there and clear up the issue. With what was going on, they were on the verge of being out of business!

Yeah, if you’re tired of not getting your money on time, or if you don’t know what you need, stop using all those random processing things. You use a service where there’s actually somebody on the other end of the line. That can answer the questions that you have. Because those people that PayPal, they have no idea they don’t they’re all developers. They don’t know what you’re talking about, what your business is. They’re going off with some, probably on some pieces on their computer and they’re like, okay. You do this and that’s what you’re going to get charged and blah, blah, blah. This way, you can talk to someone, explain the business, how you get paid, and you’re pricing.

There are a lot of things that are involved at these other companies they don’t care about. They don’t want to know, they just want to take the money and that’s it. And yeah, sign up for Nationwide Payment Systems. Go to Get started, solution finder! Yep, solution finder, and figure out what you need. If you need help, then there’s a way to call us on the phone and we will walk you through it, and if you have any questions. You can also text the word B O O K to 9 5 4 8 2 7 9 8 1 8 to book a time slot with Allen or myself.

If you feel like you want to talk to me, I don’t know why I don’t want to talk to you. No, I’m just kidding. I’ll talk to you. Shoot, we can talk about anything. Comic books, baseball, football. I don’t know anything about football besides Brett Favre is a jerk. Yeah, he just got it, isn’t he in trouble? He’s in a lot of trouble. Yeah. He got in some kind of pickle man. He tried to funnel millions of dollars. “Well, he was involved in funneling.

He was telling the mayor or governor, whatever, that you need to put the money into this. So whatever bullying, Brett Favre thought he was going to get away with it, that didn’t happen. Yeah, there’s some crazy stuff. I was reading that whole story. It was pretty convoluted about who did what and all that.

Just like the same thing with this FTX thing. I just got a phone call before somebody’s oh, do you want to invest in crypto? I started laughing on the phone. Yeah. Yeah, invest in crypto. Not a good idea! Do you take dogs? No, take dogs. It’s not a good time right now. I think the whole scene of crypto is going to have a massive shakeout here in the next 90 days.

It’s going to go two ways. Why do you think it’s going two ways? Either you are going to be a bunch of broke people or there’s going to be a bunch of millionaires. No, I’m just saying as far as the rules go. In the next round, whatever body, whoever, like however, this goes when they figure it out.

And the people who have all the money still sitting around places. Yeah. The ones that really stuck it out and paid attention to where their dollars were going to be, they’re going to be okay. It’s just going to be interesting to see if the government actually does a complete crackdown on it or what they do!

Cause they could essentially put it out of business in the United States. I think there’s too much money already involved in it for them to do that. That’s what I’m saying. It’s going to be interesting to see what the government’s just going to create. They’re going to put their dirty little hands in it and then it’s going to get all messed up, but that’s what I’m saying. We’re going to see each other the next day. I still think people will get super rich off it. Whoop. People already did get super rich, and they sold that one. When the rules changed, people dumped all their crypto and moved on. It was a big dump.

How it went from 70 down to 20. Oh yeah, that was crazy. When it did that was all the institutional day traders pulling out, it’s the same thing. Let’s get back to the entrepreneurial question, how. I always tell everybody now we’re coming to the end, we’re in the last, and we’re going to come up to the last month of 2022.

Yes, we are. And you must start thinking about 2023 and what are you going to do from now to the year’s end. Are you thinking about taking your side hustle and making it into a business? Are you thinking about taking your business and bringing it up a level? Are you thinking about your business and what can you do with technology?

When I like traveling, whenever I travel, it’s always amazing how, when I travel, I pay attention to technology. Right. So, I’m going to tell you about my technology journey on my trip to Las Vegas and how it changed, and how business, how it affects the business. How it all works. Obviously, you have your app for your, they can send your boarding pass.

You put it in your Apple wallet, which makes for smooth sailing. And then I was like to check the luggage was like a whole big mess. Let’s just call it a disaster. That was a disaster! Used to be you just got out of the car, handed the guy your luggage, they threw it on the scale, the guy tagged it up boom, and you were done.

Now you have to go to the kiosk, scan your boarding pass, get the thing, then wait in a line. Then you got to go up to the front at the Fort Lauderdale airport. They weigh it, now here’s the weird part. On the way there, the weight limit was 50 pounds. On the way back, the weight limit was 40 pounds. More people were on the plane.

No, that doesn’t even make sense. More people were on the plane. No, it was, the plane was full. Both trips were full not one seat left. It was just weird. Why? That’s why I was always told that there were more people, and that’s why the weight would limit change. I don’t know, I just thought it was strange that it was 50 on the way there and 40 on the way back.

Smaller plane. No, it was the same plane. Airbus, big Airbus. So, then I get to the gate, and I’m waiting for my plane. I got an email from the hotel. MG-related check into your room. So, I checked in. They asked me for my credit card, and whatever other information I gave them to make sure it all matched up right.

And then I got the app and the app for the hotel, and it checked me in. And then by the time I got to Vegas, it already assigned me a room. Yeah, that’s nice. So, then I got to the hotel. I take a taxi because you have to walk far to get an Uber. So, I was like, there are a million taxis in Vegas when you walk outside.

So, I got a taxi, then to the hotel, and asked the people standing by the elevator. I said, oh, I’m already checked in. It was a huge line at the front desk. Right! Like 20 people in line. I show them the app. They’re like, oh, go to this elevator. They showed me how to use it. You opened your app.

You opened the app and hit the room key, putting it in the elevator. “Oh.” And then you can push your floor. Then the same thing, you get to the room, you open up the thing, boom, and it opens up. That’s nice. Cause then you don’t have to carry a hotel key around with you, and all that. Right, no losing the hotel key.

Yeah, no losing the hotel key and all that mess. So, that was convenient. And then I saw, like in the hotel, you could go on an app, and you could order food, and then go pick. At the. “Oh yeah, you tell me about that”. Then go to a bar, eat your food, go outside, or go wherever.

There were places, different places inside to eat your food. That’s nice man! And that was cool because I didn’t understand that. I went into the sports area, and they were like, oh, you have to either go into the restaurant and get your food. Because they didn’t sell food? They didn’t sell food there or order it on the app and then go get it.

So, I ordered it on the app, went over, got my food, came back, went, and ate my food. It is pretty cool. It was cool. So that was all over like. All over the place in Vegas. But it’s funny how the difference is so weird, like when your taxi cabs get like the premier like they could drop you off in front of the hotel.

The Ubers can’t always do that at all the hotels, it’s different. Oh. Some hotels have an Uber drop-off area, and it is not in a very convenient place. Wow. Like it’s in the back of the hotel or in some weird spot. I saw kiosks everywhere in Las Vegas kiosks to do all kinds of stuff.

Buy stuff, check. You go to the store now, check, and self-checkout. You have to think about these things in your business. Let’s say you have a retail store. How can you make your retail store better? Do you have a website with e-commerce? We have a product where you can get a point of sale and then you can add on a website, sell everything you have in your point of sale on your website.

Or you can just use the payment links in our dashboard and create links to sell things online. So, there are all sorts of things you can do in your business to level up your business. When you’re trying to level up your business, you must think about technology.

Oh, do I have to pay at the table now? Oh, maybe I need to get pay at the table so that I can get my customers in and out of my restaurant faster. Absolutely. So, if you have any questions, feel free to hit up Allen and myself. You can go to B2B There’s a form for you to fill out at the bottom. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel at B2B Vault.

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Happy Entrepreneur Month. Happy Thanksgiving.

Carpe diem, peace out from the B2B Vault.

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