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Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from B2B Vault, the Payment Technology Podcast sponsored by Nationwide Payment Systems, hosted by this guy, the Steve Jobs of Merchant Services, Alan Copeman, and we’ll be providing you educational information about. FinTech, small business payment processing and the technology businesses are using in the world today.

In today’s podcast, we’re gonna be talking about our community giving project, where we picked each employee from Nationwide Payment Systems picked non-profit organization or an organization or business, or yeah, organization. We’re all non-profits or non-profit. Non-profit. To support. So each one of us picked one, and then we went and presented them with a big check, like you see like on TV when they give you the checks.

It was publishers Clear, again, a little corny, but I thought it was we thought it would be cool to go and do, so we did it. I went to the one. Unfortunately, the next day I had some issues, so I couldn’t. Really go and check out the other two. I wish I would’ve, I really do. I’ll get into that. Okay.

The other two, but yeah man, so let’s just yeah. So you go over who we gave it to and how we came about. Yeah. We participate with charities throughout the whole year and we always, myself and my business partner David, we always, try to part. , a little bit more at the end of the year cuz people are trying to, shore up their budget.

A lot of charities have had, Lot of different issues during the last couple of years, with Covid and everything and not being able to, raise funds so you know, the way they used to. So we wanted to really show our support for local charities. We had a meeting. We sat down, everybody sat down, myself, Justin, Samantha, Rocky, Anna, and Dave, and then.

Talked about different projects that people do at the end of the year, and then what, what kind of projects did we want to support? So we wanted to pick things that were like, the lo like that have local impact, so the first one that we chose was this National Save the Turtle Foundation, and they’re very instrumental in helping many organizations in South Florida.

They’re like, like they get money and then they help a lot of different organizations that are saving the sea turtles, which is a big deal. Anybody who lives on the beach here has to have special lights that shine down. Yeah. So you don’t shining on the beach. So the sea turtles, that was the one that I picked.

Since moving to South, I don’t know. I’ve always loved like nature and animals or whatnot. So being in South Florida, I haven’t had much time to engage in non-profit organizations. Like I was back in Milwaukee where, I had multiple, like true school and blah blah, blah. I could go on and on days for days.

But so I thought what would be something that would affect something locally but also worldly, right? Yeah. Cause it’s animals and it’s also the environment. Yeah. So it’s a lot of sea turtle, turtle, the sea turtle thing. They travel all over. We’re lucky to have Nest on the beaches of South Florida.

It’s a, it’s very interesting to see, they already do a lot of work. They close off where they lay their beds and do all that other stuff, but I’m sure they need money, right? So I thought I don’t know any other better way of helping. Yeah. So it was nice. We went to their office.

Rocky came, they didn’t have any turtles there. We went there, we met the people that run the organization. Some skeleton turtles were skeletons of turtles. That was pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. But that, no, but I’m saying we got to meet the people that run the organization. They were very appreciative of the gift that we gave them.

Funny story about that is that they didn’t think we were real. They didn’t think that we were really going to. Give them money. They thought they were being scammed, so yeah. They didn’t know it was going, that’s going on. That’s something that kind of bothered me wow, there’s nonprofit organizations out here probably turning down money because no, I think that they don’t think it’s real.

No. They get phone calls from people saying, oh, we want to make a donation, but then they don’t follow through. . It’s more for what the guy was saying, yeah. So you have to follow through. When we say we’re gonna do something, we follow through with it and it, but also, we wanted to pick charities where possibly we could also participate, , We’re gonna, we’re staying gonna stay in touch with them and they’re gonna invite us to when they release the turtle thing, Uhhuh, . And then we’ll get to go to the release. The turtle. Did they say that they were gonna invite us or are they Yeah, they gave us the information to find out.

No, they said they would let us know when it’s gonna happen. Oh really? So we can, I didn’t remember hearing that. Yeah. , don’t worry. Anna will probably be staying in touch with them and so that National Save the Turtle Foundation, right? And we’re gonna post a link in the podcast to our page that we put on our website.

You’d be able to go there, see the charities, some pictures. And links to all these different charities if you want to make a donation. The next one we picked was this equine assisted therapy. Equin. Equine. Equine. I thought it was equine as Assisted therapies of South Florida. Equine is horses. Oh, so it’s I’ve heard it pronounced so many different ways.

So it’s a really cool charity. I heard about this charity for a long time. So it’s an organization they’re located inside a Tradewinds Park in, I guess that’s Pompano Beach. Area, coconut Creek. And so it’s located in there and that horse stable, there’s a big barn, they have a nice little building.

They had a little air, they had a lot of different areas for people to ride the horses and they had fields where the horses can go run around. And it’s an interesting charity. They take, like they had horses there that were former race horses. . And then that’s good. The horse needs somewhere to go.

They bring them there. Or a horse that was used for maybe on a ranch or something. And they bring, it’s getting older. Yeah, getting older. And they bring the horses there instead of turning it into glue. Pretty much. And we all, they also had a barn cat that was pretty cool. And the horses were like very interested, to see us.

Their heads were sticking out of the barn thing. Fun fact about Justin, I am terrified of horses. When I was a young man, I was petting a horse on a farm up north. I was with my aunts and my uncles on a fishing trip. My little cousin might even have been there and we were petting a horse and they have the electric fence.

I was a little guy. So you. . My arm wasn’t, it’s not like I wasn’t very tall I was petting the horse. And the horse, I, it, the owner, the farmer said he did that on purpose because they’re smart animals. He, the horse put my arm down and I touched the electric fence, uhoh and I got flew back about 10 feet.

So after. , you will never see Justin walking anywhere near a horse, talking to a horse, pinning a horse, or even giving one ounce of care about a horse . Sorry Justin. If I was incredible Hulk, I probably would’ve knocked the horse out, but yeah, no, horses are cool animals. Like I was watching a documentary about the horses in Mongolia.

Yeah. And they’re actually making a huge comeback because they were down to three. Wow. And they’re like 5,000 hours, oh, that’s cool. That’s really awesome. Shout out to the wild horses out there. Yeah. So what they do, , but the place is amazing. They help people with special needs.

Special needs and veterans. Yes. That’s awesome. And shout out to, they go out, those children or veterans go out there and they, Do things. They learned to ride the horses. Yeah. And pet the horses and brush the horse and all of those. I will say in the pictures of the crew from Nationwide payment Systems, everyone looked very happy.

Samantha was cheesy and Anna was cheesy. Yeah. They were trying to get hugs from the horse. Everyone was very excited. I just wouldn’t, I knew that I wouldn’t have been a comfortable, good person for that outing. Okay. But I missed the next one, which I really want cuz I haven’t. Okay, so then we had two charities actually do something together.

So one is called Yo, which is Youth of Our Empowerment, which is Oh, north Miami. Yeah, it’s at North, a charity in North Miami. And they help girls, young Girls. So it’s a charity for just for young girls? Yeah, I think it’s for younger girls. Yes. And then, yeah, they were all wearing. And then the North and then the North Miami.

The North Miami Police Athletic League pal, which does a lot of great things in North Miami. They provide, the YO provides also, a lot of guidance and leadership skills, empowerment, self empowerment, teaching people about self-esteem and things like that. All the young youth need that.

Yeah, especially considering what the Self and Cal does the same thing. Teaching kids about sports and they provide tutoring services and, things for the kids in the neighborhood. . So it’s a very good organization. Very needed need more of those types of, so those two did a event together where each child got a hundred dollars gift card Nice.

They got to go in TJ Max and those are kids that are, from families that probably can’t afford to get them a hundred dollars worth of Columbus. Friends of my daughters, not related, but back where I’m from in Milwaukee a community organization in the Milwaukee Bucks did the same thing in a my.

A friend of mine’s daughter was able to go with the Buck Milwaukee bucks to go on a shopping spree at Kohl’s. Actually. Yeah. So we, so a lot of companies, a lot of people participate in this, participated in this, but we were, we did a very big participation and my business partner went out there seven o’clock in the morning.

They opened the store before. Oh, they opened it up early. Early for the kids. Yeah. And there was probably several, a couple of hundred kids that got to go. That’s super awesome, man. So that was a really awesome gift that we were able shout out to yo in the North Miami police athletically. And then we helped high Center Habad, which is something that I’ve been involved with for 16 years and this is the one I wanted to, I really we’ll take you a trip out there to the Kaban.

So we went out to go see Rabbi Bronstein and his wife Connie, and they have, they came to Coral Springs and they started the synagogue, and then they built a building and the, they bought a building and then they developed a preschool and the preschool got very big, so decided to add onto the building. So we gave funds that’s gonna help. Irony had dedicated the lobby and so we gave additional funds because now they expanded the lobby. So we’re helping the synagogue and the rabbi and his wife help many young families out in the Coral Springs area, so their children, educate, again.

Education and the education there. I was telling Justin about it is this special curriculum that the rabbi’s wife learned yeah’s from Switzerland and she’s from Switzerland. Yeah. She was born in Switzerland. That’s cool. Yeah. Her dad is from New York and her mother’s from Argentina and they ended up in Switzerland.

She was born in Switzerland. That’s interesting. Yeah. Yeah, and I’ve known the rabbis mom. Her mom is Argentinian and her dad is a New Yorker. And they moved to Switzerland. Yes. They live in Zurich, Switzerland. Yeah. Why didn’t they children? Hello everyone. We like to take this time to thank our sponsors Nationwide Payment Systems and NPS Printer.

We’d also like to shout out the listeners and everyone that subscribed to our YouTube. Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like to reach Alan or myself, head over to B2B vault.info where you’ll find two forms, one to contact us, and another if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor. If you’d like to sign up for a merchant account, click the Apply Now button located at the top of the page of B2B vault.info where you’ll answer a few questions and you’ll be on your way to processing payments in No.

The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other popular streaming networks. Thanks again for listening. Who’s that place? That’s, they’re, Habad sends people all over the world Oh. To, to develop a hot, no, they don’t convert anybody to be Jewish. They’re basically reach out.

Habad D’S mission is to reach out to people who. Are not affiliated with a synagogue. Okay? Maybe they’re, maybe they, didn’t, people that aren’t affiliated, you can be at any level of religion to go to Kabad. They’re accepting of everybody. , no matter what you, your level of learning is okay.

They provide a lot of educational programming, but they do a lot for the kids. I watched the Rabbi over the years, people needed to have short child needs to have a Bar mitzvah. People want to send their kids to preschool and they try to, they provide an affordable pre. . That’s awesome.

Because it’s not, wow. It is. School isn’t cheap. While it is a business it’s, more there. They don’t look at it as a business. Yes. It helped. They, they basically, per perform, do a lot, all types of education. The preschool bar mitzvah lessons, lifecycle events.

So the bet in the is for a woman and then the bar is for the males. Yes. Okay. So they do, but they do both. And his wife developed a special curriculum at the school. One of the things like everybody notices when they go to the school, it’s very quiet. The kids are very well behaved. It’s not like a rowdy scene because of the, they try to have this like calm atmosphere at the school.

Then we also participated with the Habad of North Miami, where there’s a rabbi who, I think he’s been there for a little. in North Miami, and the, he’s trying to develop a congregation there and he’s, so we gave funds to him to help him with his educational programs. Very good. And it’s important to participate in, to participate.

We find that it’s important that we participate in the local community. Like we’re, like I said, we’re invited to. To a sea turtle hatching. The horse, the equine assisted therapies invited us to come out and, like we could spend a day out there with them and learn about the horses and help step the horse poop, help ’em clean up the trails.

No, they had some guys out there that were cleaning the poops, cleaning the stalls out and all that. It’s a stinky job, but somebody’s gotta do it. , and Dave participates a lot with the police athletic league, with the kids pal. And we don’t know why I want, every time I see the word pal, like pal, I just wanna say, Hey, what’s a pal?

No. So it’s important that, these organizations are providing you. The youth of today with the Utes? The Utes. Like the Utes, like the movie. My cousin Vinny a Ute. What’s a Ute? Excuse me. The guy from Herm. You know the Utes? Yeah, the Utes. No, I don’t know Sir. , you port the key approach the bench.

No. So it’s important for us to have community involvement and, stay active in the community and we always reach out to, we’re. Assisting with different things in the community and it’s gonna be nice this year to, see if we can stay connect. To these different groups and participate with them.

Yeah. The horse place, they sent us a very nice letter that said that we should come back and observe the way that they yeah. Help the community. Yeah. We want to go out there and see what they’re doing. I’ll do it from afar. You can do it from afar. You don’t have to get close. That’s what I’m saying.

Sit back far STEM courses you. . I know given the chance, I think Samantha and Anna might want to ride a horse. The heads on the horse, they’re like, it’s pretty big. And they had some pretty big horses out there because it’s not like this, because there was like a race, hor Justin, there was a couple of race horses and they were pretty big.

Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty big. One of them looked like a clyde’s dale. That’s what I was gonna say. I’m pretty sure there was a Clyde Dale that pushed my arm down because that horse was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, like I’m telling you. So we also developed a product for non-profits.

Wrap it around full circle. Let’s bring it, tell together here. Bring it all together. We developed a product. We can visit the, , and you can see it’s a, it’s actually free to non-profits. They can set up a giving portal, probably take on less than an hour. What do you think? Yeah, less than an, really quickly, if you’re, technologically, sad whipped.

Yeah. But otherwise, it’ll take you by an hour. It’s just, whatever. 30 minutes, 30 minutes to an hour to get set up, get approved, get, go in, load up your pictures, you can set up. And this guy, he said he’ll help you if you need some help. Who? This guy right here. Oh yeah. We’ll help you.

It’s not that. It’s not that difficult. What’s your name? Alan? Yeah. Yeah. Alan said he’ll help you. Don’t worry. We have guys in tech support also that Yeah, I’ll be able to help you too. Maybe tech support. So if I like you, no, I’m kidding. Of course I help use it. So that product is designed to help, nonprofit, organiz.

Run different types of campaigns and then we can, we also offer like a free 30 minute consultation where we can explain to you how to use this product so you can increase your donations. Nice. Because cuz I try to tell people, a lot, some people will give like a general donation, we, I try, but some people find it difficult to give a general donation.

What does that. General donation is oh, you’re giving the money, but you don’t know what it’s going for. It’s just general to the charity. Oh, I, yeah, no, I don’t think I’m just gonna give, I’m gonna give a hundred bucks, or I’m gonna give a thousand bucks. And it’s going for this, but I think most people like to know what the money’s going for.

So that’s what this platform does. It lets you run like a campaign. So I’ll give you an example. Example would be toy drive. A toy. Yeah. You need toys for your pre. . So you’re gonna have a toy drive and raise money so that you can buy educational toys for the kids. You need to raise $5,000. You create the milestone.

Yeah. You can put a milestone in there so people can see if you’re reaching that milestone, you can take the effect. You can take that particular, we call it a cause. You can take that particular you. Event that you’re trying to raise money for, then you can put it in an email, put it in Facebook. People don’t have to go to your website.

They don’t have to search for it. You can just give ’em the link so it’s really cool. Or let’s say you’re having an event and you’re using like a text messaging platform. You can just. Tell people the text to a phone number. Yeah. Then they can receive the link back and then they can make a donation.

So you can do a lot of different things with the software. You need to run an end to year campaign and you have a goal. It lets you, it tracks the goal, or it doesn’t track it. You can pick either one. Yeah. No, it, I like the way that the. The platform works, but let’s say you have an emergency. Oh, we need to raise $3,000 to fix the air conditioning.

You can create it quickly. Boom, send it out. And people know what the money’s going for. People want to know oh, my money’s going for. Yeah, and it’s not the LinkedIn from PayPal, you’re not affiliated to pay, there’s no affiliate. It’s just your organization. It’s all branded with your organization.

That really is appealing to me when I, when I go to. for instance, there’s a couple of organizations that I’m still affiliated with, so I check on their website every once in a while and they still are using the same old dated technology. And a lot of people aren’t donating to your cause because of that, because.

And then also this thing that also has the, you could ke continuously give subscription. So you could, yeah, you could have a one time gift or you could do a continu, you can do a recurring gift, monthly recurring. But people, that’s a great tool for these nonprofits to Yeah, and it’s free. That’s the best part.

You just put a button on, link it to your website, or you could create as many campaigns as you want, giving campaigns, and you could have ’em all on your, So that people can choose what they’re gonna give money to, and it makes the person feel, it makes the people who want to donate makes them feel better because they’ve become connected to a project.

Yeah. Oh, I’m giving to the book fund, I’m giving to the playground fund. I’m giving to the toy fund. I’m giving for the book drive. I’m giving for the scholarship fund, winter CLO coat drive for needy children. So whatever it is, or if you. Dog charity. Oh, this is going for food, right? This is going for this.

Vitamins and medicine, so people feel more connected to your non-for-profit. That’s why we pick, we try to pick when, come on, man. Just think of that. So each nonprofit, so so say one person goes and they’re like I don’t really want to give it money towards that part of them.

You know what I mean? But they have all these different projects and I really think that you guys should check it out. . Yes. Nonprofits are, you’re losing up by not using this platform. Yeah. So it helps people feel more connected to your non-for-profit because they know what the, what they’re participating in.

And that’s what people want to do. We see people who use our platform. You can do it to three at a time, right? No, you can do as many as you want. You sure? Yeah. You, it comes with three, but if you want more, you can add Oh yeah, you gotta call us. We can call us and we can activate more.

But you. comes with three, but you can delete one and then put it at another one. Never. When it done, you can change it. You know you’re done. You can change it boom. Or you wanna leave it on the website cuz you want people to see like it was a successful project, . But it works great because, people want to know, this is why we picked certain charities that we picked.

We know what the money’s going for. We know what they’re doing with the money at the turtle place, at the equine. We know what they did at the police athletic leak and yo, and we know what they’re doing as the habad. Yeah, they’re. , those programs are going for education. It’s transparent. It’s transparent.

This is what, and this is what people like to do. They want to know, where’s the money? Where’s the money going? So it enables you to get, have a more direct connection with your donors. And you never know. You might find, somebody might see your post on Facebook and go, oh, they’re raising money. A playground, right?

Yeah. And that person’s oh, I like to give to playgrounds. They might have no connection with your charity at all. Exactly. See it? That was my point. That’s what I was saying. Oh, I’m gonna give my, I’m gonna give them a thousand bucks. You never know who’s gonna do that. But if that’s why I give a free consultation because I’ve helped various charities.

Campaigns and help them increase their donations by using this software. So we’ve helped many charities like increase the amount of money that they’re getting because they’re using a more targeted approach. So check out b2bvault.info. You can hit the Apply Now button that takes you over to Nationwide Payment Systems and you can fill out the form for your ne your nonprofit right there. Click the nonprofit at the top Yep. And go in, fill everything out and get started. And we’ll post a link to the Giving project that’s on our website. You can take a look at that. And if you want to help out any of the charities that we helped out, feel free to click on the link and give them a donation.

Yes, sir. So that’s our giving project. Community giving project. I was happy to participate. Everybody that we gave money to was so happy. Yeah. They were very excited. Yeah. Yeah. And very happy. The kids were happy that they got clothes. rabbis were happy. The people at the horse place, we were happy.

We were happy that we’re able to, that we’re blessed, that we’re able to do something nice. And we look forward to participating with these charities in the future. Absolutely. And next, at the end of 2023 maybe at, we’ll see what’s gonna happen at the end of 2023. We’ll have a, maybe a new list or maybe the same people.

I definitely think we should try some new people. Yeah. It’s always, every year it’s always something different. So yes sir. And a few the same depending on, our connection with those, with those places. Enjoy your holiday season, you. . So we had our gift, we did our gift of giving, checking it out every Friday, FinTech Friday, 3:00 PM right where we will answer live question and answer.

Absolutely. So everybody happy Holidays, happy Hanukkah. Hanukkah noms. Happy. Merry Christmas. Merry, Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Happy holidays. Wishing everybody a happy and healthy prosper. New Year coming up for 2023. Happy Ali and watch for more podcasts. We have some exciting stuff coming up soon.


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