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merchant account services

Merchant Account ServicesWhen it comes to merchant services and payment processing, we are experts who have been in the business since 2001, and we are your consultants to help you map out a program that will help your business today and down the road. The payment landscape is constantly changing. We have dubbed the term the consumerization of payment – letting your customers pay you the way they want to pay you. That includes new ways to pay like Cryptocurrency or having a payment portal set up so you can accept payments 24-7 or sending merchants invoices so they can click and pay, and more! New technologies and services are developing. Nationwide Payment Systems dedicates itself to bringing FinTech to merchant services and taking your payment game to the next level.

Payment processing solutions

Retail Ecommerce Payment Processing Solutions

Retail – eCommerce

The business landscape is constantly changing, and in today’s market, you need to pivot and do it all—retail, E-commerce, Curbside Pick up, Shipping, Local Delivery. Having loyalty programs and marketing programs are crucial to your future success. We offer Cost Plus, Interchange pricing, Emerging market pricing, Flat Rate, Cash Discount, and surcharge programs.


Working with several gateways gives us options to have over 500 integrations into the most popular software, CRM Systems, ERP, Accounting Software, and more. We are specialists; we work with you and your technology to find a provider that can integrate into your systems and help you run your business smoother, faster, and more efficient. We integrate with nearly everything.

Push To Card

Need to send out payments? Push To Card is the newest technology, and it’s here to help you run your business better. Push To Card is a great option to pay out commissions, pay employees, rebates, MLM, and more. Customers get a link and choose from different options – print a paper check, deposit to bank account, push to a debit card or get a virtual credit card. We have an easy-to-use dashboard, or use our API to link to your software!

Business To Business Payment Processing Solutions


Payments for B2B are changing – your customers need more accessible ways to pay you – payment portals – text – email links – invoicing – integrations into your accounting software, CRM, or ERP systems. Payment options are also important – Credit Cards, ACH, and Cryptocurrency – Do you sell internationally? We also offer global payment options with multi-currency.

Surcharging & Cash Discount

Surcharging and Cash discounts have been a trend for quite a while. With inflation and costs rising, many businesses are opting for these programs. We can explain how each one works and adequately implement this in your industry. We only do this in a compliant way, and we can guide you along the way, and you can decide which type of program will work for your business.

Recurring Transactions

The subscription economy is growing – is that on your road map? We can guide you through the process of getting this setup. If your business is considering this option, let’s talk about it.

Payment Portal Gateway Services

Payment Portals

Setting up a portal where your customer can make a payment is a growing trend for many businesses. We make it quick and easy to get you set up. Using hosted payment pages makes it easy and secure. A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses.


Whether you are a non-profit, Synagogue, Church, School, or other types of non-profits, we have a program that will work for you! There are special rates available we can set up one-time, recurring, or Cryptocurrency payments for your non-profit. Giving customers options on how they make donations makes sharing easier. We have many options on how we can help you accept payments.

ACH Payment Services


Is the check in the mail? Now the check is an ACH – get paid faster – let your customers pay with a check without writing one!

Let’s work together

We are your payment processing and FinTech consultants, from start to finish we get your account set up and help with everything in between.

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