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Follow the blog for all of your payment industry news. We talk about FinTech, Credit Card Processing, High-Risk Merchants, and much more. Allen Kopleman has been providing merchant accounts for small business for over 20 years. Nationwide Payment Systems provides merchant account services to local businesses in South Florida.

Banks Changing Attitude towards Cash Transactions

Is it time to get a SMART SAFE and CHANGE DELIVERED?  CASH IS STILL KING!  Banks are adopting new strategies to streamline their operations in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape. One noticeable shift is their...

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Why Offering Buy Now Pay Later Can Boost Business

Increase your sales!  In today's competitive market, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to attract and retain customers. One strategy that is gaining traction is offering Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options. We delve...

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The Future of B2B Payments

The Future of B2B Payments: Embracing Consumerization   In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the realm of B2B payments is undergoing a significant transformation. Gone are the days of manual processes and...

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Stripe Closed My Merchant Account?!?!

The Impact of Stripe Closing Your Merchant Account  Understanding the Situation  Recently, numerous merchants have faced the unsettling news of Stripe closing their accounts. This development has sent shockwaves through the...

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Chargeback Rescue

Retailers, Restaurants, and Bars: Understanding the Chargeback Dilemma  Chargeback Rescue  In the busy world we live in the last thing retailers, restaurants, and bars owners want to deal with is the looming threat of...

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