Nationwide Payment Systems provides ATM management and deployment solutions for merchants of all sizes. The Nationwide Payment Systems ATM Managed Services program is unique. We service machines all across the U.S. We deliver a more reliable and diverse group of programs that run on ATMs that will attract more users and increase spending in your locations.

We bring you the full-service model, where we can handle it all. If you prefer to load your ATM, we can provide you with professional installation, training, compliance, and our online portal to help you manage one or more ATMs.

We offer many additional services on the ATM to enhance the customer experience:

  • Cardless Transactions
  • All point
  • Mastercard money pick up
    Purchase of Cryptocurrency **location must be approved
  • Cash-out cryptocurrency and get cash at the ATM **location must be approved
  • Cannabis Locations – ** at approved locations
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion – in places with International clients.
  • And more.


ATM Managed Services Fort Lauderdale

What’s included with our atm service?

ATM Managed Services Fort Lauderdale

ATM: installed in your business

Insurance: cash is insured

Electronic Locks: only the armored carrier can open

Remote Monitoring and Cash Management: ensures that the machine is up and running. Most of the time, technical support can be done remotely through our wireless network. Cash forecasting is watched, so there is plenty of cash.

Technical Support and onsite techs to fix problems: many issues get resolved with our RMS software, but we also have techs who go out to repair and replace parts on machines.

We have been providing ATM Managed Service and Cash Loading via Armored car since 2002. We also offer where you can buy an ATM, load it yourself, and access all of our reporting, RMS, and more.

not sure what you need?

Contact one of our payment consultants and we will put together a program that suits your businesses needs. We look forward to working with you.

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