Small Business Use Artificial Intelligence

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What’s up everybody? It’s Justin Live from B2B Vault, the Payment Technology podcast. Sponsored by Nationwide Payment Systems, hosted by the Steve Jobs of Merchant Services himself, Allen Kopelman. And today is FinTech Friday. Yay. We’ll be providing you guys with some educational information about FinTech business payment processing and the technology businesses are using in the world today.

Yes, sir. So, uh, FinTech Friday is always a cool thing We. Uh, come up with new ideas and, you know, stuff that’s going on in the industry. And lately, of course, I’m sure everyone has heard, unless you’re hiding underneath a rock or trapped in some sort of cellar, prison closet. I don’t know. Uh, artificial intelligence. Specifically the, uh, website chat, G P T G P T. That’s a bit of a tongue twister. Yeah, it is. Um, I say chat G B T all the time. G B t I don’t know why, but it’s chat cheat p chat, g p t chat, g p t for the final and last time, um, it be used for so many different things. Uh, and one thing that you know, Samantha and I, uh, the graphic designer Samantha, shout out to.

For Nationwide payment systems. We were sitting down and we were brainstorming about, you know, just ideas and stuff like that. And she, she came up, well, we both came up with that. It would be cool to use chat, g p t to, uh, you know, come create an outline for the actual podcast. Right. So in the prompt, we asked chat g p t to create a podcast outline. Um, covering how artificial intelligence can be used in small businesses. And I, I’m a, you know, I’ve used it before, so, you know, but still it’s like mind blowing, right? Um, . Yeah. You ask a question, it takes a couple of minutes and then it starts spitting out the answer. Exactly. And you know, you have to give it a few prompts.

The prompt is the most important thing. Um, you know, you can’t just, if you put in La-Z-Boy, you know, obviously it’s not gonna know really what to write about. I’ll probably write about. . Um, but if you say, tell me a story about a lazy boy in 1990 during the crack p , whatever, it’ll come up with a, a story. Uh, so yes. Um, the whole problem with it though, is like, you can’t just use it word for word, right? And you gotta. Revise it. Yeah, you gotta revise it. You gotta put your own words to it, but it can help you, like if you’re looking for ideas for your website. Yeah. For your content creation. For a blog article.

Absolutely. It could give you, you know, you could say, oh, what are the most, you know, oh, what’s the top 10 things I should know about opening a business? Yeah. It’ll give you some generic stuff. Yeah. It’ll give you some generic information. It doesn’t search Google looking for. information. I don’t know what it does. No, no, but I’m just saying it doesn’t really, it has its own database. Yeah. Right. So it has its own database up till 2021. Anything after that? It does not, you know, it can’t confirm nor deny whether it’s true or not, or have knowledge of it. Um, so you, I don’t know, you wouldn’t want to, you know, use what kind of forever.

For instance, you wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, but if you want to talk about the Great Depression or whatever it. that you’re looking for, it will have that type of information and database. Yeah. The interesting thing is, is they spent like a few years building this thing out. It’s been in, yeah, for over, I think they said five years they’ve been working on it. Right. So the, that they were building it out, building it out, and then there was like a, a beta that came out and then they kind of just slowly released it to the. ? Not sure. Yeah. Well, not on, not a historian of chat, G p T or the open AI company. Um, I will say that, you know, it did create us a very decent, uh, outline.

Um, we’re gonna continue to use it, uh, moving forward just to give us like, uh, you know, like a skeleton, uh, for podcast. pre-production podcast purposes. Right. Um, so it gave us an introduction, told us to cover about understanding ai. Um, told us to list out ways to implement AI in their business, AI best practices and the conclusion. I mean, as far as small business, I know you can’t really see it, but you know, for a small business and you’re trying to figure out how you can use artificial inte, This is just one really simple way, right? So instead of for the podcast, like Alan said earlier, you could say, create an outline for a blog.

Right, right. Um, and then you put in a blog article about payment processing. Right. And it’ll create you an article and it, you can go, you wanna go further in the prompt. I’m not gonna sit here and give you a, a, what is it? A there’s pro a lesson. A tutorial. Yeah. A tutorial. There’s tons of tutorials on YouTube. Follow them. But like for, for articles, create an article about payment processing that’s 500. . There you go. Even a meeting, like let’s say you’re gonna have a meeting with your employees. Yes. You could just say, oh, we’re gonna cover the following topics, and it could just create a bullet list and create a bullet point.

And then outta all of that information say you, uh, I don’t even wanna give all it but look like, so if you wanna search for painters in Chicago, say, give me a list of painter, you know, indoor painters in the, in Chicago. It’ll give you a whole list. You know, you provide name, email, phone number. It’ll bring, you can copy that. Highlight it. Yeah, we tried that. The next prompt say, put this information into a spreadsheet, and it’ll automatically do that for. and then boom, you got that list and now it’s in spreadsheet for you to add to your other spreadsheets. So yeah, you could copy and paste it out. We asked that you, you probably have to ask for a little bit more, like how many you want maybe zip codes.

Yeah. I mean otherwise it’s, it is endless. Usually have no idea. Yeah, it’s crazy cuz it does limit you like how much it’ll offer. Yep. And we, the next section I asked it to, create like a, a intro, I guess you would say for the podcast to explain, you know, like the introduction for the, you know, the topic of the show and this is what it’s shot out. You wanna read it? Sure. Welcome to the AI and Business Podcast, where we explore exciting world of artificial intelligence and its impact on the business. In this first episode, we’ll be introducing the topic of AI and providing an overview of the goals and objectives of the podcast. That’s, I mean, it, I mean, it keep going and going.

It gave you about what, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 paragraphs? Yeah. I mean, it’s pretty good the beginning. I mean, it’s very vague. Like I, I think that it doesn’t get very, , and it also is very mechanical and wording Yes. And wording. So it doesn’t give you, like, you’d have to give it like a prompt, like, oh, give it a more funny feel or give it a, and it might do it and it might not. Yeah. I’m not sure how, you know, but I, I highly suggest, you know, I mean these are, again, these are just like a shortcut, right? Yeah. Like, so that you get this and then you read it, and then you make the edits to it as you go. But this is a good starting point. Yeah. I mean, Talk about saving time, you know, I mean, and then the other one we asked it, what did we ask them on the next page of how to streamline, you know, other things were five ways how businesses can use AI to streamline their process.

And, you know, it’s spit up pretty good answers, I would say. Yeah, gave, gave good answers I think. You know, to use it, you definitely to use it beyond, it’s like basic use. Yeah. You know, you got to definitely have some programming skills because it’s called open ai, it’s open source software, so anybody can get the code. I mean, you don’t have to be, uh, you didn’t, you don’t have to be some programmer to use it. Right. But what he’s meant to say, well, if you want to take the code and turn it into something else, you’re gonna have to ask some programming. Right, so we saw like a website. It was called Future, and there’s new tools that are all the tools on that website.

Were made from the chat. G P T. Mm-hmm. . And then, so there was, I don’t know, hundreds of ’em on there. Ah, that’s crazy. And there was like new ones, cuz you could click added da, you know what was added recently? Yeah. And it would show you. And we saw, so we just scrolled through for a few minutes and we saw something that said like, oh, it’ll rewrite your Twitter bio. So we copied and pasted. I know. I tried it. You tried it. Copied and paste it. Uh, wasn’t that totally impressive? Not impressed. And then I saw some other ones in there where, which had like Google Chrome extensions. Mm-hmm. to do different things, like kind of like Grammarly. Um, I wouldn’t say it was as good as Grammarly.

Uh, I mean, there’s a lot of stuff that, I mean, this is all brand, for the most part it’s brand new. Right, right. So it’s all brand new. And then Samantha, I had Samantha, right? What, what her thoughts on artificial intelligence in relation to like graphic design, web design, blah, blah, blah. Do you think, you know, it’s gonna take our jobs? And she said, no. , she said that she thinks that, you know, the artificial intelligence is gonna create a lot of similar content. You know, if everybody’s using the same thing to create content, I would imagine that it’s gonna Yeah. Be very, very similar. Yeah. Like I saw one, somebody sent me an email a few minutes ago and it said, oh, create 30 Instagram posts in five minutes.

Mm-hmm. , of course they want money right to, for you to access it. And, um, , you know, Samantha looked at something similar to that and she said it was very cookie cutter. Exactly. I mean, it’s, it, you know, you do it for, you know, even just for content. It’s just one of those things where you’re not gonna rely on because it’s not human, it’s not, it’s not something that you, that humans can relate to. It doesn’t have a feeling, a sense of emotion, thought, whatever. Um, she said that she does think that AI will be used. For, for inspiration. She uses it for inspiration now, as do I. Um, um, she also said, yeah, we talked back. She would look out for copyright issues and I didn’t really think about that. And, and then after, you know, just imagine all the artists out there, like visual artists who are getting their art robbed from them because another, they’re seeing their art, they’re putting it in there.

They’re changing it just by using a prompt. Like, take this piece of art and turn it into Van Gogh. Right. And now it’s theirs. Right. You know, and that’s, that’s messed up. I, I, I feel bad for artists, man. Yeah. They at a weird place, dude. Like, yeah, definitely the right click and save. Like, you can’t have a website and sell prints on, I mean, I, I have a few ways for you to, you know, to stop that from happening. But technology is, is a beast. . So it’s hard, you know? And the other thing that we saw was, is that Canva started adding AI tools to Canva, which is a design, yeah. Graphic design platform. And they started adding like a content tool, so Oh, really? An art tool. Yeah. They’re adding more tools. So, you know, I saw it in cuz they, cuz we have, uh, you know, we have um, whatever, an office copy of Camba business account.

Yeah, yeah. Business account. So we see in there what’s going on. Like what are they doing. Maybe, you know, I wonder if Adobe is gonna come out with any kind of AI tools in there. Yeah, I mean, I see, I was reading a article from Google and they’ve been working on their, uh, artificial intelligence. They’re just afraid to release it because in their words of how disrupting it’s gonna be, it’s going to, it’s, it’s from, from the article that I was reading, is it basically will kill their get glue ads. Like whole platform. Wow. That’s crazy. Just because of that. Well, I showed you that one email and it had links to some stuff and you commented that Yeah. You had seen it before. Mm-hmm. and they were Google like made something. Yeah, sometimes they made something a few years ago. Yep. And when you mentioned it, I looked at it and I was like, yeah, I do remember seeing that like quite a while ago.

Yeah. But they never put it out because they didn’t like it. They’re afraid. They don’t know. They’re, they’ll do, it’s extremely disruptive. That’s what they said. The, the, the head of their AI team or whatever. I, I’d have to get the article from ’em, but he said, It’s very, it is gonna be a game changer. You know, it’s gonna put a lot of people, it is gonna change a lot of things and businesses are gonna go out of business. And the other thing is that we saw is that there’s a few tools that detect whether the copy was written by artificial. I mean, there’s this one tool, uh, I mean I use it a lot called copy scraper. If you’re not familiar, get familiar. Um, especially if you’re buying content from people. Copy scrape will let you, it’ll tell you if it’s Yeah.

Artificial intelligence. Yeah. Or if it was, well not artificial intelligence, that’s just if it’s, you know, been, you know, forged. But the one I can’t remember the website for, to detect if it’s been, if it’s written in AI or not, but, Tells you if it was, what’s the word for that now? I don’t. Plagiarized. Plagiarized. That’s it. Yeah. So it’ll give it a plagiarism score. Yeah. Even, even, um, Grammarly does that too. Yeah. Yeah. Gives you a plagiarism score. Somebody says, oh, I want to send you an article to post on your blog. Which we get a lot of people emailing us that way. Yeah. Oh, can we post it? Will you post this in your blog?

And you go look at it. And then we saw another one, which was interesting, called. Instant. Insta novel. Insta Novel ai. I like your domain. Insta novel. Yeah. And that was pretty interesting. And it said, type in a description and you typed in like one sentence. Yeah. I’m terrible. I have a very sixth sense of humor, so I will not repeat what I told. Justin just said, write a book about Justin running around Milwaukee. Yes. Back in the 1980s. Something similar to that . And then what did it say? How many days? Give me 15 hours. It says is four to five chapters. Right, and it said it takes a 14 hours, 14 to 15. My mindset will be ready in 15, 15 hours. I, I put a couple in there, so we’ll see what happens.

Yeah, I got two. I got two too. So we’ll see what happens with that. It’s be pretty interesting. And it says it provides graphics and you could pick what kind of graphics you got. Three different style, like, uh, yeah, three different styles. I think it was Van Gogh, that’s probably what I saw. Head one was Vango, was Van Gogh, and then one was like traditional or something, and then one was like techno. Or some kind of modern art or something, children, or it said like children’s or something like that. Children’s art. And then there was also a paid version of it really. It was like, yeah, cuz they send you an email and you have to like, okay, the email, I did that clarify verify. Right? And then in there, when you clicked it, it said, oh, do you want to upgrade?

You wanna upgrade to get your content faster? But I mean, that’s kind of crazy. Someone could actually copy and paste the. that, you know, like some kind of book or Yeah, we were saying that earlier. Or a pdf and stick it in and, and then like ask the one of these writing things to rewrite it all, then slap it in there Right Then put it in Grammarly and then, and then now you edit it and then, and then you got, you ripped off somebody’s book. Yeah. That’s kind of strange to re wrote the book. I mean, that’s kind of crazy. Uh, I mean, it’s gonna be interesting tomorrow. It’s a very new. Technology. I think, you know, we have a long ways to go before we really understand the capabilities of what it can be used for. Well, one thing I will say is that there are a lot of people building tools based on the open ai.

Because every day when I go to the Future PD website, yeah, there’s new tools on there, right? 10, 12 tools a day, and that’s going to increase because computer programmers are gonna figure out. One thing that I want to comment on is, , we started to see these AI tools a few months ago, you know, and about a year ago, and they were charging a lot of money per month. And now I don’t think those companies can, can, can justify that? No, because now ev tons, there was, there was, uh, quite a few, I would say at least 50% or more of those tools on there were all. on that website or has That’s a good sort of free Free, yes. Free version. Yeah. A freemium Free, that’s the new thing.

Freemium. Oh, three days free. One week free, one month free. The freemium platform is definitely growing. Yeah. The freemium, that’s a big thing, you know? Oh, get, oh, you could sign up for free, but it’s very limited cuz they want you to use it and then they want you to upgrade. You know? That’s like, , that’s like, that’s like the whole future of it. But, you know, it’s very interesting. I wa sat and watched like a couple of, uh, YouTube videos about how people were using it and putting in the prompts and doing, getting, I mean, I’ve seen it so many different ways. Uh, you know, I mean, you can use it for blog outlines. As you can see it created a, you know, a topic outline for a podcast.

Um, blog articles. . Yeah. We used it for, uh, titles not used it, but I mean, I, I’ve tested it out to see how it would generate titles for blog articles. Um, I, I set up a, I had a found a prompt for creating a content for a homepage of a, of a website. Um, I mean, there is. it, it gives you social media plans. It gave, I did, uh, some keyword research with it. I’ve done, uh, I mean, there’s so many different ways. It’s interesting to play with, let’s just put it that way. Yeah. Very interesting. One thing you have to learn is it’s figure out how the prompts work so that you can get what you want out of it. I mean, yeah, like I said, like you said earlier, like that is gonna be the, like, that’s the most important thing.

Like what you. Right, right. You know, I mean, as long as it’s descriptive and it’s, you know exactly what you want, then you’re gonna get a good, you know, like we got, we got good stuff. Like I said, five ways how businesses can use AI to streamline their process. And it gave me automated automating repetitive tasks, predictive analytics, personalization, fraud, detect. Supply chain optimization and those all five things are right and exact. It’s very true. You know, those are ways that businesses, yeah. The other thing I was reading about was in a, cuz I get a lot of like technology emails, you know, about technology. So one of them was talking about how you could take the chat, gb, G P T. Mm-hmm. , and turn it into a chat bot on your website. Right. Because you obviously it wouldn’t be that you would’ve to, you know, get a program or a program it and then use that. I mean, those are already out there, but Yeah, there’s tons of chat bots, but I’m saying like now someone can go make a free one if they want.

Listen, there’s, people spend a lot of time doing stuff that they’re programming. Yeah, I know. And it’s, and it’s open like all over the world. So like the book one, that was somebody, the book one that was somebody in, in Europe. Because when I went to the paid version, it was in Euro. Euro, you know, the Euro sign was in front of the money. So, you know, so you know that it, that it’s from different people from all over the world who are going in. , you know, building part of me wants to move to Europe so bad. Why? I just cool. I just, I don’t know, man. I’m just tired of United States. . I don’t know. United States is, we just kill each other. We, oh, come on.

Let’s not get onto it. A whole subject. Yeah. I love you guys. I love you guys. Before we get into, keep going, shout out to all the listeners. We love you. We appreciate you. Uh, we really hope that 2023 is starting off a, a good one. , please continue to support the podcast. Like to subscribe to the video channel on YouTube B2B Vault podcast. Um, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok please. And if you’re on alignable co connect with this guy, please so he can leave me alone about alignable. Ugh. , whatever there keeps, whatever. Oh, so let me talk a little bit about how currently we have, we started, we are using some artificial intelligence with nationwide payment systems.

So how do we use artificial intelligence? So we is in artificial intelligence in, in two ways. When somebody’s goes to nationwide payment and they go into. Solution finder and they find what they want, then they start filling out the application. Mm-hmm. the artificial intelligence on once they submit it is, is checking, you know, instead authenticity. Right. So it’s checking. Oh, the, does the name match the phone number you put in? Is that phone number? An actual cell phone? Is the email IP address in the United States, like how old is the email address? Was it just created five minutes ago? Um, does everything match up and it develops a score, and then that application is either, Approved or declined based on that.

So we’ve had people go in there and they’ll put in some kind of like Google number, phone number, so their application doesn’t get approved. We’ve been using AI on the website since we launched it. Right. That’s what I’m saying. Not Not that way though. No. No, but I’m in a different way. Security. Security reason. Yes. Security stuff. But also we get leads in, and then we also use some AI for those leads because we have a little program that. somebody made and we put in the phone number and the email address, and then it basically gives you tell and, and the website and then it basically tells you if that’s authentic information or not.

And then this way, because I can tell you like right now, one of the things going on that I don’t like in the whole world, , is there is a, the level. Of identity theft right now. Yeah. And related to people signing up for merchant accounts, I would say. Is that an all time high? Because look how easy it is, right? I’m just saying. And people are, the thing that disturbs me about it though, is some of these fraudsters are getting approved. Yeah. And then they’re committing. and like it’s true, we’ll call people and we’ll say, Hey, we got this application in for your business. Is that really your business? Like somebody sent me a text, right?

A a a text the other day and they said, oh, check this out. And I didn’t even realize what it was. I was like reading it. So somebody sent a thing and it said, . Oh, your bank wants more information. Go to the Bank of America website. Right? And it had, that looked like Bank of America, right? And that it’s spelled two different ways. And I’m gonna, it’s not spelled two different ways. No, the font is spelled right. The font, font, font is different, right? It’s all, so the font is different. And when you click the fake, , right? The fake one. It takes you to a site that looked like the Bank of America, but it was not the Bank of America. And that really freaked me out because, um, that could really confuse people.

So, and how do you know what, what’s the real font is? So, let me tell you something. I sent that to you, right? No, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, and I agree. So this, that is an example of how the infrastructure of the United States of America, Is dated. Okay. Yeah. So a lot of these websites that you’re talking about, I don’t know when Bank of America’s website was built. Right, right. But I’m assuming it was built a long time. Oh, definitely. And do you think that they spent money to overhaul that website? No, probably not. Right, exactly. So the amount of, and also remember your issues, but just remember you have that way back machine thing for sure. So someone. Wack pages off of the website that was cataloged 10, 15 years ago.

I mean the, the, it is really important. Like this is a, that’s a great, this is just a great segue into upgrading the infrastructure of like banks, the government, uh, well, one thing is organizations and businesses in general Yeah. But have got to upgrade their systems. stuff like ai Yeah. Is going to there. If you don’t think that there’s some guy sitting in his basement using AI to, to capture your, your, your keystrokes on your laptop or phone or whatever it is, like you’re tripping, bro. Like, you really have to like, yeah, you gotta be careful, like going to a website, scanning a qr. Clicking on a link in your text.

I can’t tell you how many fake texts I get every week, every day. You know, every week there’s a fake text. Click on this. Your bank account is not up to date. Update this information. , you know, I’m very careful, like, and I have tons of stuff in my spam folder, although I check it because occasionally a real email goes in there. So you don’t want to miss a lead or you gotta check the spam folder, man. Yeah, I mean, cuz you can’t control, I don’t know, like for instance, some, some of your emails go to my spam folder. I know. It’s crazy. It’s weird. So, you know, but you gotta check your spam. But the thing is, is you would think that like these big companies like Godad.

Blue host, one host, whatever. There’s like, I don’t know, there’s probably like the top companies that are hosting websites. I don’t know where these websites are being hosted. The ones that are, you know, the fake ones probably in another country. Thousands and thousands of hosting companies. It doesn’t cost.  I could buy a server and host it myself, right? That’s what I’m saying. But there’s no control over these fake websites. And that’s the second I’ll buy for all you technical people out there. Yeah. I wouldn’t buy the whatever, man. You know what I meant? Hopefully you don’t just buy a server, you gotta set up a server environment, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve done it once or twice. Not a fan, not way too much. . We, we have like a huge customer and they, he sells hosting. Great. No, no. So they ha it’s a big customer that has their own, they, they have a, a big, they, they have probably like 10 websites that they run e-commerce on. Mm-hmm. . And they’re host, they’re, they, they have their own staff and they have their own hosting platform. Yes. Hey Bill, that’s what I’m saying. And it’s over in a building not far from, and have another one in another building in Boca Raton that used to be part of the ibm. Mm-hmm. . And it’s got, it’s surrounded by this special thing, a fairday cage or something. Mm-hmm. like, it’s insane, like when you go to the facility, uh, the IBM building, it’s cool.

Your been, yeah, yeah. No, I’ve been to the facility, like we had to take the bank out. They wanted to come see the, they wanted to go see the guys, their offices. Oh. And we went there and we walk in and there’s like no phones, no electronics, no nothing, no keys, no wallet. , you can’t bring anything in the room. Cuz if you, I asked the guy, I go, why can’t you go in that room with your wallet? He goes, well, all your credit cards will be not working when you leave. Yep. And then it’s like, wow. Because they’ve got whatever, uh, equipment in there causing mechanical interference. Yeah. There’s so much radiation. I mean, yeah.

All radio. Yeah. There’s like, yeah. Whatever it is. A special cage. But yeah, there’s people that watch out because fraud right now is at an all time high. I’m in the process now putting an article together, talking about, um, friendly fraud that’s going on. And, and, and, you know, just the, I I’m want to write another article about this identity theft because this identity theft is just completely outta control. I mean, every time I get an email from like Credit Karma, it says, oh, your information is on the dark web. Uh, Experian, your information is on the dark web. What am I gonna do? It’s on Google too. I mean, you go put in somebody’s name, all of a sudden you see their address, maybe their cell phone number, if they, you know, whatever, whatever.

There’s a lot of, yeah, someone like myself, like my whole life is on internet, right? That’s like, I’ve been building websites for 10 years and doing SEO for 10 years. So yeah, you Google Justin Owings. There’s the funny thing is, . Shout out to this guy too. He’s from Atlanta. I don’t know where he is from, but he He’s gotta be family cuz his name is exactly. Oh yeah, we Justin r Owings. And my name is Justin r Owings. I don’t know his middle name. Mine is Robert. I don’t know, but yeah man. So you Google Justin r Owings, you’re gonna see me and this guy. But the funny thing is that guy used to work for. So I know for a fact, yeah, like there’s a little favoritism going on there, but , I’m not gonna, you know, no hate just saying.

So it would be a long time to get my name ranked. That’s all I’m saying. So my brother, there’s a guy lives in Atlanta. There’s a guy in Atlanta with my brother, same last name, same first name, last name. And my brother’s an accountant. This guy’s an attorney. Nice and quite a few times. One time somebody delivered something, you know, like a delivery company, not like Amazon like a delivery. They delivered like a bunch of stuff to my brother’s house for that guy. So my brother had to track him down and go, Hey, you know, I got a bunch of stuff at my house. I don’t, I didn’t order it. Uh, is that yours? And the guy was like, yeah, he came over and got it from my brother.

That’s cool though. What’s weird is, is. You would say, I would like to meet, I would like to meet the other Justin r Owings from Atlanta. That, that’d be a cool little, I met a guy with my son cause I mean, especially cuz we’re like in the same thing. Right. Right. And we do the, he, I don’t know exactly what he does, but you know, we’re in pretty much in the same And the weapon.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like I met a guy on with my same last name. Mm-hmm. . Named Avi. He’s my good friend. I call my cousin. I know the picture for the major league baseball. Micah Ings is related to us. Oh, that’s cool. I’ve never met him, but I know he’s related from my grandfather’s side in Iowa or Ohio. Something like that. Yeah, it’s always interesting, like to do the, to do the genealogy search and then see if anybody turns up in your, if you’re uh, in the dead of, in the day. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My dad. He found out he was Jewish. Oh, okay. Ashkenazi Jewish. Okay. Yes. Interesting. Hey, if he’s Ashkenazi Jewish, you got a little Jewish in anything.

My grandmother was, I always say that my grandmother lied to us her whole entire life to escape Nazi Germany, that she was actually a Jewish. and that’s another story short. You probably need to do a I genealogy one of those. I will things I’m doing one, I ordered a kit and I’m gonna send it in, see what happens. But AI is amazing. So that’s the, what else could we say about, you had some other stuff. I mean, so what, before we go like, so how Nationwide Payment Systems is using artificial intelligence today? One, we use it for content ideas, uh, social media. , um, podcast, uh, you know, outlines, outline. Yeah. To give us some good, it gives us a good, like baseline.

Yeah. And then we have to expand upon it, right? I mean, cuz obviously we know what we want to talk about. So we tell the chat, g p t what to create the outline about, and then we use what we think is good and add on from there. Um, what else have we used? Take out what doesn’t make sense. Like I said, we’ve used it for keyword research. I’ve did it for, uh, competitor research. I’ve done, yeah, we took like a title of the podcast and then put it in there and then see how it remixes it remixes it, so that’s interesting. Created a, a list, did some researchers for businesses to find a list of a certain niche business. Uh, throughout America.

I mean, those are just some of the reason, ways that I’m not gonna tell you all of ’em. Hey, do it for sell or die. Uh, . Yeah, you gotta get, you gotta learn, man. Go on there and try it out for yourself. Yeah, do it for yourself. I mean, there’s so many ways that you could use it and those are just some of the ways that Nationwide Payment Systems is using it. Yep. And it’s also used, like we said, for checking on the applications. Yeah. And verifying phone numbers and email addresses. Websites and different things like that. It can be used for a number of, and we use it for the chat. We got to all be disabled to chat though on the website, so we’re not using that anymore.

Yeah. People weren’t into the chat thing. Yeah. I think, you know, it’s, it’s a, it works for some businesses and it works for others, you know, I mean, it makes sense for e-commerce site, right? Yeah. . But for a question like you or I, like, if we’re going to sign up a merchant account, the chat bot itself isn’t going to give you a really good answer for, for probably what you know most people are. Oh, I saw another one that was kind of weird. So there was one of these on this website, EDIA. Mm-hmm. , where you could type a maybe something like a, like three or four sentences. and then it would put it in there and then you could pick out a, an avatar and it would make, it made like a little video. Oh, cool.

And that was kind of weird because, and then you can also, they enhanced it now where you could actually talk into there and then it would use your voice and you can, if you wanted to pay, you could put your own avatar in there. Right. So we didn’t also use it for the, on the website for security. Right. Yeah. I mean, oh, and uh Oh, we said social media post. Yeah. We get ideas. It get, it’s good for getting ideas and getting an outline and giving yourself, you know, wanna look something up. Yeah. It’s not Google. No, it’s not goo. It is a lot like Google, but it’s not Google. But don’t use, if you’re gonna use that, you know you’re gonna use it for content.

Google already says that it’s gonna penalize websites that are taking that content and putting it straight on the website. Uh, it o obviously, Google’s, you know, standards has not changed. They’ve always wanted you to create original, captivating content for your, you know, your users and people of the internet. Continue to do that, but use this tool as a way to streamline your writing process, I guess you could say, right? Yeah, yeah. Streamline, get some ideas, you know, take the content from there, put it in Grammarly, put your own little twist on it. Give it the, because it doesn’t give it a human feel. No, it’s very, it’s very computery.

I am not a robot, m a. I am a, uh, what movie? I am a robot. Oh, that’s my daughter. That was my granddaughter doing it on. That’s not a movie. Remember the mo? No. There’s a movie, iRobot. No, for sure. But my, I’m saying my granddaughter was doing this in the video. Oh, robot. I am not a robot. That’s, anyway, shout out to Eli. So that’s FinTech Friday. That’s our cheers. Our review on ar. Artificial. No, this is artificial inte. So what do you and I say yay or nay for artificial intelligence? I say I give it in the middle. It’s, it’s good for many things, but it’s also like, let’s see what happens. I mean, like I said, all these people are making all these new tools.

We’ll post a links to the, we’ll post a link to the open ai. We’ll post a link over to Future pia. Okay. So you can see what’s going on over there on YouTube. Yeah. And then, yeah, then like I said, search YouTube yourself. I’m not. Yeah, give you like, oh, this guy’s the AI expert. I saw a ton of videos. You put in check g p T on tutorial, and you’ll be using a gazillion tutorials so you can go watch some and see how different people are using it and what they say about it and all that. I mean, the, the, the amount of content coming out about chat, g p t is incredible. Yeah. It’s a little, it’s a little, it’s a little numbing as well. Like I, yeah, I’m already over it. Like, I, me and Alan were discussing the podcast a little heated discussion earlier, and it is just like being in the industry.

You, you, I’ve been like, you know, slowly introduced to this for the past, what, six, seven years, man. Right. You know what I mean? Like, so this isn’t all new to me or most of us in the industry. It. Like, oh my God. Oh, ai. Oh, like, I’m not that interested. Like it’s cool. I know that it’s not gonna take my job. Right. Uh, just like Samantha said, because yeah, the human max, the human creativity Yeah. Emotion feeling, right? No, no. This stuff’s app been out there. Yeah, right. But now it’s out there for like masks. The release of it was, I thought it was, uh, it was quite, To say the least, like no, it’s just mass consumption there.

Yeah, man. I mean, cuz the way that people are jumping on the, the, the bandwagon, like, like on TikTok Ooh, five AI websites you need to know about right now. Yeah, exactly. Like there’s a, there’s, there’s probably five gazillion videos like that. There is, I mean, you scroll through Instagram, you’re right, that’s what I mean. Every website. Oh five AA websites you need to know about. I mean, there’s more of this, like I said, on this future PBS site. Right. 10, 12 every day. Like I go to it, I’ll say, oh, since you last looked here, there’s 20 new things. I’m like, what? It’s crazy. Like it’s just nuts, but everybody’s doing with it. So you know, it’s out there.

I don’t think it’s gonna replace anybody’s job. My, yeah, I mean, we’re long way from that. Yeah. We’re a long way from that. I mean, listen, I. You know, listen, we were talking about on the, on the show before robots delivering a pizza to your table, a robot bringing food to your table. Ro you know, kiosks in businesses, those kiosks, they’re using AI because they’re, I’m more worried about the kiosks.

Than I am worried about the kiosks intelligence, the kiosk are using AI because it’s trying to figure out like, You never know. They might have, um, facial recognition on there might Oh, , right? They probably do. Oh, they know Allen or Justin is coming up to the kiosk and McDonald’s or Wendy’s or wherever you are. Pizza place. And it knows like, oh, every time. Allen comes in, oh, he gets this double diverter. Lay a fish with an extra large soda and a sundae and a side of, uh, tartar sauce. Tartar sauce. Yeah. So I’m just saying, so that’s all being used now and kiosks, you know, that’s gonna take jobs away. Yes. Kiosks, that’s what I’d be.
I’m robots, Ks and robots. I mean, I go to the store like I see these, like those vacuum cleaners. Now they got a. man, I got, I mean it’s just, it’s just crazy what’s coming out. Like robots. Yeah, man. I was just telling my daughter, I was like, you really, it’s that time for like the gen, this generation to really wake up and smell the roses.

Like, cause you guys are gonna have to have a skill. Yeah. Like you’re no longer gonna be needed to work at these fast food restaurants. You wanna, you see some, I just read a super crazy article. Yeah. They got foot lockers right. Without people in them now. Oh yeah, I saw that. Yeah, there’s, that is bugged out, bro. You order your shoe size, it goes and picks it and it literally this per the, there is one person that works in the store. Yeah. And they puts it in a, like in a locker and you go, they give you the code and you go over it up. I was like, holy crap dude. Yeah. That is gonna change, that is going to be the future.

Especially in like, because they were saying that this store specifically was in a high-risk neighborhood. Yeah. And you know, they were tired of getting robbed. Right. So they came up with this solution where you literally order your shoe at the window and this person gives it to you. Oh, I saw this fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s built one, I think Burger King built one. Mm-hmm. . And that’s saw picture of a Taco Bell. So you order your food, right. There’s no place to go in the, the restaurant is on like the second floor. And you drive underneath and then the food like comes down like the bank, you know, sends you the tube.

Tube, something like that, and it lowers down. That’s crazy. It lowers down the food to you. That’s gonna be very normal. No, that’s what I’m saying. It’s like, it’s like crazy. Like the whole human experience. Like when I go out to eat, do I want to get served by food or robots gonna come over to the day mall?

I don’t know if I’m gonna want to eat in enough. That’s what maybe once you start to, to feel me about eating out. I don’t like eating out. There’s, it’s just, especially being a vegetarian, it is so high stress for me, like. Ordering food on Fridays in the office is high anxiety for me. , like, it’s just one of those things where when you’re so used to certain, you know, lifestyle habits or whatever, listen, I eat healthy so when I go out to eat, I don’t want to go somewhere where everything’s like fried food or difficult, right?

Or, or every, they’re going to pizza restaurant, oh, what am I going to eat? Restaurant nothing. Not gonna eat the pizza. I’m not eating. Getting a salad. Side Salad. Yeah, a salad, plastic salad with some chicken on it. Some microplastics, . Yeah. When I go get a salad, also like I’m like you, I want romaine or I want the baby lettuce.

You know the field greens. I don’t want this iceberg lettuce stuff like can’t even melt. Just sits there. It’s not even real lettuce. It’s not, I don’t like eating that. Did you ever see the video about them making plastic lettuce? It’s ridiculous and I believe it. Well go watch. Don’t watch the movies. They put plastic in rice.

Don’t watch the movie. Soil and Green. I’m . See that’s why I’m vegetarian now. Movie sot green. No. So, you know, the, the, there’s tons of things being done with artificial intelligence kiosks pick up in store. I mean, what did we read? The, the article talking about buy online, pick up in store is like the biggest growing forget e-commerce. That’s growing fast right now. If you don’t offer that through your e e-commerce website or yeah, you gotta offer that on your e-commerce website. Buy online, pick up in-store, pick up curbside. You gotta offer that restaurant, local delivery. Any restaurant needs, restaurant, retail store has gotta get that going.

The other thing that, that I, I was listening to this morning, they were talking about all these tech companies laying people off Amazon. Meta Google, cuz they were hiring all these employees and most of the employees were focused in on E-com. But now some of those employees, so the the biggest. Um, need and business today are, um, computer programmers, software programmers, not computer programmers, not IT people, but actually computer programming who are developing software applications, software developers.

That’s the number one job today. Yeah. They said, they said it has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. 2%. . Yeah. And it’s probably more like zero because the people are going out that get fired, they’re getting jobs. But also they were talking about how like there’s been a shift how they get fired for Cause some companies Overhired. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They overhired we were talking about that. Like the, the one Amazon, not Amazon, I can’t remember. Like now, that huge company they had, like they, they went through some crazy, they. 25,000 people. Yeah. Meta and, and Amazon in like six months. They hired a huge amount of people and then it didn’t meta.

Oh yeah, it was meta. Yeah, meta, meta hired like 50,000 people or something. Crazy number. Yeah. They hired. Yeah. And uh, all across the world. And they’re letting ’em all go. Yeah. They’re letting everybody go now cuz they’re like, the metaverse didn’t take off the way they thought or whatever’s going on over there. I mean, you can’t, you’re, you’re talking about changing the way people. do something overnight, bro. Like that’s a lot to ask society. Definitely. You know, I mean, yeah, my dad gets on TikTok, but he’s not about to buy his socks in the Metaverse, , you know what I’m saying? Like it just, . You know, like, you’re not gonna pay your Comcast bill with your Oculus goggles.

No, I don’t want to. You know what I’m saying? I don’t even wanna talk to customer service. Exactly. Like, so there’s a lot of, you know, I mean, yeah, it’s cool for playing video games and, but that’s also ai. All of that’s all involved. More vr, vr, ai, augmented reality. Like all these things are like coming together as they should. Yeah. Do you remember the lawnmower. . Yeah. The movie. Yes. Everyone should go watch the Lawnmower, man. It’s like kind of a little precursor of like where we’re headed to, right? That maybe the movie Idiocracy and The Terminator. The Terminator. What about Demolition Man? . I love that movie. That’s what was the rest of Salon Snipes.

Yes. Yes. Especially Snipes. They were going added in that movie, dude. Yeah, he had. Pink Mohawk or something? . Oh no, wait, that’s Judge Dread. No, no. He got like outta jail. Wesley Snipes. And then he let all the criminals outta jail. Oh, crazy. Was Judge Dread Fester Stallone too? Yeah. So they were in the same, there was like the same movie.
They were like in the, that was a little Rob Schneider or somebody was in Judge Dread was nuts too though. It was the same similar type movie, like the, that’s what I’m saying, like Demolition Man and Judge Dre is like pretty much the same, right? No, a little similar. I I’m gonna have to watch that. It’s little crazy.

Listen, man, I do remember that movie though. So yeah, we’re have to do like a movie review podcast one day. We’ll love, like we should do, we should watch like movies that are like future of like technology, stuff like that, you know what I mean? Yeah. Not. . I don’t know. What’s Bundock Saints? I don’t know. Oh no. Well, we should figure it out. We should watch like a couple of movies and then do it. The Terminator, it’s definitely one. Cuz it talks about technology, right? What’s another one? Well, we’d have to look and see, like recall which ones are like predicting like the future, like what’s predicting the future.

And maybe like, oh, did it, like you look at Star Trek, they’re walking around with a tablet. Right. You know, so they had the communicator in the. That a whole bunch of stuff. I will say that the Jetsons, do you remember the cartoon, the Jetsons? . They had the robot made. Yeah. They had Zoom calls. Yes. They had, uh, the, they had that on Star Trek. mZoom calls. They had the doctor, uh, vir the visit on the, on screen. Yeah. Well, virtual doctor on star track. That’s I’m saying They had the virtual that hologram The Jetsons though, bro. Yeah, the Jetsons had it with the, on the TV screen. On the TV screen. A Zoom meeting. , they were living up way up because of the, uh, the pollution.

They were driving in cars. Cars. They were flying. Flying cars. Cars. We don’t have that. Not yet. No. We’re really close though. Um, I’ve seen like videos of flying cars. I’ve seen vi I like the, those little helicopter taxis they’re talking about releasing. Have you seen those? Yes. That’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be a little weird to be like a pedestrian. And you see all these like flying vehicles over. that’s gonna take a while to get used to because of the way, like the world is. Well, even the electric car, like they don’t make any noise. So you have to be really careful sometimes if you know, like, like in my neighborhood, there’s a guy with a Tesla.
Mm-hmm. . , you know, and he drives a little too fast. Too fast, yeah. Down the street when there’s kids outside. But I’m just saying it’s, you know, you have to, they don’t make any noise. These cars, like those cars don’t make noise and you’re used to hearing that noise now. There’s no noise. You can’t just stroll across the street.

Someone come flying by an in an electric car and Bingham and Hitchy. But yeah, artificial intelligence is every, look what they did, the Tesla has got, Dr. It’ll drive by itself. Yeah, man. Although it’s like some states don’t want to allow it, this and that and Yeah. That’s sounds scary to me too. Yeah. I don’t know if I would be comfortable, like the car, get in the car. That was in Demolition Man. It was, yeah. They got in the car and the car drove by itself. That was in a quite a few movies, I think, where the car drove. I think that’s like standards. Futuristic. Futuristic, like gotta be in part of the movie today. We did our movie review on that one credit card movie and there was a few mistakes in there.

Like they were driving to Escalade before the Escalade was made. Oh yeah. That was not . Yeah, that was funny as hell. I think it was made the kind of look like maybe they were driving a Hummer, but they were also driving a. That was a long time ago. Yeah, it was a crazy movie. The, the movie was based in what? The early nineties and Hummer didn’t like the late eighties, early nineties. So like what, 2000, no, it didn’t go up to two Was this, that was the time period, like late eighties into the early nineties. Know what I’m saying? The Hummer didn’t come out until 2000. Um, the Hummer? Yeah. I mean, as far as military’s been around forever, right?

Yeah. The, I don’t think it came out until like, like the H two or whatever it was. The H three? No, they had like the, or you could buy like the original Hummer. I think probably like 97, 98. Really? Maybe around that. Yeah. But not early two, not the early nineties. No, no, no, no. Late nineties. Especially the Escalade man. Yeah, the Escalade, that, that’s a 2000 card, right? Yeah, that, that, I don’t know when it came out, but not when that movie was. Definitely, and I Cause that movie’s like, like I said, late eighties, it’s the beginning of credit card processing. The storyline is from the eighties, right? The storyline is from the beginning of credit card for us.

What truck would’ve they been riding? Like a suburban, yes. Suburban . Suburban. The Tahoe Or station wagon. Or station wagon. The, the Woodgreen station wagon or my grandpa had, or, or a, uh, minivan or, or the conversion van. Yeah. Conversion . My kids are terrified of conversion. Vance. Yeah. They, I know. My kids are too. They teach ’em that in school. My, my. Well, I remember when he was little, he used to tell me, oh dad, that’s the creeper van. Yep. A white van. Is he a white fan or a black van ? No sign on it. That’s the creeper van. Just staying away from that molester. Yes, you could be a great plumber, but that’s in my case.

There’s no sign on that day. That’s a child molester fan. Yes, sir. Agree. It’s a creeper fan. . Don’t get one of those. Don’t be like those. All right, FinTech Friday. We hope everyone has a great weekend. Tune in on Monday for, uh, our regular, regular schedule program. Uh, we’ll be bringing you episodes. We are gonna cut back from three to two a week.

Yeah, just a heads up. , um, we’ve been finding that the schedule is a little hectic to try to pump out three, uh, podcasts. So Yeah, with the promotion of it and, you know, getting peak, you know, so, I mean, we might be able to bring it back again in the future, but for right now, we’re gonna keep it simple. Keep it to what we, uh, keep it what we know, man. Exactly. All right. Peace out Carpe Diem. Everybody. Have a great weekend. That’s gonna be a long podcast. Well, actually, the first 10 minutes.

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