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Yo, what’s up? Everybody. It’s Justin live from B2B vault, the payment technology podcast with your host Allen Kopelman. We’ll provide you with educational information about business payments, FinTech, decentralized finance, and the technology businesses use today.

And in today’s podcast, we’re going to ask the question. What is a virtual terminal? Whoa, it’s spooky. I don’t know what it is. A lot of PE I know what it is, but I asked online what a virtual terminal is. It was crickets, meaning no one knew, no one cared. No one wanted to know. Or they just, they don’t know.

Right. People weren’t checking social today. We could put a post on LinkedIn. Maybe. No, we’ll try that too, but okay. I didn’t get any answers. So I’m under the impression a lot of people. Who runs businesses me and Allen go back and forth about the copy and the content that should be on the website and how we describe it.

And the term analogy that we use. And sometimes I think that a lot of stuff gets lost in translation because if you’re just starting a business and you have no idea, even what all you know is you need to get paid. That’s it. Right? Exactly. So at the end of the day, you know, if you’re just starting your businesses, you’re uneducated.

You might not know who to call, what to do, where to go, none of that. So then you end up signing up for PayPal or square or whatever, but there’s just a lot of options. And I think that the education part of payment processing and businesses, you know, there’s, there’s a disconnect. There’s not, um, there are not enough resources out there for, for small businesses to learn.

How to utilize technology and, and, and to, uh, you know, take advantage of all the tools that are present for small businesses to pay today. So in this podcast, that’s what we do. We educate business owners on how to get paid. You know, quickly, efficiently. And so, yeah, that’s about sums up the what, what, what we’re trying to do here.

Anyway, man, what is a virtual terminal? Yeah, so people, you know, it’s every once in a while we’ll get a merchant, they’ll say, oh, I want a virtual terminal that sometimes worries me cuz they already know what the term is. You know? So cuz I had never heard of it. You know, I. No, but most people, they don’t know, they don’t even know it’s available is the problem like, oh, is this available?

You know, what is it and how, you know, they, they know it by like, oh, authorized.net, PayPal. Square Stripe. Okay. Those basically all provide a virtual terminal, but what is it? So a virtual terminal is basically where you don’t need a piece of equipment. You can go to a website or you can log into an app and you can process a payment.

So it’s basically a virtual terminal is the terminology we use. I don’t know what other terminology you could call it unless you just gave it a name. You said, okay, we’ll call it. Gadel so now you have the Gadel, right? Like, so what can you do with gly? Oh, well you can log in and you can process a transaction, right?

So like, this is this just. Answers my question. Right? Right. Because when I was starting, I wasn’t looking for yo I need a virtual terminal. Right. I was like, yo, how do I get paid? Right. You know what Google said what PayPal. Right. Do you know what I mean? We, you know, we, the problem is we don’t have the marketing budget of PayPal square Stripe.

No, but I I’m saying like, when we talk about the terminology. Right, right. So like, yeah. Cause how do, how do we educate people to know. Of what a virtual terminal is or if that’s what they need. Well, we’re gonna explain it today. Like, you know, what, what can you do with the virtual terminal? So you can do a ton of stuff with the virtual terminal and especially, you know, not all of them are created equally, right?

So some of them do a few things and some of. Do don’t do all the things that they need to do. Oh, right. So, you know, it just depends on what, how robust of a solution that you need. But today you don’t really need to, you don’t, you just need to find the right thing that can do everything you need to do. So if you have a business where you need to take credit cards and you’re not gonna use a physical machine, Do you need the most robust virtual terminal you can get.

Right. You know, and which would be, what, what, what, like, what would that, if they need, like, what are some things that they need? Well, our new one that we’re launching so well, NA, what can you do? You basically can log in. So we give you two options to, we actually give you three ways. You can access your virtual terminal from a physical piece of equipment.

You can have that piece of equipment. You can log, you can actually log into the virtual terminal through there. Mm-hmm, you can have the app, which we give you. You can have an app on your phone. You can log into the app and send, use the virtual terminal. Okay. Or you can log into the website and then basically you can click virtual terminal.

It opens up a screen. You put in the credit card number, the expiration. The address. So you don’t need the whole address, just the number on the house, right? The zip code and the security digits. So for visa, MasterCard, discover its three digits, American Express has four digits. You put that in, you put in the amount, hit the button, it processes it.

You have the customers email there sends them an email with their receipt. Nice, simple. That’s the simple virtual terminal, but then you can go beyond that. You can. invoicing. Add your logo there. Be fancy, right? Add your logo on there. Put in your terms and conditions put in there exactly what you’re going to charge the person.

If you wanted to charge them a fee or you need to add sales tax in there or whatever it is you need to do, you can add. Items in, you can actually like in some, the new virtual terminal that we have now, you can actually create a catalog of items up to 500 items. That’s a lot, right. And you could have 500 inventory.

Think it’s 545 to be exact. Whoa, you can’t even have pictures in there if you want. And then you can. You put the prices in and everything. You can just build the invoice that way. So it just depends how fancy you want to get, and then you can send it to the person. You can have your terms and conditions on there.

When is the invoice due? If they don’t pay it right away, you can click a button, send them a reminder. Somebody calls you on the phone. Oh, I can’t find my invoice. You can log in. Find it, resend it to them. Well, what makes it better than PayPal? It just more square, more flexible and better customer service.

So from the standpoint of, you know, pricing, we’re priced a little bit less than they are, but we’re giving you more and we’re also providing more customer service, cuz basically we’re bringing you. PayPal or square, but we’re providing the extra level of customer service where with them, you’re just gonna, it’s all email, send them a message and hope and pray that somebody writes you back with us.

You can. Once you’re inside the dashboard, whether you’re on the terminal, your phone or on the computer, there’s the bottom, right? There’s a support button. You can click it and I’ve tried it a bunch of times within five minutes, you’re chatting with somebody who can help you. There’s a phone number to call up 24 hours a day.

And plus, as where sales organization, we also provide customer service. So we can train you. We can give you information on how to use it. We can show you how to use. And all those different things. Nice. So it’s, you know, we’re given, uh, but you, you can also maintain also other things you can do, you can maintain a customer data.

So you have all your customers in there. You can set up recurring. What? So what type of businesses would benefit from this? Any business that’s basically you gotta send, let’s say you got a printing business. You need to send out an invoice. Let’s say you own an agency agency seems to be like everybody calls themself, an agency, people who make websites sell digital marketing SEO.

You know, LinkedIn stuff, whatever their, you know, their people, social media, social media, everybody’s an agent. If you’re an agency, this is a great thing to, to use because you can send invoices out to your customers. You can set, let’s say you have a monthly fee. You can send them, you can automate the monthly thing.

You could do all, you know, do all of that for your business. So you’re saying like, if you have a maintenance package set up, you can head all your clients, put all their information in there, set it and forget it. You get paid once a month. Yep. Get paid once a month. Your and you can connect your QuickBooks to it.

Yep. You can link. Yeah. This, this one has like. Uh, for a little extra money, you can link your QuickBooks up and it syncs over to your QuickBooks, saving you a ton of time. You have to look at technology tools today and you have to say, oh, how, how can I use this technology and make my business. My business flow better because everybody wants to provide this the customer experience.

Right, right. The customer experience. So you wanna provide a payment experience for your customer. You know, you’re doing business to business or business to consumer. You wanna provide a payment experience that your customer likes. So we know what customers like. They want to get a text message, click a link and pay it.

Get a email, click a link. Click the link, pay the link, get the invoice, see the details, click the link, pay it. And especially they wanna give, they wanna pay the way they wanna pay returns. Right. But also you wanna make it easy. Right. So making it easy is today, listen, I, I get people to send me a invoice.

Right. And then I’m like, uh, calling them on the. They’re shorthanded. Right? So now they don’t get, and I’m not gonna type a check and mail it to them. Mm-hmm just not doing it. I, I hate it. Like sometimes I have one client, one company we do business with I’ll call there two or three times, then I’ll just forget about calling them.

Then they’ll send me a letter. Oh, your invoice is passed. It. And I’ll call on the phone. Maybe they answer, maybe they don’t one time. They didn’t and, I called like three times in a day. I was like, whatever I got outta check. And I hadn’t written a check in like a few months. I forgot how to load it at the print.

I printed it upside down, but, uh, then I put another check in there and I just threw it in the mail. I was like, I don’t have time for this, but they’re waiting for their money. If you just set up this way, it’s all automated. The person’s gonna get it, pay the invoice and be done with it. People need to, and you need to train your customers too.

Like, oh, this is how we do it. Yeah. That’s, that’s a great statement. Because the other day I was talking to a friend of mine. You know, whatever they they’re in the internet marketing world, right ?Digital marketing world. Um, and I was just explaining it to him, man. And it’s like,

just use the stuff, right? It’s just there. It’s there for you to use. Right? You gotta train your customer and stop saying, right. Stop letting them well, I only pay this way. No, you’re the. You get paid this way or you’re not getting the service. Right. Right. Like, you know, you can’t keep saying like, yeah, we take, you know, yeah.

We, we, only way we get paid is checks and then you expect to like, You know what I mean? Like move up in technology and start making your clients accustomed to using, you know, invoicing software. No, man, you gotta be like start ’em off in the beginning. Exactly. Like this is a really cool way to get paid.

You can look at all the information, it comes straight to your email. You can click here and view more the contracts in there or whatever you want is right there for them. You just gotta. You gotta, you got, like you said, you gotta mold your clients and teach them how to, to, so I tell you a story. So he’s one day I get a phone call from this guy.

He’s an accountant, right? So first he tells me if the best deal on credit card processing from. QuickBooks and I go, okay, great. So I go to his office, wants to meet with me. He’s gonna use some new software and needs to put payments in it. Right. So I show him everything we’re gonna do, blah, blah, blah. And the guy was like, wow, that’s great.

Fantastic. And he shows me his bill from QuickBooks. I started laughing like whatever they were charge charging the guy way too much money, right ?To do what for credit card processing, the price was through the. QuickBooks. Just payment processes. Yeah. Little kidding. Oh, that’s right now. It’s I remember that.

Now it’s linked to Stripe. It used to go through another company. PayPal. Huh? You could connect PayPal. Oh, you could. I don’t know what I used QuickBooks back in the day, but then it got too expensive. Yeah, so it’s very expensive. So then I show him our system. So I go back to his office and another time, cuz he needs me to like train somebody else mm-hmm and in those days I was on the road.

This guy’s still a customer today. I probably signed him up over 15 years ago. So I go over there and I see. that there’s three or four people sitting in like the conference room. They’re all on the phone and I’m waiting for him. So I just kind of like, listen to what they’re doing. And they’re like calling people up on the.

To get paid, trying to get paid. So he asked the guy go, what are those? What are those four people doing? He’s like, oh, he goes, it’s a nightmare. He goes, well, he goes, I’m trying to grow this company. We have like 400 customers that we do their books for small businesses every month. So they pay a monthly thing.

And most people like we do the work and then we send the paper bill out and then we wait for the check to come. The check never comes. I’m like, I just set you up with credit card processing. You should be. Doing all this. I meet with the four people. The next time I go back to his office, after we have a whole discussion of how to get these people to pay with a credit card.

Mm-hmm I go back instead of four people sitting in the room. There are two people. The next time I go back the next month, there’s one. there’s one person. And then the next time I go back, I see his wife there. She was one of the people. She goes, oh, she goes, I gotta take you to lunch. I said, oh, why? She’s like, no, she goes, you have no idea what you’ve done for our business.

She goes, this is crazy. She goes, now we can scale. Now their business is huge. They bought other companies and they put everybody is on automated billing. Nice. They add later on added on ACH. So you can pay with your check, pay with the credit. But when they sign up a new customer, they just get out the paperwork, give us your credit card information or your bank account.

Boom, you’re done. They put ’em in the system. Oh, Justin, your business, you pay. And it’s up to them to cancel you pay 1 99 a month. You’re not going anywhere. They’re, they’re doing your tax return at the end of the year. They give you like a whole package. Oh, we do your QuickBooks. And at the end of the year, we file your business tax return and.

Personal tax return, or maybe you say, oh, I have two personal tax returns. I need done one for me, one for my wife or whatever. And they give you a package and you just pay monthly. So it makes it affordable for someone to do accounting versus you go in to do your accounting and the accountant goes, oh, well, your Bill’s 3000 bucks.

You know, three, I don’t, you don’t have, you gotta pay the IRS. And then you got a $3,000 bill this way. He’s making it affordable. But I. Made his business, you know, all much better because it’s automated now. It’s all automated. Now, those people don’t have to take time out from work. They were doing to go calling people, chasing down money and people owed money.

People, people just curious, what did he, did he just get rid of those employees? They put him on the other stuff. No, no. They were doing other stuff. He had to pull ’em off actual work to collect money every month. Ah, Lucas, what would happen is let’s say your business, they call you up, Justin, you haven’t paid in three months.

So now you send them a check for three months. Then you get behind again, that it was a vicious, oh, a disaster, right? It’s a vicious circle when you’re trying to grow. Right. That’s not good. He couldn’t grow because he’s spending too much time chasing money. So now he’s not chasing the money. Boom. It’s all completely AU everything completely automated.

You heard me talking to my, I call him my sense, say whatever. Right. You know, the other WordPress guy, he was his birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, bro. Happy birthday. He turned 50 man. Yeah. All that’s a, that’s a milestone. Yeah, man. And, uh, we were just talking about that stuff, man. It’s wild. A lot of people just don’t get it.

They, you can’t you’re you, when you are having a wait to get paid. Right. Mm-hmm , it’s costing you money. Okay. When you have to go call people and chase them to pay you, it’s costing you. Money cost you time and money. I know someone who owes me $750 right now set up a merchanting. Uh, that’s already set up.

They’ve gotten the invoice many times. Okay. It’s past due. No. So, you know, recurring transactions is important also inside the virtual terminal, the new one that we’re gonna start promoting soon. You could do it comes with a free eCommerce plugin. So you can plug in to your WordPress website. Yes. No gateway fee additional.

So normally you have to pay for that plugin like, well, WooCommerce is free, but if you need no, but saying you need to pay for it, right ?If you have to pay, if you need to put in a gateway off-net or NMI, they’re usually 79 or $99. Mm-hmm unless if you go that route. Yeah. If you go that route. Sometimes PayPal is free.

Stripe is free. So now we’re free. Yeah. Now we’re free. We have a free plugin. So we give you a free plugin. We also give you payment links, which is another interesting thing where you can connect something in your catalog, put it online, like in a social post, someone can just click it and make a payment.

So it could be used for donations, selling a product, selling a service, maybe tickets to an. Your, you don’t have you, don’t your album. Yeah. Your album, maybe you’re selling an album. Maybe you’re selling an ebook, whatever it is. You’re and you’re making it easy for the person to go and buy that without a whole bunch of must and fuss.

Hey man, you could, you could embed it in an email. They don’t have to go to your website. They could just buy it right there. Yeah. Instead of going to the website real quick, maybe before we keep going, man, shout out to all of our followers and all the listeners. We appreciate you. Thanks for tuning in as much as you do.

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Whatever you’re someone left a comment. They said we should feed Rocky more. I’d say he gets enough snacks. Yeah, no, you, if you were in, in the studio and you heard smell. The farts coming from Rocky, then you wouldn’t be saying to give him more snacks. So thanks. But no, thanks. We appreciate the feedback, but no, not happening.

so yeah, head over to B2 B vault do info. There’s a contact form for you. That’s probably gonna be a real, you can get in. You can get in, uh, contact with Alan or myself. If you have any questions, concerns, or you just feel like screaming at me because we don’t know what we’re talking about. Let’s go. Text book to the word, to the word, to the number, to the number 9 5 4 8 2 7 9 8 1 8.

This is a funny podcast today. We’re having a bunch of telling gems. Outtakes. Yeah. Yeah. You know, whatever, but Jim man. Thanks. Thank you. Through our sponsors nationwide systems and NPS printer. All right, cool. So now. The other thing you can do with the, with this is pretty cool text and email request. So you can send somebody the invoice and send it to them in a text or send it to them in a, in a, uh, um, email and they click it and pay.

So like, I’ll tell you another story. So we had a real quick, what’s the difference between a pay link and what you. Oh, well, the pay link can be embedded like on a webpage and an email. The text is asking for a specific amount of money, the next payment, or email payment, or the invoice you’re asking for a specific amount.

Oh, you gotta say EEO. You owe me two 20. Right? For, for a specific thing, the text email request can be used many ways. So I’ll tell you a story about a client. So we have this client. And it’s a tow truck company. The guy was telling me about all the problems he had in his tow truck company. I said, you know, what, if you would just change the way you do business, if you’re a little open-minded, let me explain this technology to you.

Right? So it’s part of a. A virtual terminal that we sell. Like I told you, not all of them do exactly the same thing. So this one has a special feature in it, called the, they call it a passport, but it’s basically text and email. Okay. And you send out the request and, but the difference is on the screen live, you can actually see you sent it.

It was delivered. And you can see when the person opened it and when they paid it while you’re staring at the screen. That’s cool. So the tow truck guy was telling me that all this problem, they have a person call on the phone. Justin’s broke down on the side of the road. Mm-hmm need a tow truck. Doesn’t have triple a calls up, gets the tow truck.

They say, okay, Justin, it’s 40 bucks. So you give them the credit card over the phone. They key it into their virtual terminal. Mistake number one. And they have the 40 bucks you’re sitting there on the side of the road. Samantha’s tow truck company drives up. Right. And they go, Hey, you called for, do you need a tow truck?

And you’re like sitting here waiting like, you know, yes, yes. So they tow your car away and meanwhile, the guy you paid 40 bucks to right. He drives up and no car. So now he’s pissed. So he wants to keep his 40 bucks. So then you do a chargeback and has a chargeback. So now before you go, what’s the chargeback.

So a charge back’s when someone disputes the charge, cause you didn’t get a, you didn’t get the service, right? So you didn’t use the service. You want your money back and you probably called them up and they go, no, we’re not refunding you. We sent a truck. You didn’t call us back to say, don’t send a truck.

So I said, if you send them a text, obviously on the side of the road, you send them a text, they gotta click it with their phone. Mm-hmm put in the credit card. If another tow truck drives up. They’re not gonna go with that guy. They’re gonna go, no, I already paid. They know they paid. Right. Cause they see it on their phone that they paid, they put in their own credit card or, you know, a lot of times when you’re paying on your phone, you can just hit your apple pay or your Google pay.

Right. And make your payment. Right. So they know they made their payment. So they’re not gonna go with the, the guy who just drove up, then you’re going, no, I paid somebody’s on the way. So then to have less people. I everything. Yeah, I get that. I, I would never pay twice to get to. No, no, but I’m saying I understand.

Right? So now they have less people leaving and it has on there. Like, oh, if you call within 15 minutes, we’ll give you a refund. Has the terms on there. So they know, oh, then let’s say they magically their car starts, which just happened, right? Oh yeah. They used to have it in my car all the time. Right. Or whatever it is, where some to, or their friend came and jumped them.

Right. Some stranger and they call back, they just void the transaction. Now they don’t have the guy. I mean, I look at his guy’s statements. It’s completely different. Hardly any chargebacks, you know, everybody, what does he say to you? Thanks. Yeah, he, they love it. And then the tow truck driver, let’s say he gets there and he goes, okay.

It’s gonna be, I gotta change your tire. I gotta change your battery. Right? Your battery’s dead. So they always have stuff on the truck, you know, you know, oh, I gotta fix your tire, whatever, blah, blah, blah. They can fix it on the side of the road. You know, then you want to pay the guy or you wanna leave him a tip.

That guy can just log into the app, send you another text message, boom. And you can make another payment. It’s nice. So it makes it really, really convenient. You don’t have all these problems writing down the credit card number in the rain or any crazy stuff, or the guy comes in the rain. You wanna give him a $20 tip?

Boom. You can activate a tip line in there. The person can add a tip. It makes it very convenient, can be used for all kinds of businesses, air conditioning, repair, plumbing, repair, you know, nobody want, everybody wants to feel like their credit card information is safe when putting it in myself, then the company doesn’t have the credit card, which is true.

You only see the last four digits at Virgin. Right? Right. So it makes it very convenient. Makes your customer feel. right. Doing it that way, the invoicing and the texting and the, this, and then that the customer feels safer than just giving you a number. I hate giving my credit card number over the phone.

I hate it. I don’t like doing it. Can you, are they writing it down? What is that person gonna do with it later? I don’t. That way that could be fraud, you know? Well, my wife is really, I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m just not into, I, I prefer like you sent me a link and I’ll pay it. Yeah. I mean, I would rather do it that way too, but I’m not really, no, I’m not afraid of giving it to them, but I’m saying I prefer.

Yeah, no, I prefer it. And I think more people now prefer to get a link and click it and pay. I agree. Yeah. And I think that when companies don’t do that, Companies people start to think like, oh, that’s a little, I think that the older generation still has a really hard time with paying with a credit card online a little bit.

But I think, you know, they’re getting used well, I’m saying not your generation. Yeah. The older people, the guys that even my mom, like we had to show her how to do it on Amazon. Save your credit card, go in there, place an order. She didn’t wanna do that. No, but she started doing it because, you know, during the pandemic, my mom, wasn’t going to the store.

You know, I used to have to go on and order her Instacart. You know, or order make an order from Costco, right. To get it delivered. I told my mom, you don’t need to go to, you know, don’t go to Costco. I mean, they’ll, I, I didn’t, I mean, during the pandemic, I’ll never forget. I went to Costco one day. I was like, I pulled in the parking lot.

They were letting a limited number of people in this door. I remember this and there’s like, Hundreds. I mean, I don’t even know. We tried to do BJ’s. I was like, I can’t go. I’m not gonna sit here and wait in this line. Nope, Nope. So I said, Nope. I went out, so I started off home. I went to Publix. I’m like. Oh, you gotta be kidding.

There’s hunt. There’s there’s a line going down the whole sidewalk to get into the Publix. I’m like, this is crazy. So I get home and I’m like, Instacarts I go on Instacart and then there’s like, Instacart, no, like whatever. There’s no delivery times. So I’m like, you know, there’s got I say, you know what I’m gonna do.

I said, I’m going to order at like seven o’clock in the morning. So I saved my order. Went back in the Instacart the next day, while I was walking Rocky at like 7:00 AM and I put it in sure enough, there comes up or, you know, delivery times for like 8, 9, 10 o’clock in the morning hit that. Boom, boom, boom.

And I, this is whatever, let them go. And if they brought some bunk thing, Like mush tomato or the zucchini was destroyed once or whatever it is. You just don’t take a, you take a picture of it, you go in the app and you send it to them and they give you your money back. You know, it should be like that for every grocery store.

It shouldn’t be so difficult with. Like Publix’s now added. You can order on the public’s app. They go shop for you. They tell you when it’s ready, you can do, I don’t like that. You can draw. I like to pick my food app can cause I to be a chef. I can’t do it. I cannot let somebody who doesn’t know how to pick out a tomato, pick me up a tomato.

Right. That’s what I’m saying. But I’m saying, I just can’t like you can grab me some, a bag of apples. 12 of ’em got bruised mushy parts on ’em, bro. I’m gonna be upset, but I’m saying like, you know, now, like the grocery stores, like Publix and Walmart, they actually just have shoppers at the store. They go shop all’s stuff’s it’s a job description.

Yeah. They go out, they grab all the stuff and then they text you when it’s ready and then you drive up, you tell ’em what spot you’re in. They roll it out to your car, throw it in. And you’re outta there. They, I mean, they had to do something to compete with Instacart. Right. And the other one, I don’t remember the other one.

Whatever. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a bunch of them that were going shopping for people. Well, virtual terminal. Now, you know what it is. Do you, what is it? Final qu final do super easy, super easy tool you can use online or on your phone to collect money for your business. That’s what makes it easy. So, what do we call it without calling it a virtual term?

We’ll call it Gail. I’m just joking. It makes it even harder. I don’t know what we’ll call. We’re gonna have to think. Let’s have a contest. Think of a name that we could call the virtual terminal. Should we have a contest for that? And we’ll pick a name. How’s that? I’m. We’ll call it Supreme. I don’t know head about that.

Huh? We’ll call it the vault. You know, you can’t the Supreme couldn’t you can’t copyright no words. So Supreme is, well, why don’t we call it the vault? How about that? The vault get the vault for your business. How does that sound? Maybe we’ll think up a few names. The all sounds pretty good. And then we’ll have people, but I think of it more of like a bank.

It’s a vault. It is, it’s a vault. You’re getting your money, collecting your money. You’re putting it in there goes right into your bank account gatekeeper. We call it Rocky. I don’t know. We could put a list together and then have people vote. Well, I’m saying like, what is the actual I don’t, I mean, I know where the technical term is virtual Derma.

What else would you. . I don’t know what else you would call it. Dubai by the company name who makes it really people know, they know, oh, I want authorized.net. I want N MMI. I want, right. Like the PayPal say, send me a PayPal. I want square. Right. So how it goes name, maybe we should give it a name. We should give it a name.

We can have a contest name, the virtual terminal. What do you think? Uh, I’m always with contests. Yeah. Let’s have a contest. Samantha. You want to film that? So we’ll make a post and we’ll have a post we’ll put it out on Facebook, Twitter everywhere. Pick the name, virtual terminal virtual terminal. Now you know what it is.

If you need to get one, contact us, text the word book to 9 5 4 8 2 7 9 8 1 8 or go to the website. Fill out the form. Say you want the virtual terminal. If somebody picks a good name for us, you can win piece out. Carpe, DM, have a great day. You Carpe DM.

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