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Reliable Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing for Your Business

Whether you’re operating a small coffee shop or multi-location restaurant, Nationwide Payment Systems has a customized credit card processing solution to fit your business. Accept all major credit/debit cards to mobile wallets and contactless payments securely. Accept payments the way your customers want to pay.

white label payfac solutions

Facilitate payments using our PayFac solution

Are the new ISOs??? ISVs/Software Developers??? Or are you ready to be a Payfac? We have something better, our new Hybrid Payfac program.

Why go Hybrid?

Our alternative solutions eliminate the time, money, and salaries to become a PayFac. With Nationwide Payment Systems – Software companies receive the benefits and functionality of being a PayFac without taking the responsibility, liability, operational improvements, and the investment.

With Nationwide Payment Systems, you can Integrate – Monetize – Thrive and start making money as you grow your business.

Why Partner with us?

Whether your platform needs a hosted payment page, or you require the flexibility of accepting payment mobile, we have a solution for that! We are an innovative, forward-thinking company with cutting-edge payment applications and technology.

What makes us different?

The automated enrollment tools eliminate the process required to fill out paperwork, set up merchants, and get them approved. With our boarding API, you can board merchants one by one or 100 at a time or more. We are very flexible and agile.

We Handle It All For You!

Cannabis Payment Processing
  • Sponsor- done
  • Underwriting – included
  • Cash Reserves – not required
  • Technical support and resources
  • Payment Experts – no need to hire staff
  • Compliance – We have you covered

Empowering Developer Partnerships for ISVs, SaaS, and Software Companies

White Label PayFac Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, collaboration is critical. Nationwide Payment Systems is dedicated to nurturing robust partnerships with developers to elevate their clients’ experiences. With our integrated Loyalty Program, you can motivate and gratify customers, establishing a steadfast customer base that fuels expansion. Furthermore, our platform empowers you to construct a comprehensive customer database, capturing vital contact details such as emails and phone numbers.

Pioneering Technological Advancements

Staying ahead in the technological race is imperative. At Nationwide Payment Systems, we’re dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge features that fortify your business. As you log into the dashboard, you’ll encounter numerous enticing offers and tools meticulously designed to propel your business into the future. By partnering with us, you unlock opportunities for your clients and your development pursuits.

Elevate Your Development Endeavors

Nationwide Payment Systems is more than a platform; it catalyzes growth. Join forces with us and witness your development ventures soar to new heights. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and collaboration, we’re poised to be your trusted ally in the dynamic world of ISVs, SaaS, and software companies.

For every project, we assign a developer to you so that you have a point of contact the entire time you deal with NPS.

White Label Payfac Solutions

Services we can bundle together:

  • Send bills/Invoices to customers – email or text
  • Credits
  • Refunds
  • Voids
  • Account updater
  • Auto-Enrollment – with fast approvals just like stripe, square, etc.
  • ISV – Push Data automatically to fields of your choice
  • Quick Integration to our system
  • Send Payment reminders
  • AutoPay
  • Recurring Payments – Subscriptions
  • Send recurring bills to clients (Bill Pay)
  • ACH and Credit card API’s
  • Hosted Payment Pages and Plugins
  • Connected to digital wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Samsung Pay

More Services:

  • IVR – Pay by phone
  • Dynamic Split funding
  • SMS – Text messaging
  • Surcharging / Cash Discount Options
  • In-Person Payments (hardware)
  • Mobile Payments
  • B2B Payments
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Marketplace Solutions
  • Pinless debit payments
  • White Labeled payments
  • Merchant of record
  • Mass Onboarding
  • Digital Pre-paid debit cards – pay 1099 employees and or offer incentives

Who we work with:

  • Software companies
  • ISV’s
  • Real Estate – Property Management
  • Healthcare – Practice Management
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Direct Sales
  • Point of Sale companies
  • Marketplaces
  • Hybrid PayFac – Custom Payment Platform

Are you ready to take the following steps?

  • Make your users sticky
  • Earn Residual Income
  • All merchants are PCI Compliant –
  • Secure
  • End to End Experience for your clients
  • Automated Onboarding – one by one or bulk
  • Settlements and disbursements – compliant
  • Reporting – merchants have a dashboard
  • Easy to use API’s

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