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refer a business program

Nationwide Payment Systems Refer A Business Program

You Make the referral

Complete the form, and refer a family member or friend. Since 2001 NPS has been serving businesses across the country. 

we get the sale

We contact the potential customer and make the sale. As soon as they activate the account you get paid!

Receive your money

Approximately 30 days after the business starts processing we will email you an Amazon Gift card for $50.00!

complete this form:

Nationwide Payment Systems
Referral Program Terms

SUMMARY. Nationwide Payment Systems, Inc. (“NPS”) has instituted a referral program (the “Program”) whereby a person can earn a $50 Amazon gift card each time he/she refers a business to NPS, and that referred retailer purchases an NPS POS system.

SPECIFIC CONDITIONS FOR REFERRAL. To be eligible to receive the applicable Gift for an NPS referral, the referring person (the “Inviter”) must (1) go to https://nationwidepaymentsystems.com/refer-a-business/and fill out the form with the name and contact information for the business the Inviter wishes to refer (the “Business”) and (2) the Business must sign up for Merchant Services from NPS, sign an Agreement with NPS and keep the merchant account active, with the account in good standing, for at least 30 days after installation. Subject to the Program’s Terms, if the foregoing conditions are met, the Inviter will receive the applicable Gift from NPS within forty-five days of the conditions being met.

GENERAL TERMS. The Program and any Gift awarded are subject to these terms and conditions. NPS reserves the right to change the Program, these terms, and/or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice. All changes to the Program or these terms will be posted at https://nationwidepaymentsystems.com/refer-a-business/. Gifts may not be pooled or combined with any other person’s Gifts and may not be transferred to another person’s account. NPS reserves the right to terminate a person’s right to participate in the Program at any time if the person violates these terms or otherwise tampers or interferes with the Program or any other participant. Terminating a person’s participation will result in losing all accumulated Gifts and other Program benefits. All decisions of NPS regarding the Program and these terms are final and binding on all Program participants. NPS will not be responsible for undeliverable or unredeemable Gifts due to inaccurate or insufficient address or contact information submitted by the Inviter.

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